Heading West on a Crypto Quest – Chris to California – Bitcoin Fundraiser

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All the great empires went west. Now you can help Chris and Janine head west across the USSA to meet Thomas Hunt and Blake Anderson in San Francisco next week. In return there will be much in the way of Bitcoin discussion and videos.

Send your Bitcoin here now:

Send your Monero: 4AR9vBNV4kUCEdRJk6Mr86XSf36JJ2UhT5NGVUEFftcQZHYTG4cBwJ8WMFDbRvGr7iBpducDNXBgeCtb8H5XBMDMDXyCQf7
Send your Dash: XxbnFLdfuD3cc9d5jzNWwj9aRhNqFrBRde
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…. make it happen!

Today we earn more about what's coming next for the Bitcoin Fullnode Project and much much more.


13 thoughts on “Heading West on a Crypto Quest – Chris to California – Bitcoin Fundraiser

  1. @ 1:47:00
    Blake, dude, you don’t buy turkey meat packed by oscar meyer.
    Go to a deli, have it sliced off a huge boneless roast.
    Maybe $8/lb… no gelled fat, just good clean meat fiber… and NO preservatives from a good deli.

  2. Hey guys, I’m trying to set up a bitcoin full node… I cant seem to find much info on the internet at all about this topic.. I’ve got an xfinity router and have followed the instructions to a T, but i’m slightly noobish when it comes to these things and am a bit confused about IPV6 and IPV4. My laptop’s local IP comes up as 10.0.0.xxx as apposed to the 192.168.xxx that is shown on the bitcoin.org’s tutorial on how to set up nodes. ( https://bitcoin.org/en/full-node#configuring-dhcp )

    haven’t been able to establish a connection to 8333 via this site ( https://bitnodes.21.co/ ) so i’m doing something wrong.

    Was wondering if anyone had any insights to share!

  3. Chris, Those headaches could be food related. Check out Doctor Michael Gregor’s YouTube “The 15 Leading Causes of Death”. I know going Vegan might seem crazy but check out his compelling story. D

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