The Bitcoin Group #140 – Price Breakout – Litecoinbase – Bitcoin Dominance – What about Scaling?

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Cryptocurrency Prices Explode! Bitcoin at $1600, Ethereum at $100

Bitcoin’s surge past $1500 & its welcome in Japan suggest this is not a blip

Bitcoin marches towards all-time high as SEC gives potential second shot to Winklevoss ETF

Coinbase adds support for Litecoin

What is the Bitcoin Dominance Index?

Bitcoin Percentage of Total Market Capitalization

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26 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #140 – Price Breakout – Litecoinbase – Bitcoin Dominance – What about Scaling?

    1. And what of this movement where service providers which seems to broach itegratigrating services like Crypto backed debit cards? it’s as if they’re​ taking a step backwards. Aren’t​ we suppose to be our on bank? it seems to me that sort of play puts us back in the financial regulators jurisdiction AGAIN.

  1. Litecoin is a great hedge against Bitcoin uncertain times, and for this reason it will always exist. Also, with the lightning network we will be able to use Litecoin wherever Bitcoin is accepted, making it in demand. More exchanges will begin to provide Litecoin and all these reasons will drive the price up to at least the $50 range within this year.

  2. The rocking chair drunk (Ian) can go screw himself. Max Keiser may be a goofball but you added nothing to the conversation with your F bomb. I didn’t have much respect for you before I have negative respect for you now.

  3. To all the autists reading comments in here, disregard any comments made by YT accts labelled Jimmy Song, Vinny Lingham or Roger Ver as they are all spam/TROLLS! 🙂

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