The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA – Mike Maloney

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94 thoughts on “The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA – Mike Maloney

    1. +Bear what make u think u better in anyting then usa?
      only texas and californien made more money then whole russia export inc gas
      oil together
      Or its bcz 20% russians workless made u strong?
      Ohh no its must be ur economy dnt produce anyting
      Or maybe its bcz the “strong ruble” hahah my toilet paper worth more dude
      May u also dnt belive putins panama acpunts ?
      Dnt let putin bullshit you 😉
      Stupid putin slave

  1. Maybe if Russia hadn’t abused all of their neighbours, maybe all of their
    allies wouldn’t turn on them. The eastern block didn’t join NATO to start a
    war. They joined to save themselves from war and that russian military boot
    that had been stomping on them for almost a century, in some cases more.

    I can’t think of a reason why the US would want to attack Russia, which
    supposedly is what Putin expects. I can think of several reasons why
    someone should point weapons at Russia, though. When Russians feel they can
    get away with bad things, they typically do those things.

    1. Ryan Tan russia didn t occupie crimea the crimean peninsula is a normal non
      occupied state in fact what many mainstream news seem to forget is that
      crimea gain indipendence and then asked for a referendum to enter russia
      and the yes winned so russia isn t even involving in ucraine or occupie

    2. Ken Havens everyone still yells “Checnia!” but no one ever talk about iraq
      syria iran libia all countries were the usa and his puppets have started
      revolts just to come and get seen as the good guy but then exploit the new
      founded puppets to get oil

    3. Yeah they are currently being occupied dude. You can spit that ethnic
      Russian bullshit all you want but common sense dictates your still wrong.
      Also Russia tried to legitly invade Afghanistan for their resources only
      difference for the US is WE AREN”T fighting the Afghanistan government we
      are fighting al-qaeda. Not trying to topple government. RT is cancer! If we
      wanted to get rid of their government we could with ease but as you may
      have noticed that’s not our objective. They also give us payments for being
      there oil? yes! because we are fighting the people they don’t like. The RT
      rhetoric is false just to spread bullshit that Vlad wants his people to
      hear and also dipshits like you to believe because you watch youtube videos
      and like Alex Jones and consider it fact. Once again your WRONG!

    4. Still by FAR the largest country in the world, they have more than enough
      breathing space, especially considering their relatively modest population
      given their size.

      Russians needing more ‘breathing space’ just sounds like the same ‘living
      space’ for Germans being trotted out by apologist types like you back in
      the 1930s.

  2. To be clear, a lot of the former ‘states’ of the USSR were countries long
    before the soviet union or even Russia existed. They have their own
    languages, cultures and people. Nazis were seen as liberators during the
    second world war by these places, to say they were simply a part of Russia
    is quite ignorant.

    1. +summer20105707 The United States has agreements with every country our
      military is in, if the government decides us to leave, we leave, like when
      France left NATO, our military left France, like when Iraq decided not to
      extend the combat troops for the US, we left. Vietnam is communist and
      China and the USSR invaded them first, we supported the free government
      there, life is not great in Vietnam today because of China and Russia
      invading. Look at South Korea vs North Korea, and how much better it is in
      the south.

    2. +Imperial79
      I was reading something very interesting stuff lately about Vietnam. It
      seems that in the rural countryside areas of Vietnam its still quite poor.
      That scenario occurs in other countries. “I was thinking of Canada’s native
      reserves.” But the cities are starting to look very modern. It seems as if
      they are finally starting to recover from the war period. Overall I think
      its turning into an exciting little country.

      Its far from perfect but progress is slowly being made.

    1. Ukraine wanted peace? They want mono-national-ruled country and they are
      doing everything to get such country, but it just don’t work so, and that’s
      why they are so fucked up.

    2. Keep Calm and Play Soccer In Your Pajamas STFU Russia is not trying to take
      away Ukraine. 15% of Ukraine people are Russians and they don’t want to
      join Eu so they made a war and ofcorce Russia wanted to protect its own
      people in Ukraine

  3. 0:18 bullshit, the had taken controll over belarus and ukraine long before
    ww2 and they tok the baltic in 1940
    And ussr dident colaps in 1999 they colapsed in 1991

    1. +Alondra Velazquez Is there proof of this?

      So, next time you hear an Israeli Prime Minister bleating about the
      so-called persecution of the Jews, consider this, every Prime Minister of
      Israel has been an Ashkenazi Jew. Therefore when all these Prime Ministers
      have curried favour with the West for their re-establishment of a Jewish
      homeland, they have knowingly and deliberately lied to you, as they were
      never from that region, and they well know it, because it is they who call
      themselves Ashkenazi Jews.

      (quoted from the site)

    1. p51mustang24 Agreed, but that is impossible, because U know, who run US
      Govt, not its Pres, but Jewish super bankers n super Rich’s in military
      industries and business complexes.

    1. +Michel Fradin don’t worry.. soon your rusmongololand will crash… stupid
      russ. and kaliningrad will come back to Germany… and Karelia to
      Finnland… and all another nations will do that also. And rusmongols will
      stay at white see… that is your place, rus stupid ppl. there you could
      say – heil putler 😀 Trump will destroy your stupid bandit-nation 😀

    1. 😐 It will be nuclear winter, with famine and so on, plus pan-epidemics of
      biological warfare, plus a huge amount of exposed cadavers of human and
      farming animals, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All of the rest of
      the world will perish in the clash of those two titans.

  4. Did a child draw the 1949 map? Why are the Czech Republic and Slovakia
    split? Why are Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan not in the USSR? What’s
    with the colonies in Africa? Dislike

    1. +Mconi3 it still shows russia controlling Georgia, but not Armenia and
      Azerbaijan right next to it. Also, Moscow is put much more south than it
      should be. This whole presentation, which probably cost a lot of money, is
      filled with mistakes.

  5. Some inaccuracies:

    * Albania was NOT an ally of the Soviet Union following 1961, and relations
    had been poor for several years prior.
    * His map shows Czech Republic and Slovakia as 2 different countries during
    the Cold War. They weren’t. They were one country, Czechoslovakia.
    * Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia were all part of the
    Soviet Union. Not marked as such on his map.
    * Moscow isn’t there. It’s further north.

  6. He says:
    Russia gained control over Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic region etc. after
    WW2… In fact they joined USSR themselves around 1920
    Soviet Union collapsed in 1999… It was 1991.
    This mistakes are equivalent of saying that slavery was ended in US by
    Brits in 1905..

    What a load of crap. If WW3 ever happened it would be because of fucks like
    this man. What would be the reaction of US if Russia installed nuclear
    missiles in Venezuela or Cuba?

    1. the baltic countries fought off the red army in 1920. in 1940 the soviet
      union took over again. there was full capitalism and independance in thous
      20 years. but all the rest you got correct

    2. Sergey Chapman i live in romania. our history tell us that we cant trust
      russians. now we know that if they will nuke us, they will be nuked back.
      and guess what: midget putin is a greedy scumbag who want to enjoy
      everything he stoled from coward russian people.

    1. how is it that the US has longed to be wary of Russia and Putin and even
      the Repubs put all kinds of pressure on Obama to be tougher on the Russkies
      but then come along Trump, the Russian apologist, who says Putin is US’s
      friend, all the Trumpbots think Putin is a good guy all of sudden. Traitors

    2. Matt G are you serious? He cares for his people?!? He KILLS people that
      criticize him and is accused of rigging the votes and kills the people who
      says he does. Please tell me if I’m wrong and state how he does care for
      his people

    1. +Kunde 1337​ good excuse buddy. You just have no facts to back up your
      claim and see that I will continue to destroy you in this arguement since
      technically I’m right

    2. Bence Horvath Hères thé thing America has 51 allies with countrys all
      around the world while russia has only 5. That and thé fact is or Navy ans
      airforce ils way more powerfull than yours . XD you canton even get tour
      Navy out without bieng detected

    1. Xecnalxes ye the world is so fucking stupid it make me sick. wtdf is
      “country”? Why cant every country go togehter and build a world instead?
      Everything whould be so much better!!!

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