How Many Gold Bars Did Prince Own?

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It was recently revealed that Prince owned a number of gold bars. How many did he own? Was he a hoarder or a saver? Mike Maloney gives his opinion in this new video. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at . It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
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65 thoughts on “How Many Gold Bars Did Prince Own?

    1. He owned zero stocks or bonds. And I read the article thoroughly. He held
      hard assets from his real estate, cars, musical instruments, jewelry and
      his intellectual property of his music. His gold ownership was a small
      percentage of his overall net worth. Rediculous choice of words to call him
      hoarding gold. Shame on Zerohedge for that. He was a very smart man. If he
      was married or had a living child (his one child passed away extremely
      young), I believe he would have had a will.

    1. The media provide the common knowledge,its us that are stupid if we believe
      them.Common knowledge does not require evidence, because they said its true.

    2. I wouldn’t call this particular case “double speak”. It’s more like the
      choice of epithets. Negative ones for things they want to suppress.

      As Russian writer Pelevin put it in his latest novel, *even if the gold is
      rising, they write “gold struggles to reach such-and-such mark”*.

  1. Prince was a smart man though he was stupid in one thing. He did not have
    his assets properly protected. After the government’s done with all of his
    assets and finances. His family may only get a third of what he actually
    had if they are lucky.

    1. Prince was no drug addict, that has been confirmed, you idiot, he was much
      smarter then most, people realize , I think he got knocked-off because he
      knew how to be self-sufficent, and therefore no use to the intertainment

    2. Yes he was, just like Michael Jackson, George Michael, and many other pop
      heroes. He died of an opioid overdose, which was merely one component of
      his decades-long addictions. Once his aging body couldn’t handle all the
      drugs, it failed.

    3. Maybe he intentionally didn’t want a Will, and maybe he did have a Will
      someone got a hold of it and destroyed and i’m thinking he may have had
      more bars of gold in his stash and were stolen after all his vault was
      opened and he may had more valuable things in there besides his music so
      those who got in there i’m sure they took some stuff like his gold.

    1. That is understandable. Not everyone is going to be able to accept BTC.
      Just like…when SHTF people won’t really be able to take an ounce of
      silver or gold or even smaller denominations of the PM because what they
      have would be worthless to PM holders (value of PM vs value of fiat

      This is where we have to get back to basic economics. Everything is a store
      of value to someone. We look at Gold and Silver as the ultimate save
      haven…but can you eat it? Can you drive it? We cannot, so we just use
      them to barter with people (aka the market ((people are the market..not
      wall street)))

      Lets turn to Venezuela. It is rumored that 1 oz AU can buy a house (…we
      don’t even know what kind of house it is…luxury…mid-tear or lower tear)
      and 1 oz AG can buy enough food supply for 4 to 6 months.

      What of the people who do not have AG or AU? Many have said that they are
      priced out the market forever and that they won’t and cannot recover. I
      say…it all depends on what a person brings to the market (aka people).
      Lets say…a person knows how to grow cannabis and produces around 28 oz a
      month (from 1 plant). They have away of bartering those 28 oz of cannabis
      to be able to trade for items they need and want without the use of gold or
      silver. This model can be duplicated with anything…tobacco, land, water,

      I say all that to say this…BTC has a value to the market (aka people) and
      you want to trade it. Lets say…you want to trade that USD 30 worth of
      BTC…someone would be willing to give you a gift card for that BTC. It has
      been done…plenty of times already.

      Lets say you want the more traditional route…and you want to use a
      personal debit/credit card. There are companies that work with Visa that
      allow you to be able to use a Visa card using your own BTC.

      I think not many people know that…but BTC has taken a completely
      different direction that does very much compete with fiat currency.

      As far as “black market” trading…well…that is an idea we should get out
      of heads. If the government and banks are willing to take money from Drug
      Cartels and despotic dictatorial regimes in other countries, I think people
      should be able to use their own personal money as they see fit. What is
      good for the goose is good for the gander.

    2. Darnnel Jones the pot plant is generating value by producing a good. it’s
      an income generating asset. PMs just sit there, at the mercy of the
      manipulated market, measured in fiat currency. diversify and own some of
      everything so you don’t go bust on one thing, or miss opportunities to
      generate more fiat currency so you can buy more PM if you wish. always load
      heavier on income generating assets if you really want to build wealth.

    3. +TheTeevo8
      In humanity’s limited thinking of left, right paradigm, cannabis is not an
      asset. It is a plant. It can be grown by anyone and found everywhere in
      nature. All a person need is a seed and an understanding of nature works
      and they can grow their own. What gives it a perceived value is the laws
      that are created around the plant and most of humanity lack of
      understanding of how to work with nature and its perceived…scarcity in
      (which is bogus but we all know that ignorance and exuberance rather than
      logic and facts drives the markets…((people))) the world. It is humans
      that give these ridiculous tittles to these things…and wars with each
      other over mere pieces of paper that turns into ash.

      Again…cannabis was just one fun example I gave so that people can
      understand that it is what a person does that brings value to the market
      (aka people). I am not sure why that point was missed. You can substitute
      cannabis for watermelon, eggs, avocados, peanuts, water, fish, potatoes,
      plumbing skills, building skills, IT skills…anything that brings value to
      the market.

      As far as being at the mercy of…what is incorrectly stated as the
      markets…what is really meant is the central banks, they can only keep the
      ruse up for so long. In order to jump into these “investments” at a rate
      the people can afford, they usually get an IRA, CD, Money market,
      ect(savings and checking for the paranoid) ((the retail investor)). Have
      you looked on the ROI for these things? It has been dismal for the last
      decade. In fact, most people have either just broke even or are underwater
      on their “investments” just ask the Dallas Fire and Police pensioners about
      that. I mean just look at most of the world.

      I would also like to draw your attention to the earnings reports of these
      companies stocks. While stocks are at all time highs, they earnings report
      are dismal for corporations. One needs to look no further than
      Caterpillar…which has a record…49 months of consecutive losses…but
      their stock prices are at all time highs. Makes no sense at all. Also look
      at their debt load…these corporations that people are invested in are
      zombie companies that produces things that no one really needs….and they
      keep on producing them adding to the already exacerbated problem that
      humanity has…we have more stuff than we know what to do with. There are
      more cars…houses…cloths…watches…jewellery…shoes…ect…than
      their are actually humans. We just keep producing and producing…and the
      value keeps going up and up…but not because they are actually
      valuable…but because the value of the fiat currency is declining.

      Again, you say that Gold just sits there and does nothing…but from when
      did you start your purchasing? 2008? 2010? The 90’s? The 80’s? 70’s?. If
      you would have started in the 80’s you would have seen over a 300% ROI on
      your AU. All while the value of the DJIA relative to gold has been
      plunging. If you would have sold off in 1999 the DJIA would have purchased
      49 oz AU…but today…you might be lucky if you 13 oz AU. Again…I like
      to look at the bigger picture not the short term.

      Also, most people are not short term investors….I am certainly not…and
      like Jim Rodgers says…I am a terrible investor…but I can see the long
      term trends and make accurate trend forecast based on the present…looking
      into the past…the chart a course for the future.

      It was also stated that a person can take the fiat money from their
      investments on the stock market (aka the Feds Market) and turn it into gold
      and silver. But again…I ask…how to you turn those digits on the screen
      into actual cash? The cash is the fiat currency and the numbers on the
      screen is just that…numbers on a screen. One cannot simply walk into the
      bank and withdraw 1 million USD…it doesn’t work that way. If you do know
      of a way to do that…please let us know. I am sure that might help some of
      the people out.

    4. +passinthru
      Very interesting. You are right…China has been trying to hide its
      debt…but no longer can. Their debt is even higher that the US debt…by
      some estimates.

      As far as who owe who…as far as I am concerned…the only people who are
      owed are countries that actually produced items or commodities of value.
      Those are the countries that are owed. If a country loans another country
      fiat currency…that is not money. Nothing physical was exchanged. Now if
      another country gives another country a tangible asset…like AU or
      AG…then this is a completely different case.

      As far as war goes…I think we are at the end of that cycle. Most people
      do not realize they were already living through what they call WWIII. How
      long as the war in the ME been going on? Over a decade. If one goes back
      further to the HW Bush/Clinton campaigns then it has been going on for 32
      years now.

      War requires debt. China has debt up to its eyeballs as well as the US.
      Maybe we will see a war..maybe not. I am leaning towards a withdrawal of US
      personnel from most of the world to do serious financial issues in America.

  2. I wonder why they killed Prince>>>> Hmmmm? I worked for him years ago. He
    was very smart, very health conscience and very enlightened. I knew they
    killed him when I heard the news. RIP PRINCE!

    1. Milo Y They usually check for gold because few Indians have a lot of black
      money abroad and these people often buy gold there and get it to India.
      However, you do have a point, the government is trying to restrict the
      purchase of gold and investment in gold by reducing the price of gold. But
      Indians are biologically attracted to gold so I don’t think that will help.

  3. I like that quote form norm franz: Gold is Money is money of kings, sliver
    is money of gentleman, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is money
    of slaves

  4. Mike you are so right. Fiat currency is the mechanism by which those who
    are in control of the system (Banks and governments) suck wealth away from
    everyone else with INFLATION AND TAXES. Gold is the mortal enemy of fiat
    currency and therefore is the mortal enemy of modern Central Bankers BUT
    they are all buying …..GOLD?!

  5. So interesting. The media seems to be trying more and more to control our
    thinking. Do they think they are controlling people by controlling their
    thinking? Maybe there are.

  6. They call Hording gold because gold can increase in value and you know
    paper money will not increase in value because the government is printing
    more. By the way the constitution of the United States allows you to own

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