Photo and Image Monetization On The Blockchain With Marcus Schmitt of CopyTrack

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Jeff Berwick interviews Marcus Schmitt CEO of CopyTrack. Topics include: monetizing your content, already a large pre-existing business with good turnover, search based license checking, proving authorship, a global blockchain copyright register, using the CPY token for payment means much lower fees , faster transaction times and more money to the content producer, CPY to be traded in late February and in use by August, CopyTrack's ICO process, CopyTrack is developing it's own open blockchain, CopyTrack open to other projects to base businesses based on the Copytrack blockchain, media stored off chain.

CopyTrack ICO and blockchain project website:

Existing CopyTrack business website:

The Dollar Vigilante website:


48 thoughts on “Photo and Image Monetization On The Blockchain With Marcus Schmitt of CopyTrack

    1. Jeff Berwick ((I’m a retired nurse)). You do look oddly puffy. It could be an allergy or your camera filter is playing tricks. Did you get a new down comforter or pillows?

    1. He did the same with Steemit, EOS, Bitcoin Cash – calling Bitcoin sh!tcoin, then not too long after talking very differently about Bitcoin. There are YouTube channels out there with more honesty, transparency, and better morales than this one.

  1. Supporting something like copytrack is a prime example of why you are not a real anarchist copyright is something that is aganst the very concept of everyone being able to do as they wish so be it they do not harm anyone because it not only creates but also allows a unjust hiaricy in this case copytrack to extort anyone who does not have the special peice of paper that states they cant which is wrong

    1. Anarchy gives both the freedom to protect your creations and also the freedom for piracy.

      You’re saying someone *cannot* do something you don’t like, you’re not a real anarchist if you feel this way.

    2. Sitsuan well yes and no i belive that there should be a peroid for profits from such person for instance a month or two befote its free for everyone to use or inprove apon without being extorted

    3. Nathan L actualy no it is not thats ancap/liberterian anarchy in the true sence of the word means without rulers without masters without hiarcy and the whole copyright concept requires a form of hiarcy or unjust ruler to enforce such policys that send pigs to someones house to extort them and if they refuse throw the indivuall in a cage because the so called owner wants to exploit the pepole who use it to maximise profits rather than support innovation

    4. Nathan L if you think being able to say you own something wile stepping on the backs of others as well as extorting those who do the same thing as the majy before then you are the obsolite unjust hiarcy and you must be DELETED!!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE

  2. Protecting intellectual property can only be done by keeping it private.
    The whole idea of intellectual property is ridiculous. And arrogant to assume you invented *anything* without standing on the backs of many others.
    The idea of using publicly funded state force to ‘protect’ intellectual property is disgusting. You can imagine what I think of a company that wants to make the suing and application of state force so profitable that they can be filthy rich.

    1. @ stebo5562 – Maybe you should be happy and proud someone is using your so called creation to profit themselves what a gift your giving to a fellow brother or sister. But if you feel your being wronged and you can’t deal with your business yourself go ple to your Master your King your RULER. complaint and tell your Ruler that you can’t handle your own business that you need a referee. Lol

    2. Alberta Anarchy
      Nothing wrong with profiting frome someone’s creation but it’s only fair that the creators of the work get a cut. If you take someone’s gift and sell it it’s no longer a gift, it’s a partnership

    3. stebo5562 If anyone can copy your work with very little effort, then that isn’t a valuable skill to have. In any area.
      the most you can hope for is people wanting to download the media from you because you always have it first. Maybe do live shows like entertainers traditionally do for money. Media is communication/information.. how can you prevent all people in the world from communicating some particular bit of information? Do you have enough money and power to force everone in the world to only communicate things you will allow? That sure seems unreasonable to me

    4. @ stebo5562 – It might only be a partnership when there’s a contract, if promises have been made, kind of sounds like there’s no partnership. But i don’t know what do you think?

  3. I’m pretty sure Steemit let’s you upload images by drag and drop now. I don’t think they keep it in the blockchain though. I think it’s better since it let’s people voluntarily pay for the blog and it keeps the evidence that you are the original creator.

  4. It is easy to overcome a claim against you.  Since no one can prove that they actually took any image you just simply claim that it is your image.  I have successfully done this many times with Getty Images.  They send me a offer in the mail stating I used one of their copyright images without a license and I need to pay them 1500.00 or something like that.  I send a letter back to them stating that I accept their offer and willing to pay them there 1500 upon proof of claim  that the image in question is not mine and was not taken by me.  They never respond back to me.  I love it when they try there scam against me – never pay these guys.  Accept their offer and make your claim.  They will leave you alone.

  5. Wow, Jeff looks like a kardashian sister LOL. OMG, how much surgery has this guy had, or botox? WTF If you look at his earlier videos. He looks normal. Now he looks like a FREAKING TRANNY! Not a good look!

  6. I don’t see a problem with a registry of intellectual property (IP) per se, even though we do not recognize IP as a form of property. Moreover, it is ethical to pay the producer of any goods or services that you consume, regardless of whether you are legally obligated or not, and regardless of whether not doing so would have any negative consequences.

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