Jim Rogers Reiterates His Call For A Crash Of Epic Proportions

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31 thoughts on “Jim Rogers Reiterates His Call For A Crash Of Epic Proportions

  1. despite any data, I can feel it in my heart. I’m an atheist, this isn’t some strange religiosity. I just sense this watered down dollar is almost completely done.

    1. @cucuzzza Interesting take. I’ve always learned in my economics classes that the market is only as strong as we BELIEVE it is. As people lose faith like you are (have to admit, I am as well), the fiat king dollar will lose the only thing left propping it up – our faith in it. As more people become awake to the ponzi…..it falls apart.

  2. Great video BTW, I want to buy 7 maples, but I want to wait till the price dips again.
    If the Fed raises rates, there’s a good chance that gold could roll back into the 1100s again (IMO)

  3. gold and silver will skyrocket, but then its gona be useless, because bitcoin is gona take over aka new world order currency. this is in bible mentioning this that metals will crash.

    1. Personally I agree, but in the video they are pertaining to be quoting Jim – that he thought there would be a small dip which he would buy. which to my knowledge is not true – gold $1000 is a big dip. and it leads me to think what else is inaccurate, skewed, exaggerated or biased.?

  4. “Trump seems to have an inclination to start trade wars”….? Ahem. Maybe, just maybe, trade has been rigged by forces inside and outside of the US, and Trump and his backers are intent on rectifying it because our backs are now to the wall. And stop with headlining Jim Rogers, but all it is is your reporting. Just removed this bookmark.

  5. there is not going to be a crash!! it will be a inflationary melt up!! jim is wrong 99 percent of the the time!! buy silver now there may be one more entry point here then it will run!!

  6. We’ve been listening to these stories for nearly ten years, with our own Billy Bunter, Jim Rogers, buying billions of dollars of gold, then forcasting bullshit …. If it was going to happen, it would have by now …. As long as the U.S. is the reserve currency, it can keep printing $, so that the likes of both China and Russia accept it …. We will still be chanting the same song in ten years time, that why I’m putting all my money in plastic ….

  7. If You read Body language of Rogers You can see he knows have a problem but he must say differently.
    When he say its ok! his body say NO. min in video 1:30 sec

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