Jeff Berwick and Doug Casey Destroy Two Socialists Over Universal Basic Income

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Jeff and Doug Casey join a panel discussion on UBI (universal basic income) at the Nexus conference in Aspen Colorado with Flip Flipkowski and Ellen Brown, the President of the Public Banking Institute.

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49 thoughts on “Jeff Berwick and Doug Casey Destroy Two Socialists Over Universal Basic Income

  1. The reason we dont have hyperinflation yet is because the inflation is going into the stock and housing market as well as student loans as well as auto loans, exc…

    1. Its mainly because a lot of USD are in foreign holdings still being used by other countries to purchase oil but if China as well as other countries are successful in trading oil in a gold backed currency then all those trillions and trillions of USD will come home to roost and then we will have hyperinflation

    2. The reason we do not have hyperinflation is there has not been a confidence test. That is, people feeling secure (because they now have UBI) will start spending – the increased velocity of money circulating is where the ‘wine gets watered down’. With the resulting prices going up, people will rush to spend before more inflation – creating more velocity etc.

    1. I have NEVER had ANY money EVER except by mean of Government.
      Come to Western Europe, search for a job and show us your fine tricks.
      If you’re not a “well born” you’ll be Gov Worker, charity receiver or a thug.
      Bourgeoisie gets Corporate jobs & pretty girls serve coffee. I am neither.

    2. Totem value is a very useful function of FIAT currency (domesticly).
      It only causes issues (ok big ones) if you try to pay foreigners with it.
      If you have total control of the totem money, you create&destoy 24/7.
      Ban on cash, flat export scales & paying foreign debts in Silver does it.

    1. It’s a fright-winger circle jerk to gang up on the idea of a UBI just for kicks. If they had someone on there who knew the topic better, these ancappers would get rhetorically stomped.

    1. Not completely – she recognises the fault of the Fed, yet miscues this as a problem of the private sector rather than the public sector. She looks at the success of the Costa Rica public banking system as why government solutions in money are better – while confusing correlation with causation. That is, if this is Karen someone? -I could be wrong.

  2. Central planning is a sickness of the mind, it is a delusional god-complex. “I know what is best now bow to my will !” … “taxation” and “government” are euphemisms for theft and slavery.

  3. Not to be rude but she kind of sounds like Stalin Joseph Stalin. One of the ways well I love the ways that socialist and communist run Joseph Stalin did to the T and when it came down to choosing to feed his soldiers or whole cities he chose to feed his soldiers he cut huge Russian cities out of their food supply he murdered Millions tens of Millions I’ve heard anywhere from 60 to 80 million of his own people that’s why it’s socialism and communism and all of their counterparts will never work

    1. Everything after your ‘…’ is nonsense. Completely uninformed, not even simplistic, trash. Libertarians are typically the kindest, most patient, polite and intellectual people on the internet. They even let their ideological opponents on to their boards and forums at times. And they are the least likely to kick off others or threaten to kick off others for divergent opinions.

      Off the internet, the libertarians have consistently fought in favor of the first amendment. They would not dream of silencing their political opponents in the form of “hate speech laws” or “campaign finance laws”, which is what those laws are really about. You people on the other hand, gladly celebrate and push for said laws. If there is any of us here in the modern age that are close to Stalin, it is you so called “progressives”. Which, by the way, is not the same thing as Classical Liberalism, as defined by John Locke or Thomas Paine.

    2. @Zach….I was a part of a Facebook group called “The New Libertarian”. I got booted without warning because I DARED to challenge them on some of their ideas like capitalism isn’t perfect and can be abused like any other economic tool. So, yeah, Much tolerance there- But I’m SURE that was just a fluke……..RIGHT?

    3. Vote Classic Progressive Liberal and Save America check out Jeff Berwick video yesterday you could find it dollar vigilante or on the Rogue money just remember non president president 2020!

    4. Zack, As you can see from my comments here on youtube, I don’t exactly come across as abusive or trolly. I would hope that would lend some credence to my character.

      Adam…From what Jeff has stated in this video, I really don’t need to hear more about the “virtues” of extreme right wing libertarianism that just happens to only serves the already well-off and no one else.

  4. They refuse to answer the question about where this money comes from. They will go to the point of re-defining what inflation is to deny that it’s theft. Unbelievable.

    1. the money comes from the quatitative easing we’ve been giving to the banks all these years…but fright-wingers who screech “taxation is theft!!!” don’t really seem to mind that. 😀

    1. Ponder on these things first:
      1. Who owns the robots
      2. Technology historically has always displaced labour temporarily – but long term benefited everybody – why would it be different?
      3. The Red Queen Effect

    2. Dont forget, something like a resource based economy takes a lot of work to build, but also, getting people to think about a high tech society when it has been deeply conditioned into the establishment model is extremely difficult. Thats why people make stupid one line comments about the idea, or are dumb enough to believe most human beings would just sit around all the time. Most likely that is what they would do because they believe in the carrot on a stick routine for all of life, no matter what we’re capable of technically

    3. It is not that simple either. There is the carrot & the stick. Morally the carrot can only be used by humans. Neutrally the stick is the province of nature.
      re: dumb enough to believe most human beings would just sit around all the time.
      – some people are inclined to laziness – all people however are inclined towards comfort & making their lives easier in some respect. Technology can make us ‘lazy’. Why get up to switch over the TV channel when you can use a remote?
      What I am saying is people are motivated by the carrot (work with reward) in order to be lazy.
      There is the other motivator – nature. Nature demands that if you do not labour (climb a tree for fruit OR exchange your labour for value from another) then you will starve.

    1. You mean like, if everybody gets the same college education those idiots have, the less ANYBODY would be willing to pay them for what they learned? Wait, I think I’ve discovered the positive side of inflation.

  5. It’s so bizarre how delusional these utopian leftists are; and they think what they are saying is right and good.

    Also: Jeff is right about how most people would behave with a UBI; playing video games all day everyday. It’s what I’d be doing for sure.

    1. Jerlstif Cmon man, after you get sick of playing video games all day everyday like Jeff did, your creative juices would start to flow and with your UBI you’d become motivated and possibly create the next big technological app seeing as you wouldnt be encumbered by having to be at some suck job just trying to survive or being a criminal or prostitute just to make ends meet.

  6. There was so much information that was left out of the conversation. When the federal reserve conjurs up more money for government, the people become the bearers of the debt on that interest to be paid to that central bank. The fact that the national debt increases by trillions every year is ignored and the fact that it is impossible to ever pay back that debt already, is ignored.. The fact that when people are dependent upon government for their needs, the government owns them by the threat of stopping their income. The fact that government itself is the biggest criminal on the planet and steels most of the income for black operations and their personal wealth, ie, funding the too big to fail banks and corporations, funding their criminal enterprises in illegally occupied countries that people think of as wars that are based on lies, funding secret operations benefiting only a handful of owners like the secret space program, operations in Antarctica , underground cities and world wide underground fast rail systems. CAFRA All the money that is stolen from the people through taxation, as well as the theft of half the tax dollars collected, what makes anyone think for a minute the government will do right for the people? The Fed Res. is NOT half owned by the government. It is a Rothschild owned bank that the government pays lip service to by puppet positions in government, who steal the wealth of the people and cause inflation. These people don’t seem to realize that the dollar is about to collapse, more than likely within the next few years. What are they thinking???? Government is the criminal that needs to be eliminated so people can be free of them to prosper.

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