How To Secure Your Bitcoin & Cryptos Using Hard Wallets with Joseph Wang of

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Jeff interviews Joseph Wang of Cryptohwwallet-com at the Texas Bitcoin conference. Topics include: the pain of losing crypto through poor security methods, securing your cryptocurrency, 2 factor authentication (2FA), hardware wallet comparisons, the new U2F security, configuring a wallet and backing up your master seed, fork support, security from theft or loss, passphrases, discounts for purchasing via TDV


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  1. Keep it UP Jeff! Thank you for everything til now.. I hope i’ll be able to see you at Anarchapulco, after i talked with Liberlands President at the Oslo Crypto-Finance, my next Big Dream would be to spend a couple of minutes talking with you! #freedom
    p.s. I miss you Vlogs on your personal channel walking around your neighborhood with the dogs.. You+re always the best Libertarian!

  2. The Trezor is awesome. You can use the advanced feature to add a 25th seed word and boot an entirely different wallet. That way you can have a duress password with some bitcoins in it and multiple other 25th words for other purposes. That makes the Trezor safe to store in your safe deposit box. If it’s seized and they demand your bitcoins, you can just give them your duress password, but it gets the Trezor out of your house so that decreases the incentive for intruders to try to get your bitcoins (since it’s in the bank box).

    1. The only disadvantage of the trezor over the nano s is that the passphrase feature requires that you type it on the computer with a keyboard meaning the possibility of keyloggers capturing it whereas the passphrase is entered on the nano s device directly.

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  3. keepkey is awesome, screen shows entire address before confirming send. shapeshift integration. quality build.

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  4. False info! the guy dont seem to know the devices he sell and i’m noob. I got the Ledger Blue and found out the limitation with memory. BUT the nano s actually can hold more apps contrary to what the guy says. Still it sucks that you have memory limitation in 2018 specially when Ledger blue cost over 270 euro!! Its crazy.

  5. What i Feel is very, very DANGEROUS about the Nano Ledger and also the Trezor, if I am not mistaken, is that you need to download a Google application for the wallets to work. And we all know that google is in the center of the “bad guys”, the banking system, the powers that be, the military-industrial complex. How can we be sure that Google does not use that as a way to gain control over your Bitcoin somehow. I really do not trust these villains.

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