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Making money from sports betting isn’t as easy as people would have you believe. Profitable sports betting is something that only a select few ever achieve.

Having tried and failed with many betting services over 25 years I decided that betting wasn’t really something I wanted to be involved with. If it wasn’t the betting system that let me down it would be my patience and discipline. That alone cost me thousands and thousands over the years!

Of course I do know a few people who make a consistent income from sports betting. If you have the right mentality and discipline it doesn’t get much easier than making money placing a few bets each day.

I’m Still Involved But The way I do it now has two major plus points for me…

1. I have a trusted friend placing all my bets so I’m not involved in the emotional day to day ups and downs.
2. I use a proven reliable tipping service that provides an average of 20% – 30% return per month.

I will be sharing my journey and posting monthly updates with my profit/loss so you can monitor how I’m doing.

You can read all about the service and get the full results of my journey by clicking here Banker Bets

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