NIST Says Bitcoin Cash Is The Real Bitcoin… And It Is Making Me Sick – Jeff Berwick

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When not working on propaganda, NIST employees have been complicit in trying to put backdoors into cryptographic technologies. – Jeff Berwick

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43 thoughts on “NIST Says Bitcoin Cash Is The Real Bitcoin… And It Is Making Me Sick – Jeff Berwick

    1. ANARCHY LUiS you just came out of no where calling me a commie with out knowing anything about me. You seem uninformed about the crypto bitcoin cash. Maybe you should go do more research

    1. does that mean BTC is a bigger shitcoin considering BCC just increased the block size in order to become what the original vision for BTC was supposed to be while BTC core created a whole new system and scheme to prop up BTC

  1. Nice to see you Jeff been following you for a few years now. I think we’re all use to you putting out more videos. Hope to here more from you soon especially with all this stuff going on in the crypto space.

    1. A.V. DaDon Crypto it makes no difference in terms of mining what the blocksize is. theres the same amount of miners basically that can mine both coins. Also mining manufacturing isn’t really centralized. Bitmain is a small company compared to SAMSUNG which just entered the bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining manufacturing market. It won’t be the only company but certainly its the biggest. Better off having bitmain there than centralize all mining rigs to amd. Samsung is gonna compete with not only bitmain but also amd with their general purpose gpu mining rigs. Also Samsung is leading the way to advances in data storage with their advancements in ssd technology. By 2020 they say they will easily surpass 100+ terabyte ssd in laptop form factor…. And bitcoin core shills are saying that 1 gb blocksize is too large lol.

    2. Thanks for the info and your thought process. I respect your reasoning. I’m glad we could agree on something. Big institutions is going to get in this crypto market either way, that we both know is inevitable its all about dispersing control of the network where innovation can be made on the bitcoin block chain to maintain decentralization. All we can do is wait and watch what will happen next.

  2. Bitcoin Cash is a altcoin with a stolen brand name. And there are much better peer to peer altcoins. So it’s totally crap!
    Newbies, don’t fall in this scam.

    1. You can’t steel something no one owns. Bitcoin has forked dozens of times, mostly in the early days. What makes the Segwit fork of bitcoin so special? why is the segwit fork the “real” one? this is the problem with Segwit fans. They don’t even understand what bitcoin is or it’s history

  3. They attempt to shake weak hands HODL ON – I have reason to believe tether was a scam from the get go & now they’re using A.I to attack Bitcoin markets so they can control the price!

  4. People need to understand that it is not about the name, it is about the protocols.

    Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin operate under the same protcols, except Bitcoin Cash has increased the blocksize decreasing fees to only a few cents to per transaction. I would rather pay a few cents for a BCH transaction than pay $20 to send a Bitcoin Core transaction. Competition will destroy Bitcoin Core.

    1. increased megabyte block size means much harder for you to download and run node
      increased megabyte block size means much less people run a node
      edit: plus Microsoft, every leading expert, and anyone with mush brain knows it can’t scale at all
      plus centralization of mining and nodes ……….. everyone knows that
      “you’ll never run a bitcoin cash node”
      “in reality we need it to be downloadable in the distant future”
      “everyone’s an expert”

    2. Yes less people run a node. Bitcoin was designed that way. Read the white paper, read what Satoshi wrote in his early discussions! That is what was always intended for bitcoin. As for your other point I will quote Mark Twain, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

    3. you actually right. I actually remember him saying that less people will be involved in the technical side and technical node operating. But i still want to run a node without a $1300 gaming computer.
      but it can still be enough people to use both coins. its not a real war

  5. I would say Roger Ver is more the type of person who would do a dirty back room deal with the government any day – if it served his selfish interests – but I couldn’t see any of the guys from the main Bitcoin Core group doing that. Here we have definitive proof of the connection between BTrash and government – just as I suspected all along.

  6. Why do you have to fight with everyone? To preach about the NAP, and then be so antagonistic is lame. It is this kind of veiled violence that we need to rout out if the NAP is ever going to be recognized as the highest wisdom. Get it together Jeff. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller.

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