On The Record #3 – Vaultoro (w/ CEO Joshua Scigala)

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In this 3nd Episode of On The Record we will talk toJoshua Scigala, the CEO of Vaultoro which a Bitcoin to Gold trading platform along with secure Gold storage facility.

Guest: Joshua Scigala

Host: Tone Vays
@ToneVays Website:
Donations: 18eNWJBaVMZgPhjSMJhXgJJCMpJPjFfwWW

Notes: The Gold is stored here


22 thoughts on “On The Record #3 – Vaultoro (w/ CEO Joshua Scigala)

  1. Really brilliant interview, very informative and thorough. Thanks Tone! Definitely will sign up @ Voltoro, to have an extra way to park some BTC in a crypto emergency or when the channel hits the top – to carry my funds over until its time to BTFD on the bottom… Tone if you have an affiliate link, please post it! Gracias

    1. thanks, I do not know if they have affiliate links. I will find out, but even if they do, i’m not sure I want to be officially endorsing it (even though I like Josh). Will need to think about it.

  2. I like the whole “gold is a good” and in England gold is classified as “self-regulated” . Now If only Alfa -bay accepted gold … we wouldn’t need BTC lol

  3. I have 3 questions:

    1) The only reason I would use this platform is as a hedge against bitcoin crashing. If bitcoin crashed to zero, how would I retrieve my wealth?

    2) If Vaultoro was liquidated, is it possible for the gold to be used as an asset by the liquidators, and if not, how would I retrieve my wealth in that scenario? He did mention that the gold is not on their balance sheet, but I don’t know how that works with the law.

    3) I assume that this is a fairly small exchange, so if bitcoin is up and gold is down for example, then I’m guessing that there will be no sellers?

    1. 1) You would take delivery
      2) This is explained in the vid. The gold is stored in your name, not Vaultoro’s.
      3) Low liquidity is always a problem.

      Vaultoro is going for convenience, so if they cannot provide the liquidity that is a problem. It might be better to simply sell bitcoin for – and buy gold with – fiat.

  4. i love this idea that you go in mostly cold not knowing what the coin is about. but this might require more of your time in each session to accomplish this thoroughly. maybe not this one because its so straight forward.. this guy seems pretty solid.

    the fact that he has an internal trading market is SO INTERESTING. im excited to see how it is treated legally and how it will impact the price of gold. they will compliment each other and just grow i assume. both will incentivise others to use both or switch for preference sake. its almost their strongest marketing technique

  5. 49:40 Never use market orders. Under any circumstances. There’s no reason to have them on a trading platform.
    (Except for features like “buy on market when Bitcoin deposit completes”, which IIRC is a Vaultoro feature – that’s fine (though I wouldn’t use it – a limit order for that feature would be good there too).

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