The Bitcoin Group #141 – Segwit Activated – Above Market Value – Down Under – Mt. Gox Comeback?

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Blake Anderson ( )
Jimmy Song ( )
Tone Vays ( )
Jeffrey Jones ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Litecoin Successfully Activates SegWit

Bitcoin Price Surges Past $2,070 in South Korea, Arbitrage Opportunity?

Investor Frenzy: GBTC Sees Trades At 80 Percent Above Bitcoin Spot Price

From 2017, Bitcoin And Other Digital Currency Will No Longer Be Taxed Twice In Australia

MtGox Phoenix Rises – Exchange May Become Solvent if Bitcoin Price Keeps Rising

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26 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #141 – Segwit Activated – Above Market Value – Down Under – Mt. Gox Comeback?

  1. sent my first 100 LTC yesterday and it went thru almost immediately with a tiny fee. last time i sent BTC it took ages and the fee was a joke. if bitcoin doesn’t scale, the bubble will burst.

  2. There’s nothing worse than computer programmers using computer programming language to explain important topics to people who aren’t computer programmers.

    1. L.A. If you understand the computer programming language required, then you are not speaking from the perspective of the people who suffer frustration from listening to computer programmers explain critical issues without moderating their language.

  3. Having no fee on a non-congested network is never going to be amazing. Lightning working is great, but we need scale and time for anything to be really wow

  4. Spot on Blake Anderson. Jordan Peterson is not only a first class intellectual but a moral hero standing up for free speech and one of the rare intellectuals you can actually help you be a better person.

  5. thats how the banks will get rid of bitcoin .. they will make it look like its the criminal gate way by themself paying people to cause trouble such as this one so that the people ask for the bitcoin to be disable ..

  6. I don’t understand why you don’t mention anything about the crazy Ripple-bank-crypto market cap and price increase of the last 4 days.
    I’m not sure how can a huge market cap manipulation from the owners of Ripple can go unnoticed to the crypto news. This is damaging the trust of many people when it gets so easy to manipulate the world crypto charts.

  7. Unfortunately there are some huge issues with Jordan Peterson’s views even though on the surface he’s making some good points. Listen to him debate Sam Harris on Waking Up.

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