The Bitcoin Group #149 – “Satoshi” Speaks – Alphabay Down – $50M Fund – $55,000 Bitcoin

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Tone Vays ( )
Kyle Torpey ( )
Blake Anderson ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Craig Wright Speech Full (starts at 2:28:38)

Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-04) – Excerpts from Craig Wright’s Speech

Voorhees: Bitcoin Will Probably Be Replaced If Scaling Resolution Not Found This Summer

Alphabay is currently down

AlphaBay, Biggest Online Drug Bazaar, Goes Dark, and Questions Swirl

Former Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund

First major Wall Street strategist weighs in on bitcoin, sees it worth as much as $55,000

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48 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #149 – “Satoshi” Speaks – Alphabay Down – $50M Fund – $55,000 Bitcoin

    1. Interesting discussion on collapse and liquidity situations. How long would it take countries and big companies to decide to purchase BTC? Would the price not fall leading up to them wising up?

    2. I have come to the conclusion that to many talking about Bitcoin are fresh out the university with no business experience and should never be talking about finance also to many politically correct communists snowflakes are talking about Bitcoin, politics and business. Business people know business and business is money.(help business move Bitcoin forward) Also IMO many people under 40 are to PC to ever make a difference trying to make everyone happy…so I say Hail Craig Wright, and anyone with a 20K machine .. LOL….also Craig Wright fits the bill perfectly guys, don’t get it twisted he was not alone and he has said many times also. But IMO the person is not important so who cares…(you guys are bullying people who are actually trying to do real development) Segwit and / or other “off-chain” solutions that are owned by companies with hidden agendas and even have stupid patents is not real Bitcoin…. Craig is making a lot of sense about many things IMO, the fact that people don’t like him is missing the point… open-up more and look past the personal stuff…. Business is not evil but governance is IMO ! …. /Bitcoin maximalist (hodl to the moon)

  1. Thanks to Blake for answering my question. Seems like he has quite a technical understanding, would be great to hear him and tone discuss this further at some point.

  2. I wanted to watch you guys live but I just can’t get out of bed at 3 AM Thailand time. Even so, you guys are thumbs way up. Thanks so much for helping me learn about bitcoin.

  3. CORRECTION: I accidentally said that Charles Lee was head of support at Coinbase. I meant to say head of development. What I said in terms of the support he provided is materially affected by this correction in job title. Thanks!

  4. Incredible attack on Bitcoin happening now! Very solid technical presentations about Segwit problems disappearing from Youtube and crap like this is all that is available to see (i.e. “Segwit is great.”). Very scary times for this revolution.

    1. What content? It’s all gone. Only Craig Wright has been left up (thank god he found a way to make some noise) probably because THAT would be too obvious. And then we get videos like this (i.e “Why are we even talking about him? He’s a fraud.”)

      There will be trouble. And a crash. And lost faith. And possibly such big losses that the “authorities” convince the masses that cryptos need to be “regulated” (or outlawed) to protect us, of course. And the bankers will say, “we told you so.”

      We Need to WARN people. Must be grassroots. Flood COMMENT SECTIONS with the message = “criticism of the changes to the Network being massively censored” (i.e I was watching a great presentation (not CW)… Video was taken down before I even finished watching it.)

  5. I checked out Kyle Torpey’s reporting and was very impressed…and signed up for his weblog. This is what I’ve wanted since getting involved and investing recently…a good writer like Kyle who covers all the actors and issues on a regular basis…so I can get up to speed on who’s who and what’s happening! Thanks, Kyle.

    1. Kyle Torpey Is there a glossary of terms like the FAA had for flying. E.G. how do I look up BIP or FOMO or SPV? Bitcoin Magazine might think about having a glossary tab on their tab line.

  6. I write this after first 10 mins… a lot of talking about reputations and discrediting Craig and Roger… but talk about the ideas guys. An idea has no identity. Hope this video will get better, cause i love you sat down to discuss this.

    1. Michael Schuurmans it’s worth mentioning that the only reason people are discussing Craig Wright is because he fraudulently claimed to be satoshi. imo it’s a good idea to point out when people have shown to not act in good faith so people don’t waste their time with them.

  7. Around 1:04 Kyle mentions the RSK project which will enable smart contracts on the bitcoin blockchain. There is another smart contract project for Bitcoin being worked on by Lightning’s Tadge Dryja, a recent Coindesk article mentions. These developments are going to make Ethereum obsolete. I’m not a Bitcoin absolutist though. I primarily own Bitcoin, perhaps 90% of my cryptocurrency. I totally disagree with the notion that if Bitcoin forks then cryptocurrency has no future – that is very foolish for one of the panel to have as a view. As for Eric Voorhees, I have attended a Meetup where his CFO discussed Prism and I studied Prism a little further. I listened to more interviews of Eric regarding the future of Prism. I understand his point of view. He’s not a Bitcoin maximalist and his Prism allows you to trade Ether (in form of collateral) for perhaps a prism consisting of 100% Bitcoin if you want. Or you can add lightcoin. You can essentially bet against Ether. Eric’s concept can be extended to investing in foreign currencies, the US Dollar, gold, or shares of companies. And the CFO also said the Prism API eventually will be able to sit on the Bitcoin blockchain using RSK, so Shapeshift is very flexible and reasonable in their new project. I have a beta account with Prism for now. Not a bitcoin maximalist but I think like Kyle says, once Smart contracts gets set in on Bitcoin, it’s probably going to dominate for more than ten or twenty years.

    1. An interesting point about Prism is it may make more sense to port it to RSK eventually if bitcoin continues to have more liquidity and less volatility compared to ether.

    2. I anticipate Prism to become mainly utilized on the Bitcoin blockchain once smart contracts are all worked out. In the meantime my new approach is that I buy Bitcoin with cash so that I can shapeshift it to ETH so that I can create Prism contracts.

    3. Wow that stuff goes deep! On the surface it is about decentralizing the knowledge, so it takes power away from small groups. It will take me awhile for my mind to absorb this!

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