The Crypto & Steem Evolution – Jeff Berwick at Steemfest in Lisbon, Portugal

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Topics include: Jeff's first post on Steemit earns big money, the dizzying speed of crypto development and adoption, Steemit could change social media, Steemit needs some celebrities to feature Steemit, still yet to take off, DTube, technical hurdles, the price of Steem, a need for marketing, huge potential.

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29 thoughts on “The Crypto & Steem Evolution – Jeff Berwick at Steemfest in Lisbon, Portugal

    1. he was trying to ask questions about what was upsetting him about the platform – e.g. whales having all the vote power… but the interviewer tried to control him a bit and he doesn’t deal with that so well.. so he got triggered and his second question came out judgmentally and so ned basically got the interviewer to ignore his question and move on.

  1. I am not fond of the revokable licence of use each steem account is issued. Also, the steemInc servers are middlemen between the steemit blockchain’s input command line and it’s users. I don’t have a solution for the latter but I think it’s a problem.

  2. I respect your honest and straight to the point critique of these new decentralized applications. As individuals we’ve got to be able to give and receive constructive criticism in order to grow these ideas.

  3. So, the big question is, what will happen with this hard fork segwit2x? Since it will not be as smooth as Bitcoin Cash, will this destroy BItcoin and segwit2x will be the new BItcoin?

  4. I have really enjoyed watching the many speakers at Steemfest so far – I’ll most likely be launching an SMT for my existing social network – ureka – soon. Working as a witness and learning the system behind the scenes – with intent to improve it – is like working on a microscosmic model of the entire society. Challenging! Thanks Jeff.

  5. I’m very weary of Steam and EOS. I think they are the worst buys on the list. The problem is as Jeff says. They lack coordination. They should be pulling in YT talent. A platform that pays more than Google Adsense! Yet the site is overloaded with spam bots, horrible quantity over quality. I compare Steem to Viacom. Competition would remove them over night.

    1. yeah quantity is over quality , and my another concern in this is head and tail pattern profit for posting stuff. only celebraties get profit. Dan laminer always abandon ships while others give there whole life on one coin. making coins must be business for them.

    2. There’s nothing even close to being better than steemit right now, you should be grateful instead of negative. I don’t see any other social media platforms giving poor people in Africa middle class incomes! And whatever comes next (Steemit migrating to EOS or something better coming along) I bet Dan Larimer will play a big part in it. Dan has done nothing but add value to every project he has worked with only people who don’t know the facts think anything otherwise. Dan’s Father, Stan, is helping to run Bitshares and he is in good terms with Steemit as well. Dan is creating EOS to settle down in. He has made long term commitments to it and is quoted as saying he is going to “eat his own dog food” meaning his future projects will be built ON EOS! EOS is the most successful ICO in history and it still has months to go. Silicone Valley has been waiting for an industrial blockchain to come along that they can build on and EOS is it, over a billion dollars is already assigned to aid development of Dapps on the EOS blockchain when it launches next year June. Mark my words if you don’t invest in EOS you will be kicking yourself in a year from now. FACT.

      Viacom Inc. is an American multinational media conglomerate with interests primarily in cinema and cable television. Does that sound like steemit to you? No, I thought not… WTF vercus

    3. Whoa! Investor rule #1! Don’t get emotionally attached. If they aren’t making you money, don’t be content with that. Pull out. You support winners. Losers end up with AOL, Blockbuster in the trash heap. You can enjoy the ride while they are growing. But leave once they start stinking.

  6. Good to see you visiting my home city! 🙂 I’m actually in the US, visiting, for the first time in my life. I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying Lisbon.

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