It’s Now Officially a BEAR Market. What’s Next?

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The major stock markets like the S&P and the Dow have dropped into a bear market. But what does this mean and what could likely happen next? We explain.

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54 thoughts on “It’s Now Officially a BEAR Market. What’s Next?

    1. +naturecollision LOL youre as clueless as your comment…. BTC is definitely going down to under $1500 and most likely it will bottom at $900.

      BTC CLEARLY has massive gaps in its historical volume at those prices and they simply HAVE to be filled… thats how stocks, shares and markets work… if buts or maybes.

      Even Charlie said in December 2017 “if you cant handle seeing LTC drop to $20 then dont buy it” and the he SOLD at the ATH of over $250 even after just saying it will drop over 90%….. THAT WAS OVER A YEAR AGO YOU WERE WARNED LTC WAS GOING TO DROP YOU 90% NUTLESS MONKEY…. what dont you comprehend about Charlies comment?????

      less than 1% in the world are involved in crypto and 99.9% of them are clueless…. are YOU are one of the clueless!!!!! 3.2k the bottom???? NOT EVEN CLOSE….it has another 60% to lose from there…. also, notice how idiots like you were calling 6K the bottom while all of us in the know have been saying in youtube comments since FEBRUARY that it is going too under 4K before christmas.

    2. +G 7 lol, ok mr. expert, good luck and have fun shorting 😀 I’d sure buy a ton more @1k, I just don’t think it’s going to happen, prices are relatively speaking already pretty good, 6k was good too, but apparently not good enough for the many 🙂

    3. prices arent good enough for many as those many are NOT clueless idiots… those many saw the price go from 1000 straight up to 20,000… and those MANY know that BTC is NOT worth more than 1000 hence the price will go back there. and it will.

      besides, BTC is not going to go anywhere near 20,000 in the next 5-10 years. Once BAKKT gets involved the price will need to be stabilised the same way gold and silver was…. and i tell you now that gold and silver will NEVER have massive price increases because simply put there is ALOT more profit to be made when it is cheaper.

      BTC can be shorted now… and there is a WHOLE LOT MORE money made in shorting than there is being a sucker who HODLs….LOL,,, how are those people who have been HODLing silver for the last 20 years gone??? and now silver is worthless whilst TRILLIONS have been made in shorting it.

      You sound like a newb… and like i said… you sound clueless. if you think youre going to get rich of BTC now and especially once BAKKT gets involved youre more clueless than i thought

      you wont see 20,000 BTC till 2021-25

    1. +Gone Fishing true i think wel go sideways for a bit but were still in a lower high meaning that we could easily be testing the 3000 level in Q1 2019 potentially getting one last shakeout (the low will depend on how much FUD will be spread)

  1. *THANK YOU very much Alession for the update. I really appreciate your deontology and that you share what you know. And thank you for the happy music of Christmas

  2. Hi Alessio! Wouldn’t this bear market for stocks be a great thing for the cryptocurrency market? It seems that the whole the stock market is entering a bear market recession the crypto market is almost about to finish it’s bear market so what do you think?

    1. XRPcryptowolf ~ don’t be fooled. Whales are pumping to short btc. My opinion. Besides, I’m sure Mt. Gox dude hasn’t even sold all the btc he was supposed to sell to pay the lawsuit off. I don’t trust it.

    2. +Common Ground Two major short players closed out at 3K. During Dec 8 BTC was at it most oversold place in history and more shorts were sold at any other time in history. RSI was at an all time oversold position. Yet you think this is whales “pumping” now? No what is happening now is a natural reaction to such dramatic downward pressure. Now whether we retrace or bounce back is another story…

    3. XRPcryptowolf _”It seems that the whole the stock market is entering a bear market recession the crypto market is almost about to finish it’s bear market “_ About to finish?  lol  Crypto’s bear has only begun. 

      It will drag for several years. 
      This depression on all markets will be bigger than The Great Depression of the 1920s-1930s.  Depressions, not recessions, happen roughly every 70-80 years. 
      It will be so bad the governments go bankrupt trying to bail out businesses and so many people claiming unemployment.. that the government will have to lay off most police and the prices in stores will skyrocket and people’s social-security will disappear and grandma and granpa will come to you asking for help..  putting further stress on your own wallet, if you have anything left…  looting will then happen soon after.. riots.  total chaos..

      Rationing food..  where you stand in line for an hour just to get one loaf of bread. 
      all companies with luxury goods will close down and people invested in crypto will have to pull out their last bit of resources to survive, causing that to crash with everything else.

      This depression is said to last until about year 2027… and that is just to get it back up do a semi-okay state where people are starting to relax.

  3. Alessio I’m a fan of yours so don’t take this the wrong way but when the Dow theory painted a sell signal you said you weren’t concerned about it and still expected a Christmas rally, but now your video tells us you went short…? Hmm ….

    1. +Royyan Ibrahim more indirect than direct imo. Crypto market cap too small to be directly related to the normal markets in any way… however that 73% chance of a recession from stock market bears will deffo be important. Esp since crypto has never seen a recession so will be very interesting to see what happens!

    2. Royyan Ibrahim it has an effect, but it is never consistent. At times crypto has risen as stocks fell and vice versa. Or in other instances they both fall and rise together. You never really know lol

  4. You have videos of you being bullish on both the stock and btc within a month, in fact, even in your “bearish” videos you always say “the path of least resistance is to the upside”. Showing screen shot of your trade is even more ridiculous, it’s the oldest trick in the book to have two accounts and call/put on each.

    1. +viqol Not so… Trump has requested that very thing (look it up), Lets not bring up the national debt which has always been a consern… in the last 2 yrs its gone up 3 trillion $ (an unheard of pace), but hey thats a forbidden topic since trump. Whats the national debt? T says he doesnt care, it will blow up when he isnt around (look it up, who says that!), well i think its starting to catch fire.

  5. You prediction of $3000 for S&P end of the year was wrong, I contradicted and took bearish positions.
    But my comment is not about criticizing your video, but rather appreciate for being decisive and putting one’s opinion straight forward, it is very important to be a directional trader than trading rats.
    That’s the difference between hundreds of losers and a winner.
    Most so called trading experts in youtube have no stand on which way the market is going next and confusing, there are hundreds of them, I watched their hours of video wasting my time.

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