The Bitcoin Group #144 – Market-Based Soft Fork – ICO Madness – Drugs or Coffee – Exchanges

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Tone Vays ( )
Gabriel D Vine ( )
Jimmy Song ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Market-Based Bitcoin Soft Forks, A Way Forward

$35 Million in 30 Seconds: Token Sale for Internet Browser Brave Sells Out

Dear SEC: ICOs & ‘Tokens’ are killing innovation

Did Brave Raise $35M by Illegally Selling Unregistered Securities?

Amir Taaki: Darknet Markets Made Bitcoin Popular, Not Coffee Purchases

China's Largest Bitcoin Exchanges to Allow Withdrawals Again

Coinbase Suffers Outages Amid Bitcoin Surge

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26 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #144 – Market-Based Soft Fork – ICO Madness – Drugs or Coffee – Exchanges

  1. I just fell off my chair when Tone said he has a miner in the mail… I’m still on the floor.

    (but it makes total sense 🙂 UASF ftw – ‘Actions speak louder than words’)

    1. I’ll be turning my miners back on soon. Slushpool all the way! I usually turn them off during summer, but I think I can build a shroud by the window to exhaust most of the heat…

    2. Slushpool and a window shroud ftw 😀 ! sounds good Shmadz

      There are number of advantages for people to start mining now aren’t there:

      – Aug 1st decision
      – get themselves more Bitcoins
      – further decentralization
      – decent rewards from the Bitcoin price rising
      – plenty of time before the next halving
      – free heating 😀

      It gets more and more tempting every day.

    3. *free heating* – LOL! it’s June dude, where do you live? Antarctica??? 🙂
      One nice thing about bitcoin mining that I haven’t seen yet, but should be coming soon is that we are reaching the physical limits of “Moore’s Law”. The advances in miner efficiency will be decelerating rapidly (disregarding bitmain’s ASICboost or any kind of quantum computing)

      What that means is that mining bitcoin should become more standardized and we *should* see some mass production low cost mining solutions become available…
      At least that’s my hope.

      (*anyone that wants to hit me up to collaborate on a project to build bitcoin heaters that would replace the conventional heaters under the desks of anyone that has a window office in northern Canada just hit me up on twitter @theshmadz :))

    4. HAha north UK here – might as well be Antarctica yea 😀

      I like that theory of standardization
      that office heater / miner project sounds like a pot of gold – “Kill two birds with one stone” 😉

  2. I’m trying to stay positive, but I have a feeling that there could end up being two Bitcoins after 8/1. Would we ever recover? Can’t we just push segwit for The Fourth of July! Wouldn’t that be symbolic.

    1. Totally agree, Roy.

      When will it become clear enough?… the consumer’s proper role is to bear risk whilst being free to mitigate against it, not relinquish risk-bearing to someone else who has promised a free lunch and threatens you with violence if you don’t concede while funding his promises through extortion of both the living and the unborn.

      To think voters have a right to protection from bearing the burden of knowing winners from losers in markets amounts to nothing more than an entitlement mentality.

      Tone thinks what we have is a free market. Well, of course if that’s what you think we have, you’re going to be anti *it* and pro the opposite (the opposite being truly free markets or as near as possible(which btw is orders of magnitude closer than the US experiment(which ended over a century ago), since we have hind-sight)).

      If you swallow whole the BS self-labeling by cronies by which they portray themselves as *private* enterprise, you have already capitulated. The next step you will take is to call for more government intervention … which is the same as calling for more regulatory capture…. which screws the consumer who’s only real chance of seeing true wealth is for markets to open up and remain open. More regulatory capture means less open markets … so, in other words, little to no competition for those making a killing selling increasingly overpriced and under-developed goods and services.

      Kudos to Gabriel, well said.

  3. Seams like Tone Vays doesn’t understand much the principles of freedom that made BItcoin in the first place. Gabriel’s argument about government regulation is pretty clear to me.

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