The Bitcoin Ranger? A Response to Mike Adams Uninformed Statements on Bitcoin

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45 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Ranger? A Response to Mike Adams Uninformed Statements on Bitcoin

    1. Doesn’t he claim that all you have to do in order to not get cancer is eat well? Statements like these are not something you just happen to “get wrong”.

      He’s a scammer just like Joseph Mercola, Mehmet Oz and Josh Axe among other people. Please learn how to identify conflicts of interest.

  1. MIKE ADAMS is usually a very, very astute commentator… so why this uniformed rhetoric concerning bit coin!? The reason may lay in the fact Mike Addams has recently been badly compromised by the PTB concerning his google listings on the search engines… They released him from their sanctions.. and he now has to do this bitcoin ‘bad talk’ as payback to them his blackmailers?

  2. ignore mike! he is suffering from vitamin over dosage… causing his brain blockage. such people are brain dead and can’t talk sense anymore. he is fooling himself.

    1. In reality there is NO magic diet …. think STRESS or lack of it …. the Chinese have a word for it CHI ie life force and I think it really is GOD given .

  3. Mike Adams is blasting at the right target but using the wrong arguments. I’ve stated here several times what the true argument is. Jeff’s attitude, however, has been like the corporate media’s – attack the argument with ridicule, contempt, misdirection and also by ignoring it. Digital currencies will provide the mechanism to establish what Jeff hates more than anything else: *100% Orwellian control over his life.* This won’t happen today or tomorrow but it’ll be soon enough for Jeff to see. I wonder what Jeff’s comments will then be? Of course, it’s also possible that Jeff is using one of the oldest tricks in traders’ bag of tricks — the ol’ Pump-and-Dump strategy. Stay tuned, we’ll know soon enough.

    1. Nah, that’s assuming everyone willfully utilizes the same digital currency by Government decree.

      You forgot a few problems: China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and even countries like India, Germany, France and Israel. These nation states aren’t going to just say “yes” to a one world gov’t let alone a one world currency.

      As a matter of fact, these nation states are embracing blockchain technology to subvert the global dominance of the U.S.

      So your theory just got demolished.

    2. Irv Irv —- The “few problems” that you say I’ve “forgotten” … I have NOT “forgotten”. Let me just say this: Who is our #1 enemy? I hope you recognize that it’s the Central Banks including the BIS. Now I’ll ask you, how many major countries do NOT have a Central Bank? The next collapse will be WORLDWIDE – pretty much everyone agrees on that. That’s when these psycho-criminal-banksters will step in with their “solution”, the one that they’ve been drooling about for decades.

    3. Which is what, the one world currency? Meh, you really think it’s going to be that easy for them to establish that? No way. Especially considering how many are awake, to varying degrees, now.

    4. Irv Irv — You’re joking, right? Yes, there are many now awake, to varying degrees. But compared to the number that are totally clueless those that are awake are considered ‘noise’. As for “easy to establish” — yeah, it’ll be easy, VERY easy. All it will take is one bad economic crisis and the sheeple will be lining-up faster than you can imagine. Generally speaking, people today are weak and dependent as never before in history. In the Great Depression we had an incredibly strong agricultural and manufacturing base plus a population that was mostly independent of handouts. Compare that to today. Case closed!

    5. No doubt many will suffer, but there are many of us who are prepared and out of dodge into the great redoubt. Before there is any noticeable trace of 100% turn key Orwellian totalitarian One World Gov’t state, there will be World War 3 with a nuclear exchange resulting that will end it faster than any of the previous wars. Then humanity will be FORCED to ask the right questions, such as, but not limited to: how did we get here, where did we go so wrong, what happened, why are we here, why did this happen, who’s responsible, what is the meaning of life, why did this happen to us, why did world war 3 occur, why did we suffer so much etc

  4. I really don’t get the Health Ranger. why is he waisting so much energy bashing Bitcoin but apparently so little energy reading about it? He clearly have a very limited understanding about Bitcoin. He always seemed like a smart guy when talking about health related stuff

  5. He’s been selling his vitamins through fear mongering for years. The deadly problems of buying other supplements, but if you buy his more expensive vitamins those problems are resolved. Sheesh …He promotes fear even in his own market. I kid you not.

  6. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on the TDV – thank you – it was great..

    The thing about freedom, is that it’s messy. When every opinion matters, you get messy freedom – but, the alternative is a Dictatorship, clean and easy.

    I’ll take the messy freedom, with Developers arguing with Miners arguing with Users, and whatever outcome they compromise on, over a Central Bank Dictate any day.

  7. Don’t listen to this hypocrite Jeff Burrick – I say hypocrite because back in 2015 Jeff was speaking on the Shemitah when he knew next to nothing about it. He was just trying to piggy-back on Cahn’s discoveries and made a video the pumped fear into the minds of his viewers just so that he could sell an “emergency pack” based on the Shemitah collapse. It was clearly outside his field of expertise.

    But nothing ended up happening, there was no collapse as he predicted in 2015. Jeff also said in a video that if nothing happens he would not make any more videos. Guess he wasn’t true to his word. lol.

    For those of you that don’t know: Jeff is a false teacher, who makes predictions based on the circumstances and when they come to pass he makes “See-I-told-you-so” videos, but when they fail he silently brushes them under the rug. What a clown.

    1. Not the way Jeff has. And by that I mean, I never made a video pumping fear in the hearts and minds of my viewers in order to sell my product only to end up being wrong about the whole thing.

      Nor have I made a video about something I have known so little about (Shemitah) and then put another person (Mike Adams) on blast for doing the same thing.

      Jeff is a hypocrite.

    2. Law Student it’s apart of his nature to have anarcho-beliefs. They can come off as fearful. But don’t other capitalists do something similar but in a different light ?

    3. Lamen Ramen aka Jeff You almost deceived me Jeff. Then I realized this Lamen Ramen guy is defending you way too much to care.. That’s a new low for you Jeff Berwick. I looked at your astroturf profile and it was recently created. Jeff or if you prefer Lamen Ramen, why didn’t you just answer with your own account?? Of course you will deny that you are Jeff.

    4. Law Student uhh…. Jeff won’t even respond to me when I try and discuss/ask about his vegan / fasting methodology he’s taken upon himself recently. But I’m flattered for the comparison 🙂

  8. Though overreacting Mike Adams has a point. Don’t forget that as a science and software technology guy he probably knows as much if not more about the underlying technology than Jeff Berwick. Bitcoin is a great idea but will not work under current human mindset.

  9. bitcoin should not be treated as a currency but another stock. how do you use bitcoin as a currency when on day it up 4% and down 10% day the next day. how do you do business with that price flucuation,

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