The Bitcoin Group #127 – Gavin vs. The Core, No Privacy, Bitcoin $2000, Litecoin Seg Wit

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Tone Vays ( )
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Gavin Andresen Slams Bitcoin Core in $12,000 Bug Loss Twitter Jibe

Bitcoin’s Privacy Gets ‘Failing Grade’ in 2016 Threat Report

Bitcoin Price $2000 Is Just Starter, Unless Compromise is Reached

Litecoin Moves to Adopt Bitcoin’s SegWit Scaling Upgrade

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16 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #127 – Gavin vs. The Core, No Privacy, Bitcoin $2000, Litecoin Seg Wit

  1. Good stream! But no matter how much you upgrade your mic and cam Tone, your
    shitty internet is going to always bottleneck it. Just kidding 🙂 im sure
    youll fix it eventually

    1. Andrew Giunta I don’t think it’s the internet, but after I get the surface
      5 when it comes out we will all know 🙂 [I just checked this AM and I’m at
      60Mbps Down and 12Mbps Up] so it’s more than enough, I will be buying the
      surface Pro 5 once it’s out with the latest processor and 16gigs of memory
      unless they have 32, hope it’s under $2.5k cause that’s my max budget on a
      machine with accessories like keyboard)

    2. +Fervent Dissent I travel a lot and now will need to do it with steaming
      equipment like cameras tripods and microphones. Unless you have a more
      compact lightweight solution for me that does not involve a Mac I’m all

  2. Steps to be anonymous with Bitcoin:
    1. Use your own hardware wallet
    2. Sync it through TOR
    3. Deposit BTC into LocalBitcoins while using TOR or VPN
    4. Find someone locally to exchange with when you want cash

    Bitcoin is getting a bad rap with anonymity because kids keep linking their
    identities to their wallets like on Coinbase.

  3. This issue of Bitcoin not being anonymous is a Dumb issue. Look if you want
    it to be anonymous, its not that hard to execute. People are lazy and
    complain too much , its almost like they have the expectation that the Devs
    will do all this for them and at the end have some eutopic coin that they
    can use. And even if they did have a Eutopic coin ( that solves al these
    privacy issues) the same people dont even know what they would use it for.

  4. appreciate the videos guys. hopefully we breakup of previous highs. if not,
    i’d be willing to be we’ll see triangle consolidation fractal resembling
    either 1) august-december 2012 or 2) april-october 2013

    1. Midnight Rider thank you, I had no idea how much background this new camera
      would cover, this was my first time using it. I might do these from
      different parts of my apartment now just for fun. But I’m dieting to pre
      order the new surface, I’m almost certain it’s not my internet that’s the
      problem but the hardware… also need to place the mic differently, the
      hardware is starting to make more noise.

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