How To Survive & Prosper During The Coming Collapse – Jeff Berwick on The Tim Preuss Podcast

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Jeff is interviewed by Tim Preuss, topics include: a time for optimism, the end of US dollar dominance, a grand awakening, one world government, a global currency, massive debt and liabilities, the central banking communist scam, sound money and the gold standard, US not ready for the coming collapse, personal growth and change, giving up smoking, fasting and wellness, Bitcoin is an evolution in money and banking, Bitcoin is still in the beginning, Steem and Steemit a new paradigm.

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42 thoughts on “How To Survive & Prosper During The Coming Collapse – Jeff Berwick on The Tim Preuss Podcast

    1. Looks like this idiot has been spamming comment sections of a number of other YouTubers in the crypto space, pretending to be them and copy paste thesame message telling people to send him bitcoins. What an f#@king a&%hole

  1. I watched a documentary called “Dying To Know” about Timothy Leary and Ram Dass last night. I never realized how bad the American government persecuted Timothy Leary. They put him in solitary for two years!!! And for what? Because he was opening peoples’ minds and the American government couldn’t deal with it. ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE EVIL.

    1. Yah it’s the best documentary that I’ve seen on the subject of psycho tropic herbs and death. The best was watching Timothy Leary explain an acid trip to Ted Kennedy at a senate hearing. Those guys are so locked in their dense reality it’s kind of tragic. First of all they are so ignorant and lost it’s sad, but they also make living on this earth hard for those who wish to be free.

    1. Are you insinuating he’s high? Do you know this for a fact? I have a lot of friends with above-average levels of intelligence, same kind of energy (speak rapidly, go off on tangents, appear overly-excited) and that’s just how they roll. Not really cool to accuse someone of using drugs, simply because they communicate differently.

  2. ok for the Unbelievers remember GOD put Trump for president for TWO TERMS … we will have 7 years of FAT COWS followed by 7 years of SKINNY COWS . . Famine, Economic Collapse, Civil Riots and our USD will be DEVALUED by 50 % so prepare accordingly and pray for America and for our president and remember GOD is in Control and HE has the last word

    1. I agree with Ed and yes I believe God allowed Obama in office because of the sin of this nation…God knows all things and uses the good and the bad for the good of His people…the spiritual things are not going to be understood by the carnal man…not meant as an insult just the truth which is even stated in Holy Scripture. ..hope that helps

  3. a lot of Americans are moving to South America, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Peru and to Asia they are voting with their feet and it looks the trend is increasing we even got a COP retired in Brazil and others in Colombia , Panama , Costa Rica, Guatemala well you got the idea. . .

    1. – – One thing to take into consideration, these people moving to the south, are actually individuals that you would like as a neighbor. They are running from their monster GOV…

    2. yeah like joe lewis who bought a national park and now kills local people for just going to the lake which he claims is his own and also pays the goverment , every rich is buying lands here like hot bread , i hope paradise isnt here when the bad times comes

  4. You have changed yourself and with this the rest of the world.
    Thank you for your wise words, i look up to you as a fellow anarchist, we can live in peace, equality and true freedom. Crypto is the biggest weapon against the elite.

  5. 100% on the FASTING! Its a freakin’ miracle!! I have been on a 22 hour fast/ 2 hour feed schedule for the past five weeks. I have lost 15 lbs of fat, have more energy, and am very lucid. I told a buddy of mine that I would bet that my IQ shot up 15 points. Not only that, but there is a sense of well being that I very rarely had. And THIS is every day! I have never been on anti-depressants, however, I would speculate that my state of euphoria would be near what the folks on drugs experience.LoL! :)) Oh yeah, my skin has changed…for the better. It’s all Krazy! the medical industry leaders should be HANGED for their purposeful dereliction of duty!

  6. Just keep a reasonable amount of ammunition and firearms stored in your home, stay alert to banking reform, and keep it local. There’s too many of us to control, stay together. Community’s win over imaginary entities

  7. People have been predicting a dollar collapse for decades. Not with 700 bases around the globe. The Fed will devalue slowly as usual. Let’s get cryptos to be competitive and replace the dollar in due time.

  8. America is a very scary place when we hit a crisis. I’ve seen people smash into cars, panic from a 8 hour power outage, 4 hour traffic jam. Schools need to teach people how to survive without electricity for a week. High school focuses too much on preaching the American dream. Instead of teaching people to how file taxes, read a contract, investing, how to vote.

    1. agree on most what you said but on taxes and voting…taxation = theft and voting = imposing your will on others. voting can potentially be a good thing in a more decentralized power structure but not in our current system.

  9. I’m getting sick of hearing people say how great smoking pot is for you. It is awesome for medicinal and other uses but believing it’s going to make you a better, more aware person is stupid as hell.

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