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44 thoughts on “Steem Hard Forks & Now People Are Making Even More Money On The Blockchain Based Social Network

    1. Sometimes steemers say “I love silver but it does not have value by itself.”
      I say “Industry would come to a halt without silver. I can purify water with silver. I can preserve milk with silver. I make my own collodial silver . Will cure just about any virus. Crypto is not even ink and paper. I can heat my house with paper.

  1. I’ve been trying to join steemit for a month and can’t get the darn ‘I Agree to the terms and conditions’ button to work! NOTHING HAPPENS!I’ve emailed ‘customer support’ a few times and haven’t received a response.I find it odd that people with a HUGE following already seem to be able to join almost effortlessly, while others are having trouble…If someone has a suggestion that works I’d appreciate it. Thanks

    1. I don’t have Steem, Litecoin or Bitcoin. I’d hoped joining Steemit would allow me to get into the crypto currency ‘scene’ so to speak, so I don’t see how I can join through the site you recommended as I don’t have a means to pay.

  2. So, who pays the publishers/content producers? Sounds like steemit is printing money somewhere or investors pay for it, where does the return come from for investors?

  3. Let’s take a moment in history of Jeff’s adventurous life. He said that his company crashed, not leaving him much currency in 2000. He then sank his boat, nearly costing him his life in central America. He then confessed mal investment in land in Chile, I believe, still in litigation, costing him huge money. Would you believe that governments will allow cryptos to thrive? He could be right, and someday, we will live free from central banks, but I highly doubt it, let alone they’ll leave cryptos unchecked.

    1. Its Tungsten plated gold bars, Marlo. I will buy all of the Platinum plated bars you have to sell, because Platinum is much more expensive than gold. You can sell an old BMW catalytic converter to recylclers for over $1800.00, but you must have proof that you are the owner of the vehichle, because people have been stealing them and selling them for the platinum content.   Tungsten is relatively inexpensive and is used to make electric lihtblb filaments and other electrical devices that need to withstand high temperatures. Your best investment is a rifle, a pistol and ammunition, and hooks and fishing nets and gear. If I have a AK47- I can get all the gold, silver, food, gasoline, medicine, etc that I want. If you have gold and silver- how are you going to protect it? Consider this, and stock up on firearms and ammo, while you still can. A castnet and fishing gear is also highly recommended. A magnifying glass also for starting fires, also. Works good, last a long time.

    2. DataStorm
      OK. Thx 4 correction. I’ve learned long ago to stay away from the g.o.d. of this world = gold, oil , diamonds/dollars. I also learned that neither fight nor flee is the wsytogo. “Stand” is what Scripture advise us to do. My best “protection” thus is my rights as “man on the land” work and travel anywhere in the world. Man’s rights to “life” are above the rights of ANY entity including governments! It’s God-given. I self-govern….the freedom to do that is priceless!

  4. How does he live well, with house maid, his driver in Acapulco, Mexico? I think he sells financial advise news letter, crypto currency news. Oh boy, I could be super rich quick. Tread water lightly, and take it slow on crypto currency. It could be worth alot in future.

  5. I don’t know how ever how steem will cope with the situation, when too many people will come into steem and the site will be flooded with low quality posts. As far as I see the steem network will be only working when more people are willing to pay for content as people are going to withdraw from steem. I have the feeling this balance will be broken if too many people trying to get rich will step in. Any thoughts?

  6. NWO this was mentioned in Zeitgeist “the end game is to get everyone chipped and then turn it off”..What i dont like about bitcoin is this: Will your bank take it “no” Can you buy a car with it at a dealer “no” can you buy groceries at your local supermarket “no” and i could go on and on.. Yes yes there is a list of places like domino’s pizza, subway, target but why would I want to go thru all the hassle. like, I am now just trying to log onto my account at bitcoin transfer my money all around different accounts so I can then go to target and buy some milk when i can easily reach into my pocket and buy my goods and services with my cash.
    Then people say bit coin is better then cash and cash is worthless but I say well, how the hell did i pay for my bitcoin? CASH!!!
    So I guess its a strictly speculative play and was suppose to be an underground way of hiding your money but the govt is cracking down on that along with the hackers.

  7. Steem is 99.999% of garbage articles, and only the whales and friends of whales make any money, regardless of what they write; I doubt it is an evolution in social media, because people just write tons and tons of complete garbage in hopes of getting paid; you can write the best informative articles and not make anything, and if you are in with the whales, you can write complete garbage and make a lot… not because of what you wrote though. Sad, because Jeff seems to have a lot of good info, but this is just blatant hype to try and make steem go up to make his steem more valuable. Don’t believe me, just head over to to see the “new” articles, most people getting from 0 to 5 cents for writing an article, although on the steemit main page, you’ll see people getting hundreds of dollars… most don’t make anything and it has NOTHING to do with content. Jeff’s first steemit made $15,000 and all he said was hello… sound rigged? Well it is.

    1. The Dollar Vigilante should be reporting on Ethereum, and all the ICOs happening right now, companies raising tens of millions of dollars in minutes, for new products like Status, and others.

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