The Bitcoin Group #153 – BCash Launches – BTC-E Claims – Cloning Bitcoin – The Future

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Bitcoin Price Eyes $2,900, Bitcoin Cash Crashes Towards All-Time Lows

Troubled BTC-e Exchange Claims Control of Databases and Bitcoin Wallets – CoinDesk

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23 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #153 – BCash Launches – BTC-E Claims – Cloning Bitcoin – The Future

  1. 0:45 Issue 1 – Reason to hold Bitcoin Cash?
    8:55 Why can’t they hardfork Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin?
    12:12 Conspiracy theory
    17:25 Exit question – Bitcoin Cash price prediction
    18:34 Issue 2 – Will BTCe customers receive their funds?
    29:49 Exit question – Predict when BTCe will be back online
    30:32 Issue 3 – Will Bitcoin Cash forks become ICOs of the future?
    41:16 Exit question – Number of Bitcoin clones expected next 3 months?
    44:28 Issue 4 – How soon will we see the future of segwit?
    52:19 Exit question – What could speed up/slow down the path to future?
    1:01:28 Chat questions – Is Bitcoin in a bubble? Will miners switch to BCH?
    1:06:40 Why does it feel like it’s everyone against China?
    1:10:21 Will there ever be another Bitcoin Cash blok?
    1:13:09 Prediction or Story of the week?

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  2. There’s too many factions because it is a true free market. What a great problem to have. Unlike the current Hegelian Dialectic of the red and blue of choice we “offered”. Paper or plastic? This channel is like the bitcoin war gaming room, always great insight and information.

    1. william farnsworth wow good question… I would say you have no tax liability till you sell the Bitcoin for $. and then this chunk counts as you about it at 0. so if you hold this trade for one year it’s long term

    2. Bitcoin Cash is truer to the original white paper so you would think that it would be the one that would be subject to long term capital gains. We’ll find out though.

  3. ‪Please, one thing I don’t get: If all holders of 16,488,688 BTC in existence want to exchange their 16,488,688 BCH for BTC, does that double the existing BTC?‬ Where would the coins come from?

    1. People can put their BCH on exchanges to trade it for $ or BTC, but they must accept the current price. Currently the price per BCH is $248 or less than 0.1 BTC. If everyone tried to exchange their 16 million BCH for BTC or $ the price of BCH would approach zero very quickly.

  4. A lot of interesting implications arise with this Bitcoin Split: Tax implications and the pressure for exchanges to support new unknown coins under legal threat…

  5. One gives you an 8MB block The other gives you SegWit. Meh. Neither makes the Bitcoin blockchain scalable and functional for real global commerce. BCH is not an altcoin, it’s a war on Bitcoin, and more hard forks will destroy the value of Bitcoin over time. This is the beginning of the fracturing of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

    1. No. The fact that Bitcoin didn’t increase their blocksize sooner left it vulnerable… Bitcoin Cash (despite all the noise) is the best and simplest. It came from no where. But I hope it displaces the segwit camp and restores the hope of a truly peer to peer currency.

  6. Hmmmmmmm are the people in charge at Coinbase really that braindead ? What if the real reason Coinbase-NSA? forced the Billion + $ in Bitcoin out off cold storage was to expose otherwise hidden wallets , addresses and even private keys? I can see the smile on hackers faces as they picture this model becoming the new ICO craze. Using greed to get people to expose their otherwise “cold storage secure” Bitcoins. It’s a good time to be a hacker. Lol I predict pre fork and especially Virgin Bitcoins will become more and more valuable moving forward. What are your thoughts ?

  7. Battle of the BIP’s going forward. Chance for the renowned Core Devs to prove themselves, also chance to see if their extreme worry about large blocks was justified. Fun stuff, time will tell…

  8. . US is just stealing peoples money. how on earth they r allowed to confiscate bitcoin? do they recognise it as money? no .
    so why they can steal it for a exchange in another country? money grab. pure and simple. US is a global dictator and they r acting like criminals themselves . i dont believe bcash can replace bitcoin. as a holder i will never sell bitcoin and hold bcash. it stole the history of bitcoin and thats the only reason why the price is so high . yes it will stick around and people will trade it just like litecoin but i just dont think it will ever hold same value as bitcoin

  9. All marketing is good marketing, you push Bcash no matter what if you speak about it at all, since people see the bias anyway if they interested in the lower price, once the price is higher, the token speaks for itself.

  10. You say it wrong. Bitcoin Cash is called Bitcoin Cash. Nothing else. There is another upcoming altcoin named bcash but I dont think you are talking about that. Bcash is not released yet.

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