Steem Cryptocurrency Giveaway and Q&A on Steem & Live Stream

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Learn how to use the decentralized social media network, and how to buy, sell, trade and use Steem Dollars and Steem Power. And, we'll be giving away free Steem throughout the broadcast so make sure you have an account at to qualify. If you don't and don't know how we'll walk through the process during the broadcast.

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27 thoughts on “Steem Cryptocurrency Giveaway and Q&A on Steem & Live Stream

  1. I missed this but do you recommend purchasing Steem or should I just stick with Bitcoin? Also, how much Bitcoin do you suggest? I’ve been promoting it with family and friends and they were curious on how much they should acquire

    1. Yes I have the same problem. Jeff… your screen view is very blurred and tiny, have you tried using a webinar setup? The screenshare function just makes it impossible to read your screen.

  2. Aaaah! I always miss these. The location is so beautiful, but why is the camera bouncing around all the time? It needs tripod, not a stand, lol. You’re making me seasick.

    1. Jeff can you direct me to how i get signed up in Steemit please? I have signed up 3 times, confirmed my emails but when I try & login it says user does not exist….many thanks

    2. Jeff Berwick was for almost 2 years shouting about his Shimitahs and now those have passed without his predicted armageddon he is using the audience he gained in that period to get steemit credits which are not in fact convertible into anything unless you have a mug on the other side. And in actual fact Jeff I own and live on y own finca in Spain that – a finca is a farm in case you din’t know – so up yours and stop spamming me with your shitty news letters!

    1. I’ve made over $2000 equivalent in USD 🙂
      I can see how some will hate it though, it’s not easy to use and it’s hard to earn money even when you make quality posts sometimes. Consistency and good content and community engagement is essential.

  3. Jeff, thank you for all that you do to help shed light on the dawning days of a new global financial paradigm. For you and more so for those who may be reading: on a very basic level, I really wouldn’t “trust” your offerings except for the fact that they are profitable for you. This may sound rather shallow to some, but true philanthropy can only be achieved by a profitable enterprise in a truly free market, be it via composting toilets in Cambodia or water generators in the arid expanses of Africa and Indo-China. I wish to thank you for expounding upon concepts and technologies rarely covered by ……………………………………………………………………….For the rest, visit this post at or my page at

  4. Someone asked if that was a real background behind you: If they watch the road to the left of you (your right side), they can see vehicles moving on the road.

  5. Very well done Jeff! Steemit is an amazing platform everyone. If you have content you want to share with the world I recommend you join us on this journey today.

  6. Hey what do you think about PIVX? It is in its lowest right now. I invested small amount of 1 BTC for a test, mb lets unite? Because it should skyrocket soon and with more people we will be able to get more profits. Since PIVX is better than DASH in technical way, but has slower growth speed just need more people heh)

  7. is there a way to make a website on blockchain so that no-one would shut it down? What is the perspective of sitebuilding on blockchain?

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