Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante & Crypt0 On Cryptocurrency, Police In A Decentralized Future, More!

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41 thoughts on “Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante & Crypt0 On Cryptocurrency, Police In A Decentralized Future, More!

    1. Been there Done that. Yes, there was a WP that outlined a digital currency. SN actually coded it and added some features to support decentralization and consensus. I don’t buy her take on the SDR coin. And yeah, she sells Gold

    2. she understands them very well which is why she trashes it every chance she gets…her business is gold & silver…. she’s a millionaire from dealing in these metals….Crypto is moving fiat away from those markets and she’s not happy.. Smart woman though….she may trash the stock market and claim it’s gonna implode but she’s got her stock portfolio locked and loaded and ready to dump as needed….. Bitcoin will survive the onslaught of the tyrannical ones…. Peace

    1. @Mihai Ungureanu — Maybe you should become an Irish Citizen. I met a colleague from my company who was born in USA, and later renounced his US citizenship and became Irish, then after some years there he moved to UAE, and continues to be Irish citizen but there on work visa, and he says Ireland doesn’t make you pay taxes when you work abroad. And UAE currently doesn’t have income tax so he doesn’t pay any taxes.. He says he likes that arrangement.

    1. Exactly! No violent government( a bit redundant ). Free men know best how and where to spend their time and labor and value. Why do we need someone to use force to spend our value?

  1. Cryptocurrencies, like their illusionary counterparts of central banking debt instruments are “aggressions against others” Jeff.How so? They deprive the producers of wealth PAYMENT for the wealth, just like ALL debt instruments do. I only know of two monetary systems: 1) BARTER, wherein you use something AS the money; 2) CREDIT, where you use nothing as the money – such as but not limited to bookkeeping entries (numbers) or imaginary computer generated symbols. You have a real problem tendering wealth for wealth. You appear to have no problem with one party to an exchange offering nothing but imagination for the real wealth or labor of the other party. WHY?

    1. Nicholas, Inflation/deflation are equal in an imaginary currency like bitcoin and both terms are equal to CONFISCATION of the wealth by the creators of credit (numbers) or bitcoin (illusionary) computer entries.

    2. dave corum consider that inflationary fiat money is continuously distracting wealth from the people to to central banks. So everything that is not issued by central banks is a better system

    3. 203official, the problem isn’t who’s doing it, the problem is what they are doing. Anyone who can obtain goods and services without payment by credit/debt instruments that the first user gave nothing for them and the last user will get nothing with them is the problem. It matters not if you call them frn’s or bitcoins. Both are imaginary mediums of exchange that expropriate real wealth offering no payment. Bitcoin fans seem to think the solution is to change the names of our masters, but regardless of what you call them, they remain our masters. No liberation from slavery from bitcoin.

  2. That and how do you stabilize Bit Coin currency so that your wealth or the value of it doesn’t go to 0 one day and 100% of its offering price the next. And as Goods and Services are chasing valuations of the price of coin, how dose that work? Will there be HYPERINFLATION? OR DEFLATION?  One aspect of Centralized bank interventions create wealth trough controls. The same issues take place with in Central banking as it creates wealth from thin air. At least be honest about the problems that comes with any kind of currency. Human methods of exchange come with issues including barter.

  3. As far as the question on how to deal with criminals… I like the way UAE handles it. Their population of actual citizens is around 10-15 percent, while around 85-90 percent are residents there on travel or work visas (without option to gain citizenship, including newborns), so it is considered a privilege to be there, and the government there has a zero tolerance policy against crime, so if people misbehave they simply kick them out. It would be the same to say, they just get voted off the island.

    That’s one way to filter out the bad eggs and pretty effective if you ask me because most people don’t want to lose all the status they built up so they continue to function as ‘part of the solution’ …

    It’s when people feel like they have a right to be somewhere that many people can abuse that right and think they should be able to act any way they like without regard for others. I think it helps when people know something is a privilege to be a part of, not to be taken for granted or abused in any way…

    I recently had the chance to visit UAE on business, and not saying it is by any means the perfect country, but I did notice it is a melting pot of diversity and it seemed to me everyone that I encountered got along really well, and I met some of the nicest people from all over the world, and I had the general sense that I could walk around anywhere at night and not have to look over my shoulder. It was a unique place where I would see for example people of differing religions, from different countries dressed different, and walking side by side joking and laughing together, enjoying each other’s company and respecting each other’s cultures, accepting each other as they are.

  4. It will never happen. If it doesn’t have a Rothschild central bank Uncle Sam will storm in, whack the leadership and set up another military base there.

  5. Great to see Jeff giving back and taking time to expose the up and coming crypto educators in the industry. He understands that more mainstream understanding and hence adoption means more value for everyone involved as well as pushing up prices for everyone. Win Win is the new, dog eat dog is the old

  6. Love you jeff , you capitalst-anachist .But I hope you give a little bit to humanity , or are keeping your succses and wealth for yourself.
    Have not heard a word about you supporting any good cause.

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