The Future of Blockchain and Bitcoin – Jeff Berwick on Freedom’s Phoenix

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Jeff is interviewed by Ernest Hancock for Freedom's Phoenix, topics include: has Bitcoin been co-opted? techies coders vs business, Shapeshift, growing state power, who are the elite? Blockstream and incentives to make Bitcoin slow, Bilderberg 'investment' in Blockstream, circumventing existing power structures, the battle won't end until central banks are obsolete, Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core, a coming crackdown on centralized exchanges and service, rise of decentralized exchanges, A Bitcoin Cash flippening, fork fever, bigger blocks and fees, what ever happened to micro-transactions?

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31 thoughts on “The Future of Blockchain and Bitcoin – Jeff Berwick on Freedom’s Phoenix

  1. You don’t understand anything about security or why your code is going to lead to economic disaster for your investors. Or you already know that cuz your in on the scam?

  2. The anger coming from the people leaving comments tells me all I need to know. Stop trying to shame Jeff, it won’t work. The writing is on the wall, you folks just can’t see it. Blockstream and core is bilderberg group, so there you go. Segwit is a separate chain not held accountable by the blockchain. Blockchain is supposed to be trustless, now you have to trust segwit, which I for one do not!

    1. James Dean trust. segwit is not on the blockchain ledger, it is running beside the ledger, and exists as a separate chain. the blockchain is compromised. Imo any solution that involves moving transactions off the blockchain is a mistake, and can’t be trusted.

    2. Experience I Am are you sure you understand how that works? I think verification is still deterministic and secure with segwit, just an extra step to get the Sig’s.

  3. When more and more people realise that they just simply don’t stand a bloody chance playing BTC against Wall Street, we will see more and more supporters for BCH. This has nothing to do with which one is the real Bitcoin, it doesn’t fcking matter. What really matters is which coin gains the most support and brings you most profit. If you think when you are in the same boat with Wall Street and you can still make bloody profit off these guys, well, good luck with your confidence and stay as long as you want before your tiny investment gets crushed and yourself thrown out of that boat.

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