The Bitcoin Group #137 – Public Service Announcement – Wright Sale – Japan & Russia – NK Hackers

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Tone Vays ( )
Blake Anderson ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )

—————————- – Public Service Announcement

From AsicBoost to UASF: Greg Maxwell on Bitcoin's Path Forward

Company behind bitcoin 'creator' sold to private investors

Bitcoin value rises over $1 billion as Japan, Russia move to legitimize cryptocurrency

North Korean hackers stole $88,000 in bitcoin over the last 2 years

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34 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #137 – Public Service Announcement – Wright Sale – Japan & Russia – NK Hackers

  1. Public service announcement ??? first of all bitcoin is supposed to be decentralized – who da hell voted for Ver to be the representative for bitcoin? and when were the elections, cuz I did not get a ballot!

  2. Tone has been wrong about BU since it started. He confidently predicted its share of block mining would collapse to zero months ago. I avoid listening to bankers who promise to go back to banking if segwit does not activate. No fucking principles.

    1. Stewart Mcleod completely agree, it will be very hard going back to honest work for a change. and actually be accountable for promises and work completed. can’t just blame it on a hacker and run away with half or all the money.

  3. The old argument that no easy consensus is good because it evinces the virtue of decentralization – is dead. Jimmy Song’s assertion that it’s only about TWO power blocks battling for control is right. Decentralized? Consensus? Really? I’m back to “let the damn thing split” so we can all decide for ourselves.
    It will hurt for sure, and adoption rates will tank, but hey – more decentralization, more user choice and control.

  4. Wright wants to have “a billion people transacting on chain”? Wow! Only Satoshi can do that! He did the impossible once. Go Satoshi, do it again! 🙂

  5. Good collaboration – Thomas and Blake – 2 good characters…
    Btw, I have an airbnb that is Bitcoin-payment-ready – 2 years plus and still waiting…
    I’ll let you know when the first Bitcoin user shows…

  6. the way you guys sign off is strikingly similar to the way the folks at TYT signs off (i.e. “bye, bye…”). does the world crypto network have some kind of relationship with TYT?

    1. Communism hides under the guise of Liberalism now. They are mainly Mao worshipers.

      P.S. The way they end the show is from the Mclaughlin Group, it has nothing to do with the young turds.

    1. Born too late to explore the world… feels bad man
      Born to early to explore the universe… feels bad man
      Born just in time to invest in the meme economy of the rare pepe blockchain

    1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH, Now it is simple. Miners find any advantage they can. If enough people dont like the advantage that they have regardless of how much POW they provide then they can decide to say FU, and this will always be the case. In fact FU is not cheap, it is only worth it when the advantage that a miner has is so large it is enough of a threat to danger the network vs. their POW power, and even if the network said FU in a lot of cases they would still come back to the FU chain.

  7. How is it Gavin Andresen was so sure Craig Wright was or is Satoshi Nakamoto and you guys are so sure he isn’t? After all Gavin actually worked with Satoshi by computer link.

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