The Bitcoin Group #142 – Bitcoin $1900 – Alza – Congress vs. IRS – Dogecoin Tipbot

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Blake Anderson ( )
Chris Ellis ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )

Bitcoin hits $1,900 to reach record high with market cap up $4 billion this week alone

European Retail Giant Alza Accepts Bitcoin For Payments, Could Add Altcoins

Congress Seeks Answers From IRS About Its Bitcoin Tax Investigation

Reddit Users Lose Real Money After Meme Currency Bot Dies

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50 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #142 – Bitcoin $1900 – Alza – Congress vs. IRS – Dogecoin Tipbot

  1. Thanks so much to everyone who watched the show live and participated in chat. Nothing is more powerful than using your speech to articulate your truth. Keep it up even when chat ends! I’ll be watching Jordan Peterson clips if anyone needs me.

    1. I stayed awake last night when i came across “Introduction to the Idea of God” that he just released.
      Amazing stuff, he is a great teacher!

    1. It’s my living room. I used to do it from a my office but I moved my office into my living room to be closer to my son while I work. Cheers!

  2. This might be a stupid question. Everyone is kind of basing their predictions with similar methods to existing things in the stock market. But the whole Bitcoin space is still really new, so doesn’t that mean there’s still heaps of investment on the way? Whereas with existing markets, that influx isn’t to be expected as much. Am I making sense?

    1. Thanks, yeah that’s good advice. I’m fairly new to this, but I really like strategic stuff. So I’m looking forward to learning more. I like the fact that you’re a Jordan Peterson fan too. He’s great.

    2. making accurate predictions about the price of any asset is very difficult. the only prediction i’m comfortable making is that the BTC price will rise over the long term.

    1. That’s correct thanks for your input. I also meant to use the word “structuring” when I was speaking about banking activity which is broken up by dollar amount to avoid triggering certain government reporting thresholds.

    2. It’s easier for me to listen and think while watching than it would be if I was on the fly during an interview for many viewers. So, I totally understand. You presented some great info. Thanks.

    1. that would cause me to hire fewer prostitutes, thereby reducing aggregate demand. i’m starting to think you’re a phony. the real krugman would never say that.

    2. for the record the columns of his I was a fan of were mainly anti-gwb diatribes…. He’s made some strange internet fax machine based statements as well….

  3. Love the Chris Ellis input. I have listened to this bloke from back in the feathercoin days, his appearance on RT TV, and his video following the ETH / ETC fork. He understands this industry better than most, A man with honor, integrity and intellect. A true English Gentleman. Thank you Bitcoin Group.

    1. I see that you are asking Tone but I do think that it is possible that for a period of time alts are used for smaller good/services exchange and Bitcoin gets used for money transfer and settlement etc.

  4. At 21:00 Chris says “Ripple went up massively because there were literally Ripple millionaires. People that own millions and millions of these things because they were less than a penny.” That isn’t why the price of Ripple has increased. The price of Ripple has increased because the coin, and the technology behind it, has real utility. A search of the news outlines the mass adoption of Ripple by nearly every bank in Japan. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), National Bank of Dubai (largest bank in the Middle East), and the Bank of England. JP Morgan (largest bank in the US) just held a joint conference with Ripple last week. This is what is driving the price up. The value of this company isn’t greater than $10 billion for no reason. This technology saves banks a great deal of money per transaction and is being adopted on a mass scale. It’s cost efficient. It can be applied to practical, real world business where trillions of dollars in transactions are processed daily. That is why Ripple is growing and will continue to grow. Chris seems to be focused on the fact that some people are going to make a lot of money on this — people who hold millions of these tokens and purchased them for nothing. Yes, that is how capitalism works. The early investors paid a price as well — it’s called RISK. The fact that the risk was negligible is irrelevant. Also, Chris should be made aware that you don’t have to be a lawyer — or a judge, sheriff, or paralegal for that matter — to tell someone to “cease and desist.” In fact, if you are being hounded by a collection agency one of the actions you should take is to send them a letter telling them to “CEASE AND DESIST.” Seems like such a petty thing to be discussing on this show when time is limited.

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