The Bitcoin Group #135 – Bitcoin Price Recovery? – India – Japan – Democracy Panacea

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Tone Vays ( )
Jeffrey Jones ( )
Theo Goodman ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Bitcoin Price Recovery

Industry Petition Urges Indian Govt to Announce Bitcoin is Legal

Japan's Bitcoin Law Goes Into Effect Tomorrow

A Plan to Save Blockchain Democracy From Bitcoin’s Civil War

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29 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #135 – Bitcoin Price Recovery? – India – Japan – Democracy Panacea

    1. I met you in Miami during one of the break outs. Enjoy your trading perspective. I noticed increased buying pressure from South America and Russia today as currency’s fluctuate amid political turmoil. That was the reason for the Rothschild quote .

  1. The various gov’t’s clampdowns have not even started yet, and could be very nasty – be ready for it.
    On the other hand, they may well get preoccupied with bigger crises than the freedom and wealth created by Bitcoin.
    (Besides, many high-ranked pols are most likely in Bitcoin already – a blockchain for rich connected tax-avoiders.)

  2. It sounded like the one guy is in support of centralized government and voting because it is faster. Faster by no means, is better. I would rather have it done slower on a public but more secure ledger via the block chain. No more need to recount, no more need to worry about lies etc etc. I think block chain can improve a lot of aspects of our lives,…. or am I missing something? I hope to see one day block chain giving more power to the people and giving them more chances to vote on laws and such, other then just voting for leaders who continue to act on self interest.

    Why does everything HAVE to be done quickly? Why does block chain have to be limited towards private/personal transactions? Not to mention the huge security flaw behind centralization. I MUST have misunderstood him.

    1. The United States is a Constitutional Republic for a reason. The Founders didn’t want pure Democracy because they knew it’s just another form of Tyranny.
      I’m happy with the system we have now. It’s worked for 200+ years. Newer doesn’t mean better either.

  3. I like tone, but to continue to bash Roger, saying Roger doesn’t know bitcoin, when tone himself couldn’t even debate with Roger because of tone’s lack of knowledge of bitcoin. It’s pretty hypocritical and arrogant.

  4. Guys been watching you for a while but I feel like this show is turning into a bashing show instead of news. The message has strayed and it’s turning people off.

  5. You can tell Tone Vays is from New York. New Yorker’s typically have that “nanny state” mind. Sorry Tone, but I’m not the government’s child or property so I don’t need them “protecting” me from my own choices. If I make a mistake it’s mine to make and not for them to protect me from making a choice.

  6. It is a very, very, very good thing that Bitcoin is based upon consensus and not 51% democracy. Bitcoin is adaptive and evolves but only when it is sound to do so. I don’t know about anyone else but this is for me a source of enormous confidence. The trouble is to find people open mined enough to get Bitcoin but conservative enough to realise its not a game.

  7. I listen to many of your shows and value your opinions. Can you elaborate on the on a Coindesk story “Bitcoin’s New Controversy: The AsicBoost Allegations Explained” and how many other altcoins are doing the same.

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