How Currency Obscures True Value – Mike Maloney

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20 thoughts on “How Currency Obscures True Value – Mike Maloney

    1. Looks like Trump’s heart is in the right place, but things are so fucked up
      that going back to gold is the same as burning the whole barn. Get this:
      all gold above the ground = 6.5 trillion; US public debt = 19.9 trillion

  1. I have always been curious if values could be compared to a gallon of milk.
    I say that because most people relate better to a gallon of milk than they
    do gold; as sad as that may be. Plus, I would think there is plenty of
    historical data on the price of a gallon of milk. Mike, please consider
    making such charts (gallon to x ratio) along with gold to x ratio charts.

  2. My father was placed into an orphanage due to the 1946 Hyper inflation of
    the Hungarian Pengo, in Budapest. His mother could not afford to support
    him during those years of financial collapse.

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