Jim Cramer Is Completely Insane… And Says Bitcoin Is Going to $1 Million

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43 thoughts on “Jim Cramer Is Completely Insane… And Says Bitcoin Is Going to $1 Million

    1. Clark Ruell Oh thanks..nice of you to say. I am not trying or care to change anyone’s mind when it comes to opinions about bitcoin. It’s solid game changer to me but there is much I don’t know about it too. I like to use the comment boards to understand some things I don’t know or discuss. I also find it helps me sort out and test my understanding by the feedback I get. I certainly welcome even ignorance and intelligent critique for sure…helps me learn different skill sets. Number 1 thing it helps me practice is not allowing the ignorant to deter me from sharing what I know or believe.
      If they think carrying around a gold brick is a good idea and makes them feel better about things then that’s perfectly fine with me! We all need security blankets.
      I’ll tell you what I don’t know..I don’t know if blockchain will be a good thing or not because evil is still evil and even great technology can often be manipulated and used against us and mass deception is very effective at manipulating perceived values. So I don’t really know if bitcoin is going to fly..who really does? But I do like bitcoin and I think it is brilliant. It gives us options we don’t otherwise have…and the technology gives entire countries that want their sovereignty back from central banks…it gives them the ability to carry on and trade amongst other like minded nations and organizations and forget the illegally imposed debts and the corruption of their own infrastructure by the globalist central banks.

    2. Bannana Joe Sounds like you like gold. That’s fine but the history of what happens to private gold during economic collapse should be considered.
      If you have private stores of gold, it makes you a target for robbery by the government and also by desperate people. You still need to eat and survive. Are you going to give up your gold for some farm land? During the Great Depression citizens were ordered to sell their gold to the government at a very low rate. Once most of the gold had been collected, the price of gold went back up. Gold can be confiscated and the reason for coin and paper money backed by gold was for convenience (but it also increased fraud). I agree a gold backed currency is much more solid than fiat. However, the reason for that is because it fixes the amount of money in circulation (you can’t print more money than the amount of gold held in reserve). This is also achieved by cryptocurrency because no central authority “printing press” can just generate more Bitcoin on a whim and devalue the supply. Advantages of bitcoin over gold is that Bitcoin is not physical..so it is much more private and convenient than a gold or cash transaction. You can’t transport significant gold across a border or a suitcase of cash..but bitcoin can go anywhere and be accessed anywhere there is a functioning internet. The internet is very hard to destroy.

    3. Agreed with all. However, the greatest treasure is the one you build in Heaven where thieves can’t break into, or moth eat or rust destroy. Choose Jesus the Savior.

  1. I’d like to quickly take a second and tell anybody who reads this that I LOVE YOU!! I love you because your a beautiful human being that’s different from me. Share the love folks. It only takes a minute and you’ll never know how you’ve touched somebody who might of just needed to hear “I LOVE YOU!!”

    1. HoiPolloi That’s what I’m saying! He is about as big of a shill as one can be; typical disinformation agent. I used to like him too til I realized he was sold out, I’m glad you saw it too. On the Howard Stern show, he said he supports Israel 100%. *No conspiracy theorist in the world supports Israel*, but in that interview, he sucks up to Jews so badly since Stern is a Jew.

  2. Jim Cramer says that? Hmmm…there’s a reason the lame stream media is pushing bitcoin like this. Safe to say “they” have something planned to destroy bit coin???

  3. LOL! Yeah I remember him saying to sell everything, right at the bottom of the market. LOL. He’s just there to separate stupid people from their money.

  4. I think that cryptocurrencies are fracturing now, and the fragments are better than Bitcoin in select areas. That is a good reason it might NOT go to 1,000,000.

    1. And the fracturing can be infinite…there is no limit to the number of blockchains. Not only that, it is very easy to trade from one cryptocurrency to another; there is no inertia like there would be to switch from Facebook to another social network. So the velocity from one blockchain to another can be arbitrarily high and the number of blockchains is unlimited. In the long term this means blockchain is a commodity with a value that approaches zero. Arbitrary math can never be a store of value, this is a lesson humanity must learn – and will learn painfully. Physics is a better anchor of value than mathematics and this is why gold and silver will eventually take their rightful place in the pantheon of money.

  5. VIEWER BEWARE: Jeff Berwick is a con man. He will pump fear into you and then try to sell you his product as the solution. Don’t fall for this trash.

    1. Jeff is the first person who I have heard say out loud what I have often thought/practiced…Namely, whatever Jim Cramer says, do the opposite. There are many others who fall into the Cramer category. I think they are called professional “touts”. Jeff may also be considered a “tout” but I REALLY like what he said on his one appearance on CNBC. Any fool who cant discern among all the touts in the world…is soon to become a “shill”.

  6. Jim Cramer was still telling people to buy Lehman Brothers after the news was already out they were going bankrupt.
    Two shares of his company stock and his word won’t even buy a Venti at Starcrapz.
    Bitcoin is the modern day Tulip Mania. It will be a huge embarrassment for everyone who got involved.

  7. Do people really take this guy seriously? This video is overly simplistic, doesn’t communicate any of the risks of investing, and is altogether a haughty and overconfident message to PUSH people into Bitcoin. That, combined with the fact that this guy has major undisclosed conflicts of interest (as he owns a business whose success hinges on the rising value of bitcoin) makes this borderline fraudulent and propaganda-esque.

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