Silver Investing Manipulation: The Truth On A Timeline – Mike Maloney

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For years, Mike Maloney has talked about how precious metals markets were being manipulated and today we have the proof. Deutsche Bank recently settled a lawsuit accusing it of the rigging silver markets and as part of the settlement the bank released 350,000 pages of documents and 75 audio tapes.

These documents show there was a silver market “mafia” of big banks including Deutsche, UBS, and HSBC all working together to artificially suppress the price of silver and fleece the general public in the process.

In this video, Mike walks you through the historical silver charts and pinpoints the moments were bank traders colluded together to rig the markets. The evidence leaves little to doubt. But as you’ll learn, there’s an upside for silver investors who accumulate physical metals.

The timeline Mike referenced in this video was created by Nick Laird at If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at . It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
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63 thoughts on “Silver Investing Manipulation: The Truth On A Timeline – Mike Maloney

  1. When I try to explain silver manipulation to people I usually say “There
    are about 20 times the number of digital currency units in existence, than
    there are physical paper notes. Which means that if all the digital
    currency was to evaporate, we would have a 95% deflation, and paper
    currency would have its purchasing power increased by 2000%. The same is
    true for silver, there are perhaps 100 times more digital/paper silver than
    there is physical”.

    Is this accurate, or incorrect?

    1. It will change some day in the future. I bet on Friday before midnight when
      nobody is paying attention. Like it was during recent economical calamity
      in Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Venezuela and some others. We the people being
      informed after the facts so we could not protect ourselves.

    1. sandpiper22 well no. public don’t care. the narrative is fake news which is
      news they don’t control the narrative.

      people are stupid and ignorant. stocks are rigged and public don’t care
      because they profit on paper.

    2. It is, but only on the Internet 6 o’clock news, which is the real news not
      the fake news on the main stream media. I actually call that the comedy

    1. ERO XENTALIX These are the same banks that give all the PM companies loans
      and lines of credit. If they cause too much trouble, they lose their
      financing and can’t operate. This is also where the companies lock in their
      prices on future product sold whenever it hits a nice high like this summer.

    2. There have been several attempts prior to now, but they have all been
      dismissed right away. Now that there is solid internally documented
      evidence produced by them, it will give future C.A.L. a much better
      position to work from.

  2. Same in the currency exchanges. On level 2 if you’re short a pair, you can
    actually see someone come down and snipe you. That’s why you never trade on
    Sunday night before the US open. There’s too little volume, so there’s
    nowhere to hide….

    1. I am sure they will attempt to morph it into the next scam. Cashless
      society? Human chips and retina scans? I don’t really know. At least
      tangibles, especially if they earn rent, will still be there if you guess
      wrong. As for stable regions, there are plenty. I live in South America and
      love it. I am in a very stable, friendly place. You just have to go with
      your instincts. Anything can happen tomorrow, anywhere. Some places like
      Switzerland, if you can afford it, and New Zealand, are very stable and
      safe. Better have a nest egg, though.

  3. How is this different from me telling my friend to buy/sell silver? Is it
    because the bank traders have more money that makes it illegal? This is how
    “markets” have always worked since beginning of time. It’s nothing but
    groups of people buying and selling, shenanigans have been happening
    forever; don’t see what’s so special about this.

    1. I believe it’s different because the banks are not buying or selling
      physical silver but the “paper” derivatives related to it which are highly

    2. zdrux good question. And there’s 2 reasons. The first is legal, any
      position over 15% of the total market is not legal, and the banks well know
      this. Two or three banks each at twelve percent of the market and colluding
      together still violates the law.
      The second issue is that the banks have an unprecedented power to create
      dollars, whereas you and I do not. This gives them a huge advantage, and
      they abuse this power readily, a power that shouldn’t have been ever
      granted to them.

    3. zdrux It is different. They are trading with licenses that specifically
      prohibit this. Plus this isn’t just buying and selling. This is
      manipulating the Fix which is an important global silver business number.

    1. I closed my account with them maybe ten years ago.
      They led me to their office (Hammersmith, London) where they had all these
      anti Tony Blair newspaper cuttings on the walls behind their computers.

  4. So pretty much we know they are manipulating but keep buying?!Something
    doesn’t sound right with this strategy. Maybe we should wait when they
    can’t hammer lower anymore…

    1. I predicted in his buy silver video that precious metals would drop. When
      gold was hovering around 1300 my gut was saying too early. Looks like it
      did. To anyone out in space save money on the side the right price is
      900-1000. I hope we make it their on the huge bull rally going on in
      stocks. That outta crush pms more.

    1. I never claimed silver was overvalued, (or “undervalued for that matter).
      Who truly KNOWS the actual VALUE of silver? I am persuaded that silver
      price, like so many other things, suffers at the will of those who
      control it, and other factors. I just said that I think $17 is questionable
      all things considered. What was the low for silver this year, $13.60 or
      thereabouts? Would I rather buy silver at $13.60 or $17? It’s a no-brainer
      to me. BTW, I see silver has dropped down over a dollar in the last couple
      days. GOOD. Let it keep dropping like a ROCK.

  5. Fascinating? No, it’s sickening! Honestly, I want absolutely no part of
    this crooked system any longer. No gold or silver and definitely no stocks.
    My investments will be in God’s Kingdom from now on.

    1. Luvthy Naybur Keep a little gold and silver as INSURANCE.
      You can always use the gains in the future to help the less fortunate.
      Doesn’t god help those who help themselves.?

  6. Mr Maloney, i actually think silver will go down when the deflation hits
    and because people sell everything. So i´m saving in cash and i will buy
    when the time is right, ofcourse at your site. Keep up the great work !

  7. Funny how the tin foil hat people are proven correct time and time again ,
    maybe it has something to do with the corporate media watching people being
    brain washed time and time again .

  8. One thing I don’t get. If they are THAT scared of silver why don’t they
    just immediately go out and buy ALL the silver? They have all the fake cash
    they need.

    1. David Harford
      Perhaps if they did mass purchases the price would increase rapidly? Would
      the magicians tricks be revealed? The public might awaken a bit …often
      very dangerous and less profitable.

    2. +Norm Kid
      Good point, but this time it will be the banks owning everything not and
      individual, the government and banks are in bed with each other.

      The government won’t stop a banking system that they just bailed out with
      trillions of dollars.

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