Is Peter Schiff Against Bitcoin Because He Is A Globalist Insider Shill?

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54 thoughts on “Is Peter Schiff Against Bitcoin Because He Is A Globalist Insider Shill?

  1. Dear Dollar Vigilante,

    Why don’t you reach out to Peter’s team for a proper interview?

    Big fan of both of you. Keep up the good work and hilarious videos.

  2. Bitcoin seems like it will have a place in our economy for a long time, but Peter does have some good points. At any time, Bitcoin can loose value to any of the other competing crypto currencies and there is potentially an unlimited amount of currencies that can be created, but there will probably only be a few that are popular. One thing is for certain, crypto currencies are not real money, they mimic real money very well, but they are not real money. Bitcoins value is measured against the dollar, but when the dollar fails, what do you think Bitcoin will be measured against? It will be measured against gold and silver, which will always be real money.

    Also, to say that Peter Schiff is a shill for the big bankers is laughable, Jeff is going over board there.

    1. Jeff is protecting his bitcoin business.

      Which is quite ironic considering that he attacked an anti-bitcoin person by accusing him of protecting his gold business.

    2. Nicholas Zounis When crypto currency goes mainstream people in the know will be drawn to to most secure and established blockchain network . That currency will no doubt be bitcoin!

    3. Lol, “cryptocurrencies” are not interchangeable.
      You have bitcoin, and a lot of shitcoins.
      bitcoin still has over 50% of the market cap of the entire cryptocurrencies market.
      Just focus on bitcoin, and you’ll find out WHY it is the difference between going to the future, or just another corporate clone.
      As Carcass lyrics indicate : “Is this really rock&roll ? Or another form of State control?”
      Bitcoin is rock and roll, XRP is a form of state control

  3. So many lies in this video. Schiff has been off most MSM for years. You are literally lying in this video about everything In this video except him not being for bitcoin. The soros stuff , and everything else is a lie.

    1. +Scouse anarchist, while he should be vaporizing rather than smoking cannabis for a healthier way to consume it. Are you saying that consuming cannabis is unhealthy living?

  4. The worst you can say about Schiff is that he is wrong, but to call him a shill, that is downright insulting. I expect such immaturity from leftists, but this coming from you, really was a surprise. And no, Irwin was a minarchist, just like Peter.
    And what is wrong with Soros anyways? He funds leftsists, so what?

    1. I don’t mean this as an insult, but you really should work on your grammar if you wish to wish to be taken seriously.

      What are your exact criticisms of Peter Schiff?
      And this has nothing to do with the topic, but I assume you are familiar with Molyneux? What are your opinions on him? From what I gather, he is not well liked in certain parts of the libertarian community.

    2. Like I said initially, the worst thing you can say about it is he’ wrong, not a shill.
      Lost of people lose a lot of money in investing. What, you want a refund or something? And Schiff is not wrong, he is just early.

    3. 5+ years isn’t early its wrong? I mean seriously are you that dumb? The opportunity cost lost is massive. 5 years ago Bitcoin was under $20 now its $2800 and Bitcoin Cash the free spinoff is $200+. Tell me how he was right about that one. 14 bagger or more.

    4. “are you that dumb?” That’s the 2nd time you essentially called me dumb, and it’s quite obvious you are really emotional about losing your money. My condolences, but you need to get your head straight. Think with your head, not your heart. Your emotions might well be blinding you.

      Yes, the btc bubble got a lot bigger than Peter thought it would get. So did the Tech bubble and the housing bubble… a few years ago btc was 20, today it’s 2800, what makes you think it won’t go like a lot of the dot-com companies and be worth 0 tomorrow?

  5. Bashing a person like Peter Schiff like that is just… low. Even if Peter is wrong about cryptocurrencies, which he very well may be, his point of view is worth taking seriously. Sure he’s a profit oriented person, but honestly, who isn’t? This video undermines your own credibility BIG TIME.

    1. For God’s sake man… How does expressing an opinion makes one guilty of losing people’s money? if people are as gullible as this and come to youtube and other social media to get investment advice, I have no problem with them losing money. It is absolutely clear that Peter Schiff has an agenda and he’s advertising his business at every convenient moment. Who is even arguing about this?
      No one is saying that bitcoin won’t make you money. It’s a speculative asset. If you play your cards right, chances are you’re going to make money.
      And Jesus Christ, man! Calling me stuff like ‘groupie’, whatever that is, is exactly the bs ad hominem sort of a comment, and the reason I commented in the first place.

    2. How does Schiff do an in depth analysis. He has said Oil was going to go higher or 3-4 years. Based on simple Supply and Demand analysis? No it always this magical “wave of inflation”. The dude is a complete hack who constantly has to double down on his predictions even though he has been wrong over and over again. Its funny because I got to different Conferences and you talk to a Rick Rule or Marin Katusa who have a public track record of success. They all think he is an idiot.

    3. +Greg Dobrev Peter Schiff brokerage firm called Euro Pacific Capital. He has tanked his clients for years. About half of his Mutual Funds have blown up since 2011 due to poor performance. Yet he claims to be a “expert” on the economy.

  6. The biggest way to shut off bitcoin is to use it as a real currency. It can NOT handle the transaction volume. The Central Banks could shut it down in a day if they wanted to.

    It’s a Tulip.

  7. Peter’s father, Irwin, died in prison because he would not retract a book he wrote about taxes and the fed. You may not agree with his conclusion of Bitcoin, but his family has suffered greatly to spread information that woke up many.

    1. That Irwin Schiff was wrongfully punished is one thing. But that does not excuse Peter’s ignorance, willful stubbornness, or perhaps willing to sell out to a globalist agenda just to protect his Gold Money business. Just like
      Rickards, very difficult to figure. As smart as these guys are, maybe it’s just hard to teach an old dog to learn a new trick. I don’t know. That the bankster cabal does not like the masses to own either prescious metals nor cryptos says it all.

    2. +forever Skeptic

      “just to protect his Gold Money business”

      You mean just like the guy on the video who is speaking against anyone who dont support Bitcoin because he is running his own bitcoin oriented channel?

  8. Why does Jeff get offended if someone doesnt agree with bitcoin? i agree its better than fiat controlled by the banks but in reality bitcoin is a digital fantasy with no real tangible value.

  9. Completely unfair. He wasn’t literally comparing Cryptos to Beanie Babies, what would that even mean? He just used Beanie Babies as an example of how certain assets become overvalued with market euphoria and turn into a bubble.

    1. Your comment was completely contradictory and “oxy-moronic”. Yeah he basically was comparing cryptos to Beanie Babies. What part of that did you not get?

  10. It’s all about squeezing money out of the little guys. Don’t see much of a difference between Peter Schiff and Jeff Berwick, maybe only in the way of reaching their goal.

  11. Schiff it’s a practicing jew and Jews are the Jesuit’ s bankers.. the last thing they want is the masses outside the central banking system

  12. The fact that you have deliberately lied about me undermines any legitimacy your argument might otherwise have had. I have not partnered With George Soros. The only tangential connection i have to George Soros is that his son’s investment company is a small shareholder in a publicly traded company that I have also partnered with. Also I am hardly ever on CNBC or any other cable news outlets these days. I think I have done one bitcoin debate with Brian Kelly, and that’s it. Its almost as if there has been a mainstream media blackout of me for years. Plus I have solid arguments as to why I do not believe bitcoin will work. The fact that the bitcoin bubble has gotten much larger since I first began making them does not prove me wrong. I have always said I have no idea how large the bubble would get before it pops. People were always free to speculate on other people’s greed and ignorance. I just made sure people realized what they were doing, and the risks they were talking. My father was also not an anarchist. He believed in limited, but not no government. But since all of your other facts are wrong, why should this one be any different? This typed of hyped up, inaccurate vilification of me, underscores the weakness of your position. If you actually had a strong argument, you would make it, instead of attacking my character.

    1. cheemooo i think you’re the only one with sense here.
      Its one thing to speculate and ride the big wave of a bubble, but one has to be ready to ditch it before it crashes and not invest everything in it

    2. Peter Schiff Nice response Peter. You pointed out basically every criticism of this video that I would have mentioned and you did it as a gentleman despite the fact that it was a personal attack. I’m thinking the Bitcoin people are the same people trying to recoup their loses from all their failed real estate ventures back in 06/07. My safe is gold and silvered up thanks to your wise words sir. Keep up the good work and know that those of us who use our brains and not impulse, emotion, and herd behavior see the big picture thanks to you.

    3. I was initially again st bitcoin because it took money away from Pms.
      Whilst attacking people’s about Berwick dubious passport scams.
      If anyone is. Criminal it’s Berwick but I still listen to him

    4. Peter Schiff yo Peter is right about bitcoin. It was funny when berwick would called him a globalist shill tho lol even though it’s obv not true just the way he said it lol

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