“That Guy’s” Response to Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad on Anarcho-Capitalism

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41 thoughts on ““That Guy’s” Response to Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad on Anarcho-Capitalism

  1. I get what he’s saying, I too hate having to be put into a box and labeled, the trouble with labels is there not clearly labelled and everyone has a different comprehension of their meaning.

    1. deltaskyhawk Robert may be under stress for different reasons. I think it’s odd that he was so publicly against the federal reserve and now his friend and cowriter of his books is now the President of the United States. Robert may be under an extremely stressful situation due to that and Jeff’s question may have triggered it. No amount of money you make can protect you from the deep state.

  2. take a breath bro….do you believe you were a bit unfsir, maybe blindsiding him ? of course we are all on same page. #ptsd – rough to blanket opinions

  3. the Left has ruined the title “Anarchist”. Many people hear the word Anarchy/Anarchist and think of the trash burning rioting communist AntiFa they see on the news. Most people are uninformed.

    1. Gunny Smith I played a basketball game in Venice Beach and it had no referees. Things got out of hand quickly and people argued and fought over every little thing. It was anarchy and the toughest guys called the shots. It was unfair.
      I think our forefathers set this country up correctly with the constitution but the bankers in 1913 took it over with the Fed. Edison and Ford warned about allowing these banks to lend our country money with interest and now it’s to the point of no return. Ironic that the city Ford build Detroit is now bankrupt to the money lenders he warned about. Scary times ahead.

    2. Never forget who gave the Fed their power, the federal government. All the oppressive monopolies of the world come about with government favors and protection. Without government, a monopoly could only exist if it bent over backwards to please the consumer, because at the end of the day in a true capitalist society, it is the consumer that gives the business it’s power.

    3. Gunny Smith when the economy collapses like it did in Germany and the people loose everything through hyperinflation. People will want blood once again like the Nazis did. Anyone and everyone, friends and family associated with the Federal Reserve and the Goldman Sachs type banks will be crucified. It’s the greed of certain men that destroyed this country not the government. The Fed is a private corporation with private shareholders. “no government agency can overrule the actions that we take.” -Alan Greenspan

    4. Gunny Smith the Bible is a blasphemous book written by the evil rulers, scribes and Pharisees and corrupt kings like King James. Shatan is “The LORD”, Jehovah means destroyer in Hebrew, that’s why all the genocide, racism, murder, human and child sacrifice, slavery, polygamy etc etc

  4. Your video is good but you miss the point that Robert is a good capitalist but try also to help people whit the game of money I dont think he likes people being taxe so thats why he try helping them pay less of it. I dont think you should put people like him against you because we all fight the same war in different ways. Keep the good work!

    1. Sébastien Lapointe
      Robert Kiyosaki is false. Listen to the interview he does with WAM. He never answers a question straight and leaves you in a kind of confused state. He also hammers down how stupid people are that pay taxes and regards real estate as an asset… listen it – you will get disappointed of him.

  5. Anybody who served in the military needs to talk with a therapist regarding their experiences especially if you took the lives of other humans. I’m a veteran who never had to pull the trigger. Very fortunate!! I should have stayed as far as possible from the military.

    1. Insoo Kim ARE YOU FUCKING OUT OF YOUR MIND??? Please educate yourself.
      WW2 was a good cop bad cop routine to trick low IQ people like you. Please learn more and try to be critical of bullshit propaganda. Please look up these words and concepts.

  6. Jeff I can understand Roberts frustration – your way of asking the question in your video was agressive & done in a way where you practically wanted to force him to say “yes yes I’m an anarchists”. And by proposing him a therapy just because he has a different belief system then you, makes YOU ACT LIKE A GOVERNMENT. It’s like saying “I know better, you should go and have a therapy so that you beliefs & word view would finally be like mine”. It is great that you have such an idealistic vision of the world without government but there are many people who see in this vision one small problem…

    People have always exploited other people whether in business or private life. That is why many people see that without a form of control or an institution (call it the government, the system – as you wish) which guarantees the law enforcement and will care for the security of the people a society as such simply would not be able to function.

    You even said in one of your videos – there should only be one rule do not steal (or by the way means do not kill) … super I agree 100% … only question though… who will guarantee that it will be so? If you believe that people will magically start to be nice and obey these two rules just because there is no government in the world…. that’s rocking in the clouds, my dear friend.

    Believing that the current system is wrong & believing that there should be no system (government) are 2 fundamentally different things. That’s why (in my opinion) Robert did not want you to put labels on him, labels that he personally does not believe in. And I can fully understand his point of view & his reaction.

    1. Yes & no. I agree with you on a small scale (neighborhood / small community) OK… but the “take care of itself” part does rase some questions when you think a bit bigger then small community.

      Example – Imagine I have a home and there is no Police (Government). Logically I will contact some company that can provide protection. Now this company can run a legit business for 3-5-7 years but what if one day they decide… look we have so meany rich clients instead of protecting them why not just rob them and get the hell off to another continent? I mean , it actually can happen if you have no one “controlling the market”. Now if this happens how can l track them? Who will help me? This is where the bad government & International police come in handy. As well as the silly business licenses, etc.

      You see, I do not quite believe in the good intentions of all people. Some of them – yes but not all. A question that will come up in the end is: when there is no government, do we have any company / institution / unit, anything that is big enough to fight big organized crime groups?

      The open market operates on a profit and loss basis. If something is not profitable enough it’s not worth doing … so in other words – if I do not earn money on something I will not do the job. So no one will be pursuing a guy who robbed me if he did not earn something on it … but here’s another question. What if the one who was supposed to look for the robber could get bribe by him?

      This is where “the government” comes in. It does not work like a company – it’s more like a non-profit organization. The government does not have to “make money”. The government is supposed to dispose of money raised from the community to raise the standard of living of the community.

      Now I agree with you that current governments do not perform the best of this task. However, their absence is not ideal either.

    2. +Krzysztof
      That situation you describe, deciding it’s more profitable to rob your clients than protect them, you think having a government is proof against that? I’m pretty sure that every now and then there’s been a leader or high-up official that’s decided to do a runner with a fair chunk of the national treasury.

  7. This is why the anarchist and libertarian communities are so small. Instead of trying to find common ground with potential allies, they attack each other.

  8. Jeff. Sounds like you are unnecessarily berating Kiyosaki. He makes money and pays little or no taxes. The system has made him rich and free. But you keep insisting that he is a slave (like every other citizen of the world, according to you).

  9. I am sorry, but you are selling as well. I have not seen anyone give anything for free. what different does it make? you are using you way of getting money from people and he is doing his way. you both are getting rich by use of your knowledge that you have to make lots of money for yourselves. But, I will add this that at the end, the “Intention” the motive behind what you do is important. what was your intention of approaching him?

  10. Jeff – this is a mistake. Robert already agrees with you (as you just demonstrated) 99.9%. He just doesn’t accept the label….yet. So what? Is a label really that important? Embrace that which you agree on. He is in your team. Why create an enemy? More infighting does not get one closer to the goal. BTW -yes your right. Sometimes being right costs you losing though.

  11. It’s probably just the word itself. Being stuck with a label of “anarchist” would destroy his career. The average person would be turned off as would the media.

  12. The problem with the ancap label is that it has been contaminated by degenerate scammers like Berwick. I prefer the Capitalist label because of how broad and vague it is. I can always go into more detail when it’s appropriate to do so.

  13. You need to put some RESPEK on Robert Kiyosaki, he has changed millions of people’s lives including mine through financial education. If you’re Anarcho – Capitalist & believe that people shouldn’t be forced to do things, then stop trying to force him to accept something that he already said he isn’t.

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