Steem Explodes Higher… It’s Time Everyone Looks at Steemit Again

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33 thoughts on “Steem Explodes Higher… It’s Time Everyone Looks at Steemit Again

  1. Ripple is the bankers choice for crypto for international transactions . The crypto community has figured it out. It has gone parabolic. It blew right by ether like it was standing still. Word of advice alt coins are due for a correction be cautious out there.

  2. I use steam….. I make tea with it, and play Games on it….. Dam Bankers…. Sigh I Remember when I lost big on my stock of 56k modems from U.S robotics… Dam high speed Web lolz.

    1. Zcash, I made a quick video on my channel, it has gone up as expected, it has gone a bit down, but Im still in the green so Im sticking it out because based on my analysis Im betting it will go up

  3. Dollars, as in US dollars or what? It means absolutely nothing to say that you made 20,000 dollars on Steemit without clarifying. I want to know what real world value you can purchase with Steemit. It has to be quantifiable for me to invest my time into something.

  4. Joined 😉

    Anything that threatens Facebook’s centralized corporate monopoly is good news – I have never really liked Facebook from the start – it has always been highly manipulative and controlling of the user.

  5. Steemit is a nice social media alternative to something like Facebook, but the coin itself is a terrible investment, even for speculators. So use the platform, but don’t buy any steem.

  6. Dude, it’s an altcoin bubble. A pretty obvious one, at that. Even DogeCoin and Ripple are going up like crazy, in Bitcoin terms.
    I mean, yeah, I get it, Steem may have some legitimate use cases that Bitcoin doesn’t… But you just don’t buy things at the top of a bubble.

  7. I’m just not in the mood to chase these things after I’ve been in the red both shorting the market and in the metals/miners… hope you all become cryptomillionaires.

  8. Are the Jews controlling the crypto’s.
    They control the creation of fiat currency, and the stock market.
    They control cheap labor and cheap resources too.

  9. It’s a shame people who are ignorant and republican rather think of themselves than to help one another to earn as a team. There are over 60,000,000,000 viewers on YouTube who may heard and use Steemit but refuse to help upvote and follow other people’s content because they feel ignorant about it. Do me a favor, follow my Steemit page and up vote my posted content and I assure you all I will do the same for all of you, just make sure you do the same for other members then request them to do the same for you all and everybody will earn more than enough to feed a country, just hope you people listen.Follow and upvote me

  10. Won’t monetizing commentary just encourage bad behavior? People are already doing horrific things and posting deplorable images just for “likes” on FB, so how far down the depravity rabbit hole will we get with this “steemit”? This concerns me.

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