London Falling: Likely False Flag Conducted on Skull & Bones 3/22

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46 thoughts on “London Falling: Likely False Flag Conducted on Skull & Bones 3/22

    1. JohnNada80 The man does not believe in a flat earth. But what he says is true. Jesus said in the last days before His second coming, deception will increase deceiving the non thinking, mind controlled God rejecting, masses, who are more interested in sport than where they will spend eternity. Remember, satan is the ‘god’ of this world. But don’t worry, soon the illuminati will have their anti christ for 7 years before Jesus comes back and wipes him out! All part of God’s plan! Give your life to Jesus and let Him de programme you from satans lies! Its better to live a short life for the Truth, than a long life of lies followed by eternal hell fire! I’m sure David Rockefeller will agree with me!

  1. I have a friend whose GrandFather was a 33rd Degree FreeMason. When his GrandFather was on his deathbed, he asked him about Freemasonry. The Grandfather did not elaborate, but he did say this, “If people found out, there would be a revolution.” True story.

    1. Can you please enlighten me by telling me WHAT makes predominantly “men” join a men-only “secret”-society and swear on the lives not to divulge any goings on within their temples? What makes a man join such a society where he cannot even tell his love ones what he does? And please… try not to lie… 🙂

    2. Various studies point towards psychopathy (no empathy, consummate liars / emulators of compassion – for they have none, frontal cortex of brain dealing with conscience / care / compassion being inactive) at rates of 1% in women and up to 3% in men – together making the four horsemen of the Apocalypse – the negative side of human consciousness. These people have no loved ones – they use people. They cannot love. They can be identified out of large groups, and chosen for office, where they can be controlled, and counted upon to always act as a psychopath does – perfect lairs, driven towards greed, personal power, saying and doing whatever it takes to get there, with no regard for consequences.
      Also called politicians, judges, top policemen. Steve Jobs was one. There is a female Masonic Order also – Ask Angela Merkel for details – the one who’s destroying Germany.
      Look at the Thomas Sheridan channel – on his work on psychopaths, freemasons, and politicians, and Jimmy Saville cover-up. Or Mark Passio.

    3. “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society;” (JFK) and then “They” KILLED Him which they will do to anyone you tries to publicly expose the Jews and the Freemason/Secret Society (SS?) LIES. YOU may not have pulled the trigger… but in reality… you did… as you Rex(?) are part of the hidden from any form of public scrutiny/debate but YOU are only a puppet who has sworn an oath with your life to Obey whatever your hierarchy (the Jews) tell you to do… YOU are one of the many Freemasons who are a total insult and a traitor to the FREEDOM of the entire Human-Race and only because like all Religions and Cult’s… you Obediently and unquestioningly follow…
      We (the entire Human-Race are born absolute miracles of life and we ALL live on an equally miracle called Earth which is the ONLY known planet in the unknown universe with such incredible life sustaining energy. You too are an insult to this also. We are ALL born with an incredible conscience (which is never explored) and an equally powerful emotion we collectively call… LOVE! HOW Rex can anyone who finds LYING so easy EVER explore the incredible depths of either one of these senses when the hearts are full of self deception? WAKE-UP and understand that YOU are being USED as with other who knowingly withholds the TRUTH (the Jews worse enemy) from the natural believing and honest masses… YOUR time is going to be short lived because millions are Waking-UP to the centuries of lies, deceit and manipulation into believing the LIES predominantly by the Jewish control of the worlds mass-media and Governments… WAKE-UP and free yourself that’s if you have the courage to step outside your pathetic cult following bubble… 🙂

    4. if you have taken the 7th degree-nothing you say can be taken as fact-and if you have the 33 degree or above-you have zero control or choice in what you say or do–that being said, there is said to be some factions within the craft that are pledged to remove the evil from that society but because of the general structure of the degrees-difficult to ascertain. Yes, there are good masons who do not have a clue what is going on in the higher echelons.

    1. You clearly dont understand occult numbers, tell me why you learn numbers in school?what are numbers? Where did they originate? Who truly created them? Do they give vibrations/meanings? Reptillian lizards created everything you know such as math,language,medicine, technology ect. You are a noob and are far from the truth, you wont learn REALITY in school you learn because your a slave to THEIR INFORMATION.

  2. The spring and autumn equinoxes (around 20 March and 23 September) and the summer and winter solstices (around June 21 and December 22) seem to be significant in religious calendars (seeing as they often take Pagan festivals and crowbar them into their dogma).

  3. You are absolutely correct about the violence wrought on innocent Middle Eastern people by the British and American etc etc governments. We should be ashamed to be part of it.

    1. 007Stalled 7 absolutely…..
      So why are you not prepared to even entertain the idea that some of those people living and suffering in the Middle East or those affected by what they see happening to their ‘brothers’ overseas may wish to do the west or their interests harm?

    2. 007Stalled 7 I’m confused by your position (this may be entirely down to me – apologies). We are commenting on, for want of a better phrase, a ‘truther’ NWO illuminati etc etc video –
      so to clarify……….are you saying that the Westminster attack WAS an attack committed by a radicalised / alienated British muslim convert with a grudge with the West for our war crimes against the Middle East…… OR that it was a NWO Zionist plot like the video poster is saying and not a single soul suffered more than scratch on their knee?

    3. I agree with the poster.
      However, he also speaks of the atrocities that the West have committed against the innocent people in the Middle East. The leaders and movers and shakers are at fault and not the ordinary people.

    4. 007Stalled 7 I couldn’t agree with you more about the atrocities committed by our ‘leaders’ and their hypocrisy etc etc.
      However………. the jump to the hoax fake flag for EVERY SINGLE EVENT WITHOUT EXCEPTION – with never any proof except for micro analysis of a blurred picture producing nothing more that an anomaly or some dumbwit saying ‘The victim is a shill NWO actor because……… he’s not upset enough/he’s too upset/he’s too loud/he’s too quiet or some other guesswork is a jump in logic (something they never use) too far.

    1. At work, I was chatting with one of our musicians.
      He said “I’d rather just believe it was terrorists” on the topic of 9/11.

      You are Exactly right.

  4. When the MSM run with the news and point to the culprits, you know right away to believe the opposite. They are usually deaf dumb and blind on matters related to truth and real journalism.

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