Mexico Gas Protests, Peso Collapsing, Bitcoin Skyrocketing

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Jeff interviews Jose Rodriguez of, Mexico’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, topics include: the recent Mexican gas price hike riots and the falling peso, energy reforms and the end of subsidies, heavy tax on fuel, government corruption, denationalization of oil companies, how Trumps election played out in Mexico, cheap living in Mexico if you earn dollars, the growth of Bitcoin in Mexico, Bitcoin appreciated 161% in Mexico in 2016 vs 26% for gold, a great arbitrage opportunity on Bitso, a new international payments business, Cryptopulco crypto day at Anarchapulco 2017

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56 thoughts on “Mexico Gas Protests, Peso Collapsing, Bitcoin Skyrocketing

  1. It is always a good time to buy bitcoin if you are holding long term and
    not just for day trading.Don’t wait for bitcoin to drop again, because you
    could be waiting forever.
    “The best time to buy bitcoin was a few years ago, the second best time is

    1. @bob bot Nobody, no individual and no central power or government can
      control, manipulate, ban, hack or kill a worldwide distributed open-source
      peer-to-peer cryptographically secured decentralised system.

    2. sometimes a little research will help you understand Bitcoin(I myself
      calling it scam/ponzi back in early 2013). I was just lucky a close friend
      of mine asked me to do a Bitcoin Thesis for him for his Univ…and after 2
      months of intense research? it was a light bulb to me… He passed his
      Thesis btw…. LOL 🙂

    3. Lenz Vale Hey Jeff congratulations you have by far more Shills on you’re
      site then any I’ve ever come across.
      As Goverment paper-digital currencies implode and devalue due the amount of
      debt they continue to PILE UP by creating more monopoly $. As they CAN’T
      pay their current obligations and need to tax there citizens more and more,
      along straight borrow more and more. Now add the worlds Banking system
      which is a toxic nightmare with hundreds of billions of bad loans and
      trillions in derivatives. It’s a no brainier to see the Financial Ponzi
      Scheme. So I would have given you an F grade on your Thesis. Bitcoin and
      crypto currencies have massive up side potential as the current system
      starts unraveling, but you don’t want put all you’re eggs in one basket
      spread them around.

    4. +MainAccount but if they do away with electronic money and ATM card. How
      will you get paid with bitcoin? I mean they just create a whole new
      currency. Electronic $1,500 a year.

  2. As Mexico burns, Jeffery the goof will tuck his tail and run back to the
    country he despises. Hypocrite in the extreme. Try exchanging some of that
    bitcoin for a loaf of bread you dumb saps, see what your ridiculous
    currency has in REAL value.

    1. yes mainly around the resort places. The high society but not in the fields
      picking veggies. I see the pure white girls in the brothels with pure white
      skin and the ones who look like Indians. Mexico is very mixed.

    2. Where you from? I’ve only been to Matamoros and Tijuana and you might know
      why. I don’t know why I didn’t visit each yea around Christmas. That place
      is fun and warm so you don’t contend wit Winter

    3. christ pay with fucking cash. Do you know how much credit card companies
      make on overdrafts and non-payments? With checks I bet it’s 20 billion
      dollars and they train you to buy with no cash because you don’t see the
      money. But you pay and most people don’t fucking travel. You think that 2%
      they give you back is so great.

    4. Matamoros and Tijuana explains your attitude. The border cities are a
      problem because of the drug cartels and the ban in the US. In Mexico proper
      there is NO antagonism against gringos. They are are the nicest happiest
      people. Happier than the US by far.

  3. One question Jeff. I am a Canadian but I live in Costa Rica. Many here have
    moved to Mexico. Much cheaper I hear. My question. Do you feel Mex. is
    still better than CR or any other Latin American country? I have been there
    many times and do not get a warm fuzzy feeling about Mex. Last time through
    on my moto, I was almost shot and robbed. James

    1. noboy likes you americans get it? in europe you are psrt of our problems,
      rui hins hate usa, ltin america was neo colonized n suckd dry by usa,
      everytime robber sees a gringo its a done deal they know you bun pusys
      without your army n they ill rob you, fct is usa6 robbs trillions year from
      other countrys want to liked? go to plcs were rich americns ide n invet
      thir Money like canada australia etc not the places you seal witch is
      basialy all non talking engish n, argentina is great coiuntry but you lo
      detroyed their country and unlike you thee ppl forgive american ppl witch
      is out of my mind why, usa screws them every cance they get to rob outh
      america, oil for dollars the fmi orld bank robberies, were brazil paid 300%
      more then they should have n los 20 years of growth, brasil looks poor
      because its corrupted by usa, keep ppl dumb n poor, serving usa always, if
      thy erved themselv they would be evil like vneuela after they took back
      heir oil, i don see usa letting brasil take ver americn oil companies, but
      usa is all over brazillian oil companies, the list is so long its about 70
      yeaars of killing robbing abusing and hen playing the good guy whie
      showiing other country their waar arsenal if they decide to be alligned or
      do bussyness with russia or china, fact is usa dosent produce nohing its
      all produced in neocolonial style in poor country in asia, n these ppl a
      creatiing theirnen brands thei oen cars etc leaving usa a country with no
      future n no sense to hold dollars, makes sense to hold yuan, i believe the
      chinese will become richer over night when dumping dollars they will see
      yuan rise in value as they are factory n consumers of the world, buying
      european austraian american companies everyday, chinese have a plan and usa
      has its days counted, amazing part is? what did you do with all the
      trillions the world lended you, banques lended you?

    1. Hi Magnus. Thanks for commenting. I have a contract with TDV Media and
      Berwick’s signature on it. Yet he claims he has nothing to do with the
      agreement. He won’t answer emails, threads, Skype, etc. Plus, if you check
      out and his free email newsletter, you’ll find there’s no
      contact info. I’ve been trying to get a resolution for a couple months to
      no avail. However, I did get back $1200 via a credit card chargeback.
      However, he still owes me over $10,000. And you’re right about the
      implications. Berwick is a huge promoter of voluntary contracts but if he
      refuses to abide by them, what’s the point?

    2. He hasn’t responded privately to me either. He just took the money and then
      disappeared. I know that things can go wrong. However, I haven’t received
      any explanation from Berwick or any attempt to repay my funds. Nothing.
      Zip. Zilch. Nada. He’s doing anarchism/libertarianism a great disservice.

  4. All it will take is one hack or cyber attack on the internet to send
    Bitcoin down to 0. Its a huge scam. those people selling these bitcoins are
    collecting dollars. if Bitcoin was so legit why not only trade it with
    something with value like Gold?

    1. “dump puss mother fucker”? Well, whatever that means, there are tons of
      bitcoin wallets to choose from. It doesn’t affect the blockchain if one is
      hacked. If a really large one is hacked, the price might drop, but that’s
      from uneducated people keeping their bitcoin on exchanges instead of in
      their own paper or hardware wallets and losing their asses from their lack
      of due diligence.

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