State of the Disunion: The Truth About The Planned Implosion of the American Empire

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Topics include: where the empire stands today, systemic collapse, fear and submission, security vs freedom, staggering government debt, the cult of statism, indoctrination and brain washing, the mask is falling off government, police state and control, tyranny, v the new free financial system, wars need propaganda, money is the source of power, decentralization, Bitcoin, the century of total war, the possibility of peace and prosperity.

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27 thoughts on “State of the Disunion: The Truth About The Planned Implosion of the American Empire

  1. Look at the Island of Eigg off the coast of Scotland. They have zero government, and guess what? They have NO crime!! Proof of what you are saying. I think you should be touting “Assassination Politics”. It’s the ONLY solution I have ever heard. Cryptos are not the solution because the Jew bankers can buy all the coins with unlimited money.

  2. It’s getting crazier, you say. I agree, but I just want to point out that it’s not because we see the crazy, we speak about the crazy and call it out, that we are the crazy. We are pointing it out and want none of it. Speak it. – Peace, love and anarchy for all.

  3. I can tell, that Jeff is struggling a bit with the position he´s in. Its like that because of the “spiritual road” he has chosen… I believe he will soon understand(or already does) the deeper mechanics of Everything and take a different road, the one that makes his own being feel better. It takes a big piece from you energetically , when you are trying to wake up people, from who some don´t want to be woken up…and at the same time you are waking up yourself.
    Its not an easy road…I would even say it is violent…hence the struggling part…
    If anyone reading this, thinks wtf is he babbling about, then know that I had to write it down, just to understand my own development!
    I might be way off with Jeff…but…change yourself and you´ll change the world!!!

  4. Could the White Papers have been written by Artificial Intelligence?  …….to get the world familiar with crypto / blockchain technology?   Definitely scary times in unchartered territory?

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