How I Took The Red Pill And Realized Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie – Jeff Berwick @ Red Pill

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Jeff discusses his early experiences in business and the dot com crash, his long series of awakenings starting with reading 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. Health and well being, fasting, what is going on in the USA and how to get out, finding freedom and much more.

Apologies for the poor video quality

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92 thoughts on “How I Took The Red Pill And Realized Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie – Jeff Berwick @ Red Pill

  1. Regarding health, ‘they’ don’t want to cure you but just keep you on medication until you die so that the pharmaceutical companies get richer and richer. We need some doctors to come straight about all the lying!

    1. chocolate pudding of course some emergency medicine is good but he is talking about what made the people have pulmonary edema in the first place .. why are so many Americans… diabetic .. hypertensive with heart disease etc etc etc so freakin much cancer

    2. +chocolate pudding I agree. ignorant people who don’t want to spend any time in school like to considers themself so intelligent to gain recognition for no work. ‘ national health’ does not have theses problems. score one for socialism.

    3. Sound Media “Dr. Joseph Mendhelson wrote how to write a healthy child in spite of your doctor.” Back when doctors were allowed to tell the truth. I don’t know if any living doctor is going to. That book stands the test of time.

  2. I’m 58 yo. I agree with everything Jeff says in this video. He mentioned everything I have already researched except for Steven Hawking. That was new to me.

    1. +Oliver Cooper <--- Great comments. I just hope Slunk12 trusts what you've told him and does his own research although I doubt it. Some people won't ever get woken I guess.

    2. +J.Goodie although i appreciate you taking the time to respond, it seems that we interpret information differently.

      Missing kids to me indicates missing kids and nothing else.

      A story or explanation of what happened from another person about how a satanic cult is guilty and is harvesting organs/essence/something equivalent is just a story or explanation but nothing else. The more outrageous the story, the more skeptical one should become if knowing truth is important.

      However, my skepticism doesnt mean that i assume that the story is automatically bullshit. (I believe this is what people incorrectly assume that im doing)

      Rather, the skepticism is me thinking, “This is not how i understand the world to work.”

      So, i put this information in a mental-box of “Stuff people claim to be true but has not been verified yet.”

      1.) Can we all agree that all people can make mistakes? Sure. We see this everyday. Even when people are well intentioned and sincere, they can be mistaken.

      2.) Can we agree that people are capable of lying? Yes. We know that people can lie because we’ve all been lied to and we’ve all told lies.

      3.) Can we agree that some stories are true? Of course. We know that people can tell the truth because we can compare statements to reality and see that the two match.

      So if the above 3 points about people telling stories/memories are all valid options, how can we differentiate which of the three is more likely the case?

      Quality Evidence and Demonstration!

      Evidence to me is more powerful than testimonials or claims. Evidence is something that can be inspected and verified to help validate a story. The more outrageous the claim, the more evidence we’re gonna need.

      Testimonials are the weakest form of evidence out there because in 2 of 3 possible numbered scenarios above, the stories are wrong.

      Demonstration allows us to recreate a condition for ourselves. If water is said to boil at 100°C we can boil water for ourselves and note the temperature to verify the claim.

      With this said, hearing stories from people is never going to be enough for me to believe an outrageous claim.

      I believe you are trying to help. You seem frustrated that i might be a negative nelly or just difficult. This is not the case! I am simply pointing out to others that they arent really putting forth anything besides stories and more stories as if that were sufficient to be counted as proof. Its not.

      If you say that kids are being kidnapped. I BELIEVE IT. That type of stuff happens all of the time. We know this. Its not really outrageous. We know that this is how the world works.

      You all lose my belief the moment that a claim is made that its Satan behind all this.

      However, that doesnt mean that i assume that people are wrong or lying.

      It just means that we have to have a HUGE body of evidence or a solid demonstration that satan exists before you can even say that a cult of satan is kidnapping kids for a ritualized harvest. Then you have to prove that claim.

      Each outrageous statement is going to require back up before we can move onto the next claim.

      The reason for this is because each statement is a building block for the next part. Imagine standing on a block tower that contains weak blocks (false info) imagine how great a fall one can have if their foundational beliefs were wrong. Now imagine standing atop a block tower with a solid foundation (fully verified truths) of blocks. How solid would your footing be?

      Thats the kind of block tower (knowledge) that i want to stand upon. Dont you?

      By not prematurely accepting outrageous claims, thats precisely what you’ll do.

      Imagine how many potential mistakes a person that uses reason and logic in this way can count in a claim saying, “[Wealthy people are ordering the kidnapping of children for satanic rituals which extract essence from victims which can be used to extend life beyond a normal lifespan and is being covered up from the masses.] ”

      When a person starts to believe things without evidence one can keep on adding more and more untrue statements.

      Before a person realizes it, they’be far from whats true because their beliefs are set atop false foundations.

      That person will be at a disadvantage when separating that which is true from that which is untrue.

      When you have bad information you are more likely to make bad decisions because our beliefs influence our decisions and by extension our actions.

      So, im not going to do research. Im going to ask people that claim to have the truth to DEMONSTRATE it. If they do, i’ll thank them and accept what they say as true.

      This is why the person making the claim must prove it. Because thats way easier than to ask the skeptic to “just look into it”.

      If you know something it takes just seconds to demonstrate it. However, if you are lying or dont truly understand something you wont be able to consistently demonstrate it.

      Hope this helps.

  3. I know how this guy feels. I’m 71-years old, and I’ve been watching the TV news all my life, and I believed everything they said. “WHY WOULD THEY LIE??,” I would tell myself. Then JFK was assassinated in a carefully staged CIA coup, and they covered it up with a lie. Then the Vietnam War started on an event that never happened. Then I personally saw five UFOs and the government said that they don’t exist. Then Martin Luther King was murdered by a government hitman, who was never found. Then 9/11 happened, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars began after George Bush told us that there were “weapons of mass destruction” and “Saddam had ties with Al Qaeda.” Then Hillary Clinton and James Comey lied through their teeth in front of Congress on national television. Then we bailed out the corporate bankers with 85 billion of our own tax dollars, then 21 trillion dollars more of our own tax money disappeared, and NO ONE even knows where it went!!! Tons of own money just walked out the door, and nobody even noticed. Then I finally asked myself: “SHOULD I REALLY BE LISTENING TO THE GOVERNMENT??”

    1. who would pay police firemen bin men pest control child services , pay to repair roads sidewalks provide parks , paying tax you have to but paying for all those ones in gov yes it could be reduced , usa elections cost billions ,

    2. Our Founders advised us “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” and Americans have dropped the ball and gone to sleep. If you want to get back into the fight, look up Cracking the Code by Pete Hendrickson. You’ll have to read it a few times, took me 3 times to get unbrainwashed, but if we can begin to remove our tax dollars from their system that will limit the government wasting our hard earned money. Take the test at howyoubecomeliable dot com. Look up losthorizons dot com and also definition of occupation of common right.

    3. No Government = no rulers = literal meaning of “ANARCHY” = would mean a new order coming into play of the strongest, the most devious and those with the least moral control ???????????? because WHO WOULD STOP THEM ?
      Without Government there would be no controls on the worst of society. Should we release all the rapist and murders in prisons ? all the people with dangerous mental heath conditions?

  4. Good stuff until EVERYTHING is a lie, which is another wrong paradigm obviously. There is truth and lie and when you jump on these absolute beliefs you go wrong and start to believe any story which supports you belief. Too bad.

    1. If we approach everything as a LIE, we will question it until we uncover the truth. Then when we believe we have the truth, we must question it even harder. Everything IS a lie – because none of us knows the truth. And that’s by design. Seriously, how can any of us know the truth when we’ve only been taught lies since the day we were born? All I know is that I was created by a supreme power, I must love my fellow humans and harm no one, and I am fully accountable for my thoughts, words, and actions. Beyond that, I can only theorize.

    2. +mrchubner thanks. Yes. Thats correct. But i wouldnt call these lies. Its misconceptions. Lies have the nature that the source knows it better and wants to fool you. Thats not the case most of the time. Lots is tradition, religion, mysticism etc. And between all these lies and misconceptions there is a big amount of truth to be found. Thats just my personal opinion.

    3. + at 25:33 “500*” WTHell ? – that giggling comediun is too appologetic for me + NEEDs to get duh facts right – even Armageddon movie NASA dude said 200*

  5. One issue….. Muslims are demonized because they act like demons…. Period
    They ARE the modern slave traders. Pedophilia and female gen. Mutilation just for starters. Need i Even continue?
    I think not.

    Weird, 5.2 thousand comments but I only see mine….. I think I’ve been memory holed…. Can anyone see this? Let me know plz!

    1. Jacki33 And the thing I find the most disgusting is that the people most likely to disparage whites the way their Jewish media GODS teach them to are other whites. I mean, you actually have been taught to hate your own race. What a fool. Seriously. No other race but the white race does that, none. It’s insanity. But then no other race has been sat down in front of the most god awful propaganda/brainwashing machine to have ever been created (television) 24/7 either except for the white race.

  6. Although I do think many of his statements have some kind of general validity.
    I find he doesn’t give much if any supporting evidence. Therefore it just sound like a lot of rambling superstitious statements.

    1. +Killjoy Prepper you cant just bring up all these things and then offer no proof to them.. or even places to research it. And the way he presented it, he talked as if HE and HE alone has figured everything out.

      Lastly, if REAL truth is discovered, even the masses must accept it. But all he has is circumstantial evidence at best.

    2. Deutsch M REALIZE THIS MENTALITY IS APART OF THE PROBLEM. Not trying to sound preachy, but having an open mind with flexibility is very useful. And if you have a good foundation of morals than “diving deep” is no problem. But there in lies another problem, you can’t be lead and handed everything, research.

    3. With 30 minutes of time, there is no way you can give complete details. It is better to touch on different topics and let the listener research each on their own. It is to get people to look into these things. You could spend a year researching 9/11, how can you possibly break that down in 30 minutes and still have time to talk about other topics?

  7. Hold up!! Stop right there!! 8::11 Never thought of that. How are my unvaccinated children a danger to your vaccinated children?? Isn’t that what the vaccination is for?? To protect you?? If the unvaccinated children are a threat to the vaccinated children, what good is it for?

    1. +Macros The Black small problem with the theory of “vaccination is the safest way” is that you try to create, as N Taleb will describe, a robust system, not acknowledging the problem that we have fragile, robust and anti-fragile systems, and that trying to “robust” our kids is mathematically impossible due to the exact nature of reality – unpredictable. anti-fragile will try to find ways to improve existing biological technology, rather than try to introduce new technology into an insanely complex adaptive system.

      But that’s what we do with plants, and that’s much harder to make trillions of dollars of, isn’t it?

    2. +Sense of Awareness a vaccination works by injecting weakened or dead virus, the allowing a persons immune system learn how to create the antibodies. If the virus was healthy and virile then it would multiply to large numbers and possibly overwhelm the host (person) causing serious illness. I disagree with N Taleb who I think is trying to educate people who don’t work in the health industry and creating his own “anti-fragile” terminology.

    3. Bcs Vaxx communities believe you need 95 to 97% vaccinated to obtain heard immunity. But that is the number that the vaccinologists just came up with randomly. The original study showed around 68% was all that was needed when essentially, the child that’s unvaccinated are at risk for acquiring the virus from the newly vaccinated person! It’s called “shedding season”-the month following vaccination

  8. What this guy is saying took me most of my life to realize. The amount of control the government/elites have over us is insane. The problem is that most people don’t see it and if you tell them the truth, they tune you out or get angry. Most people can’t handle the truth.

  9. Once you realize the truth, the first thing you should do is assess what you value. I mean think about what is REALLY important to you. It could take a while, maybe even years, but once you know what you really care about (and not what you’ve been conditioned to value and care about) focus your energy on that. Stay away from people that don’t help you get closer to your goals or try to shame you for not wanting the things–especially the material things–they value. Get out of debt and don’t buy things that will put you into debt and live the life you truly want. You don’t have to be GREAT at anything unless you want to be. You can lead a simple life and experience as much of the world as you can and that is good enough. This life is just an experience, THAT’S ALL IT IS! I know I’m making it sound easy to do–it’s not. Just stay focused on YOUR values and live your life according to that.

    1. Well said. We get so worked up about life…..and buy into the fear mongers reality. It takes all the joy out of the experience. I appreciate this guy for trying to wake people up.

    1. He said they do some good things, not “they are so cool.” There is good in everything, if you seek it you will find it. There’s bad in everything, too. There’s good and bad in you. I suspect you’d appreciate those who seek the good in you and lift it up. Maybe you should try it.

  10. I have dry skin condition. And I was being prescribed the cream called E45. One day I gots to talking with the doc right. And I noticed right their in front of him. Was an ingrediant table chart of whats inside most of the creams. He told me he would rather die then ever give it to his kids or himself and wife. I was disgusted. I asked why do you prescribe it even when you know its immoral and just plan wrong. He said their isnt anything he can do.Because the pharmaceutical companies are business partners with the governments and he is just one person. I said arent you being an hypocrite and going against your expertise. He just lowered his eyes.

    1. yeah sure that happened.. ugh. i work with dozens of providers (doctors/surgeons/specialists) daily and not one of them would do or say something like that. also there are tons of regulations to prevent that sort of outside pressure for the last almost 25 years

    2. matthew atwood if you love your wife and kids, then marry. Please stop thinking that marriage is a trap. You already have kids so what’s the fear? The courts would legally go after you for child support. You are head of the household and you should set an example for your kids especially if you have a daughter. I don’t think you would want your daughter or son to shack up with someone which is exactly what you’re doing like wolves packed in a cave. The male wolf can pick up at any time and leave with no commitment. So that’s basically what you’re doing. It sounds terrible but it’s true. This is not about what the government dictates about marriage but simply about total commitment. Marriage is a covenant and it is sacred. It’s a public commitment that you honor and cherish your family. You shouldn’t treat it as a casual thing.

      “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” Genesis 2:24

      The woman who bore your children is your wife and you should give her that respect as an honor to her and a true commitment to your kids. It is all for the glory of God.

      “A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” Genesis 2:24

      The Bible says in the end of times, many will choose not to marry:

      “Some” will forbid marriage.

      “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”
      –1Timothy 4:1-3

      There will be living arrangements/fornication which will be called “marriage” but which are clearly not.

    3. Martin Solomon My dry itchy skin is on my scalp. I used argon oil. I would use nails to scratch and wondered why my nail polish was Wearing off. The argon oil was dissolving it.
      Might use that to remove nail polish instead of acetone.

  11. Haha…was interested in the Fed and then he goes off saying how circumcision is done at age 2 and is traumatizing and prevents connection with women?! WTF. Haha. Nothing weirder than dudes who aren’t circumcized trying to tell dudes who are that they are (yet another) victim.

  12. before watching this video, I agreed with some of the things he said… but after hearing some of the ignorant random nonsense he spouted in this video, I’m now questioning the things I previously agreed with him about.

    1. Great! Sometimes you have to see the true light of insanity before you can recognize the small manifestations of it. Most conspiracy theorist have mild schizophrenia. If you ever know someone with full blown schizophrenia you will see what I am saying.

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