The Bitcoin Group #128 – China Again, NATO, Estonia, Japan, Poland and the $25,000 Bitcoin

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Tone Vays ( )
Blake Anderson ( )
Theo Goodman ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Bitcoin Drops as Chinese Exchanges Stop Cryptocurrency Withdrawals

Blockchain developers Guardtime to design next-generation NATO Cyber Range capability

Japan Creates BitLicense 2.0 As Bitcoin Becomes a Legal Currency

Poland’s Bitcoin Exchange Bitcurex Disappears in Mt.Gox Fashion

As Bitcoin ETF Nears, Analysts Warn of Trading Frenzy

Why bitcoin will surge to $25,000

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37 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #128 – China Again, NATO, Estonia, Japan, Poland and the $25,000 Bitcoin

  1. Thanks again to everyone who participated during the live show through chat. The show would not be as good without the participation of Bitcoiners watching the show live and weighing in.

    1. Dude, are you even kidding?!? (sarcasm). Tone is so clinical in his dissections of articles to the point of it being like listening to an OCD autistic person who has a niche interest in something.

      Any sane individual (sans any comedy) would have a very difficult time arguing against any of Tone’s views on anything business related as it pertains to U.S. law & the like in general. Hence, we get comedic foil from the likes of Theo & Blake, even Thomas sometimes after a Tone pontification on a poorly written article by a so-called ‘internet journalist’.

    2. Tone, unfortunately your arguments against the ETF are exactly why the govt would want the ETF. The SEC is certainly going to be supportive of anything that further centralizes bitcoin and gives them more control. In fact, ironically I think you just inadvertently called for a Yes on the ETF in March. BUY SIGNAL!!!

  2. They couldn’t have insider traded based on regulators coming in, if there WERE NO REGULATORS Tone!!! Did you ever think that maybe the Chinese Government themselves owns Bitcoin, and pumps and dumps it based on their own decisions to inspect exchanges?

    1. You realize half of the so-called “Companies” in China are State Owned or Partly State Owned? Not conspiracy when the govt owns the businesses, the government acts like businesses… But without having to adhere to it’s own rules, and in fact, can place rules that benefit itself, like short BTC and put lock the exchanges — cha-ching…..

      I mean technically, even if they didn’t own a company, that’s still what they did to give their Product, the CNY, a pump. It’s called Market Manipulation, and the Govt of China is the one doing it.

  3. Not sure I agree about the panic scenario if Satoshi’s coins move. There’ll be volatility but it wouldn’t crash the market and things would recover. It’s not like he would dump them for dollars.

    1. It’s not an argument that I support or bring up aside from when others reference it or similar situations. That is to say that it is not a killer criticism or a deep source of FUD.

  4. I learned Macroeconomics from Marcia Stigum at Uni in 1972. and see a general upward trend in the future for Bitcoin.
    When I saw the bitcoin at $910.00 I jumped at the chance to buy it, but I am investing in the long term.

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