If You Keep Saying The Bitcoin Is Heading to the Moon, Shut Up – YMB Podcast E156

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This is episode 156 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Some people just have to complain about everything, and Bitcoin is certainly an easy target. So today’s show is all about Bitcoin haters.

It all started with a tweet about how Bitcoin naysayers will have to change their strategy in 2017. It’s becoming harder and harder for them to say that Bitcoin is dead, so they’ll have to find other ways to harass us. The Bitcoin Rat outlined some possible attack vectors that we’ll cover in the show.

As part of the discussion, we’ll express some concern about Bitcoin worshipers too. Some people are obsessed with Bitcoin’s potential and constantly claim that the price will never stop rising. But unfortunately, such talk can easily detract from Bitcoin’s real value.

Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown, John Stuart, and Zack Voell. Tune in if you want to help hate on the haters!

Leave a comment and tell us if you think it’s bad to praise Bitcoin too much!

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18 thoughts on “If You Keep Saying The Bitcoin Is Heading to the Moon, Shut Up – YMB Podcast E156

  1. If you’ve been paying attention they have been squashing BTC. There is
    admission to rigging prices on Silver and Gold closely related to BTC.
    If you noticed in the run up the other day either a WHALE GOT NERVOUS AND
    DID THE SAME THING. It means they are scared of it because it challenges
    their dollar. Why would a whale dump onto the regular market when he could
    move lots more on the DARK POOL AND KEEP THE PRICE UP ??????? Get it

    1. actually, this is not as you say. The price drop coincided with the PBOC
      shaking out all those shorting the yuan.
      THey basically flipped a few switches, brought the value of the yuan up –
      WAY up – and caused all those investors betting the yuan would fall to lose
      their shirts (and shorts). This affected the btc price increase and set off
      the same effect, since buying into btc IS shorting the yuan (and all other
      govt cash).
      Chinese investors were trying to stop thier loses.
      that’s all.

  2. It’s increased 900% in the last 3.2 years yet listen to these guys
    negativity. LOL
    It’s amazing it’s like the math is completely invisible to these naysayers.

    1. Not sure if you mean us guys or the proverbial naysayers we were talking
      about. But either way, thanks for listening! I agree that the math is
      significantly in Bitcoin’s favor.

    2. Doubting bitcoin will even reach 2,000 by the end of this year you guys
      call ‘sketchy’??
      No your ‘apologist’ approach and saying $2,000 is a moon price when we’ve
      appreciated 900% in 3 years I find carrys little logic and ignores the
      fundamentals of capital market flows from weak markets to strong. There is
      a better chance ‘than not’ that we will reach or surpase 1% of gold in the
      next 2 years equaling $6,000 per coin.

      So no you are not doing the math or you are ignoring the enormous flight to
      safety and scope of the financial markets, many of which are inferior in
      safety and utility to bitcoin.

      If you think $2,000 is sketchy I urge you to sell your bitcoins now.
      I’ll take em!

    3. I can’t speak for the others (DB here) but I don’t think I intended to
      suggest that any of that is impossible. I believe that all of those things
      are factors and the price could easily hit $2k or $6k or more within a few

      I meant that it would sound sketchy from the outside. Someone who knows
      nothing about Bitcoin might easily tune it out if they hear about crazy
      returns like that. They’ll think it’s too good to be true so it must not be.

      And regardless of how sure you are, I think it’s dangerous to make promises
      too strongly about the future of anything – Bitcoin or otherwise.

  3. On the bitcoin currency value graph, you should only look on “the
    platform/The ground” in a time scale of 1 years. becuase then you can easy
    see if it’s going up or down. it’s clearly going up in the long run. But in
    the short run you can see the mountain on the graph thats goes very high
    and then DOWN again and ofc that is what you should expect. When a mountain
    goes up, there will always be a way down from the mountain. and what caused
    this mountain was the chines currency that collapsed and made many chines
    people scared for there value. so they bought bitcoin, what made bitcoin go
    up. And then the goverment warned them around 5th jan 2017. what made the
    chines people jump back to there goverment currency and that caused bitcoin
    go down in value. But now since Trump is elected, he will do everything to
    fix the countries, and one of the things he will do is make many big
    company to stop build factorys in china since its cheap there. but insted
    build in US. The reason why it’s cheap to build factorys in china is
    becuase they get alot rare earth minerals while US is milking oil. Donald
    Trump knows that mining for minerals is better becuase in now days, we get
    more into the future what makes ous use less oil, since we now start to
    replace oil with eletric, the tesla car is one exsample of many. and now
    trump will make US rich on minerals insted. (he talked about it in the
    interview with alex jones). tbh Trump is very smart and I belive in him, if
    he makes the US value go up by minerals, and high borderfee, and less US
    factory in china. it will make china’s currency to go down in value. and
    that will make more chines people get into bitcoin. (19th des to 5th jan
    2017 is a good exsample). the chines people got scared and bought bitcoin,
    and that caused bitcoin rise from 790usd to 1150usd. I think US dollar will
    be worth more after a while, but the chines currency will go down just a
    little. bitcoin is ofc growing each day, and I belive bitcoin will pass the
    moon ;)

  4. Great discussion guys, thanks. Just some thoughts, gold and silver value as
    money is based on scarcity as well as proof of effort in manpower and
    energy to extract it from the ground. Currency value is derived from
    government legislation; that’s it. However, in my opinion as a lay-person
    starting out in Bitcoin but having a finance background, Bitcoin
    demonstrates scarcity, proof of effort in acquisition but also attains
    value based on world wide acceptance as opposed to jurisdictional mandate.
    On your comments re Greece and Cyprus compared to China and Venezuela. When
    Cyprus and Greece happened, Bitcoin was still very new at that time
    compared to now where Bitcoin has so much more traction.

  5. Find me on twitter and DM me if you want to learn about solar & wind
    powering for mining & pcs ;] Also, no matter what kind of thing you do, you
    will never have “unlimited” or “free” energy. You have to buy the panels,
    they break, and the sun has a finite energy and there is also the law of
    conservation of energy…

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