The REAL Reason Why the Markets Could Crash

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What is the real reason why a market crash could accelerate beyond control? There are 3 charts we need to be watching…

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61 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Why the Markets Could Crash

    1. +Alessio Rastani You are the Best and your are right with the UK and EU markets situations, I also understand that you dont want to talk about political situations, but I think you should do 🙁 everybody knows that if UK could vote again, Brexit will have a big NO 🙁 …

    1. +Ron Burgundy Intersting. There are commodity based blockchains that are subject to independant auditors. Look up Tiberius. Without independant auditors and a public ledger, no one should trust the dealer.

      Also, BTC, ETH, LTC, and the like are not absolutely decentralized. We’re not there yet at least. At any given time, it only takes about 3-4 pool overseers to double spend; developers can, among other things, collectively fork the network to revert perceived theft of funds in the ledger (as ETH did); and sadly, for many cryptos it only takes about 5-10 wallets to dump and debase a coin to it’s initial price.

    2. Hello to you Mr. Sleep Is Not Necessary : isn’t all Fiat currencies about that people are willing to use it and willing to see it as having a value, about it beeing a code then it is yea, the network that till now have not been hacked, as others, like soney, Bangladesh central bank if I remember right and maybe even it was big state institutions of USA that have been hacked, for value even things like gold and silver as I consider as something people will see already in then if alll stopped wanting to buy or accept gold silver as value how would it be, and yea it is right violent force of state behind Fiat which probably even highlight even more how important it is that at least to some extent there is need for some alternative crossboarder store of value that state will. Fear that people go into if they screw up things and manipulate want to start to inflate or hyperinflate the currency Good example is Venezuela also Egypt is a very good example of to present examples where I think either outer force or government or both in case that for Theese examples like Egypt got its currency devaluation from one day to another if I remember right and it was by 50 procent or so and population then had lost half of their savings day to another for Alot of them.

    1. Some are, mistakenly thinking the UK isnt soverieign, but a lot of it is racism and ignorance of the benefits the EU has brought. We are hearing now not only how much worse off the regular person will be, but also a clear picture of how archaic and shambolic the whole British government is. They voted to hold themselves in contempt ! 😮

    2. +Ian D- Well, haven’t you been fully brainwashed. The leftist ‘elite’ would be proud. The UK most definitely is NOT sovereign (Brussels can and does dictate laws that contradict the will of the UK itself) , is certainly NOT ‘racist’ (just a dishonest leftist buzzword because the reality is, people just don’t want known islamic terrorists and violent africans made citizens so they become forever the UK’s problem, while other minorities those same violent people persecute – like white farmers and christians get rejected); and as for being ‘archaic’… I don’t know where you source your information, but I bet it’s leftist sources like the Guardian, BBC, etc. The ‘archaic’ UK government WANTS to be the EU’s lapdog: Corbin is an anti-semetic racist; Treason May has done all she can to guarantee the failure of Brexit because SHE doesn’t want it; and the majority of MPs don’t want Brexit even though their constituents DO. The Brexit they want gives Brussels/EU more control than they already have, knowing it would be voted down, to try and force a second referendum – lying, saying people didn’t know what they were voting for – because the result of the first one – didn’t suit THEM.

    3. +RealFamilyMan That source of information is an MP. 2 different MPs actually.
      So, on sovereignty, the UK decided unilaterally to leave, and until it quits, can change its mind and stay. The EU cant stop either decision. On laws, the UK wins 98% of the votes in the European parliament btw. Scotlands gov’t, on the other hand, is subject to the will of the UK parliament in 2014 needed permission from the British parliament in London, ENGLAND, to have a referendum about Scottish independence. Thats like a woman needing her husbands permission to leave him! Wtf. This parliament saw Scotland becoming a leader in renewable energy technology, production and consumption and jealously took back the power over that, to try and suppress it! Too late, Scotland is emerging as the leader in Europe for renewable energy technology.
      You say constituents want brexit but do you know what the total electorates vote was?
      Leave 37.47%
      Remain 34.73%
      Dont know 27.8%
      Even without the dont knows, thats 52% vs 48% after a campaign we know had no facts from either side. Hardly a resounding basis to say an MPs constituents want brexit. I happen to live in Scotland, where every single constituency in this country voted remain, every single one, with 62% Remain, and 38% leave. Its pretty safe for an MP in Scotland to say their constituents voted remain. Not all English MPs can. Brexit will break up Britain, Scotland will end up seperate from the UK and with ties to Europe via EFTA or full EU membership. Im ok with that. I just wish it didnt take such damage to my neighbours in England Northern Ireland and Wales.

  1. A very important video and possibly adeal breaking video taking my own investments in the crypto space into consideration. If the stocks go down, the bitcoin bear market extends…extremely important to know. Thanks alot!

  2. You can get better financial advice on bathroom walls then from MSM imho. MSM still trying to figure out what blockchain is. Great video as always Alessio.

  3. The sell offs are the result of debt realisation. The UK is not leaving the EU. Even if they do, trade with the EU will continue. It is stupid to believe a country is going to give up 44%+ of trade. No government party is that psychotic. China and Russia selling Dollars buying up gold, that is what we should be paying attention to. The 50+ trillion dollars in personal debt Americans have themselves in continues to be ignored. A debt crisis is coming. Corporate debt, government debt, China & US debt. Debt debt debt everywhere, the west is grinding to a halt with it. Eventually the cards will just collapse. Gold then rockets upward.

    1. Im with Alessio on this one. It seems pretty clear the Conservative Government has a choice. Destroy Britain with Brexit, or break their political party in two by staying a member. Also worth noticing that Scotland will likely break away from UK and remain with their neighbours in EFTA or the EU.

    2. Perhaps I should have said ‘no Western government is that psychotic’ but then Donald Thump is showing us Black Swans every other day, it’s hard to keep up. The UK government modus operandi for decades has been to react, not prepare.The events of 2007/8 showed us that, the government reacted to the fallout, they were not prepared. Money printing, for example. The UK government is well known for favouring short-term goals rather than long term planing. Just as in 08, the government today is no way prepared to leave the EU. Should the ‘normalcy bias’ apply here? Well that’s a question. But I tell you, if a political party put their own interests ahead of the population, then no one person will trust their elected peers again. That’s how democracy fails right there and how the debt crisis takes over. That’s your Black Swan, the realisation a government is too big. The world needs less government not more. Devolution will take a step further perhaps with Scotland seeking its own path, good for them, and continue trading with the EU. Northern Ireland should continue along the same path as Scotland, whatever that may be since it was England that desired the most to separate. If London accidentally separates itself from the EU, then watch the derivatives markets collapse around the world. No one seems to be talking about that.

    3. +Without Worries You totally get it. Even asking the question without informing the electorate what brexit really was shows the Conservatives will react and capitulate to the extremists in their own party. They are going to severely damage Britain, and to an extent the global economy just to try and hold a political party together.
      Im not sure what you mean about too much government? If you ask me there isnt enough. The parliament, and the central government civil service, are waaaaay too powerful, and i would argue for more and more devolution to local councils etc, even though that means more local councillors and MSPs with dmaller constituencies perhaps.

    4. +Thomas Headley or even just look at the psychopaths in charge at Westminster right now. They are, and will continue the destructive path they were on rather than admit they screwed up. Any amount of damage is ok if they dont have to admit blame in their own minds

  4. The good news is that the market never collapses when everybody is talking that it would. All the big money like Warren Buffet deploy large amounts of cash when fear is being sounded. The market usually crashes when people felt that nothing was going to happen.

    1. +MrFourkinghell but like Alessio said the recession/crash doesn’t have to start in the US, something could mess up in europe and that could be the start of the domino effect on the world stage

    2. +TheImpersinators something “could” like what?

      This is the kind of rubbish the doom and gloom industry spews out year after year.
      Plenty of things happen every year, yet the world economy powers on.

    3. +abcxyz hahaha, how many years have we been hearing ” it’s a bubble!!!!! ” TBH these commentators wouldn’t know a bubble if it hit them in the face.
      Their idea of a bubble is the price is higher than it was before.
      Plus it depends what their bias is- did you hear commentators declaring bitcoin a bubble @ 15k? 19k? No you didn’t. But the DOW is a bubble at anything over 20k? Did you hear them declaring gold a bubble @ 2k? No you didn’t, but apparently it was a bubble because it fell like a rock from there.
      They wouldn’t have a clue.

    4. +MrFourkinghell it depends, certainly I’ve heard some ppl say btc was a bubble. I don’t like the fundamentals of the economy and how the stock market came to be at this level. I’m certainly expecting a recession, the fundamentals are extremely weak. But it may linger on for a little while, personally I don’t see a positive market and economy lasting through 2020. But who knows they can weather the tide with some short-term tricks. It is what it is regardless, all I strive for is better fundamentals. For me those are about all kinds of things best summed up by relating it to the progressive agenda. It would be higher wages, less wasteful subsidies, better healthcare, less military spending, better education, legislature against a corrupt system, etc. Heck I’m not even American and I’m probably initiating a political discussion, never mind, lol.

      Let me just say, we may disagree on the fundamentals. Let’s see again in a couple of months. Cheers

  5. yeah it took time cause everybody saw that selloff coming we facing. US Companys did buying back Stocks recently. That was the only reason that US Markets didn`t crashed already. (Guess they have been forced to do so by Assett managing firms.) Now everybody sees the flattening yield Curve. Prepare for the worst. I am short since friday for the next couple of months. Big time! No long trades anymore!

  6. While everyone is blaming trump for market volatility, I am happy that Alessio can see through the situation and not just blindly point fingers. Many of the anti Trump media are trying to blame trump for everything.

  7. “Orange man bad! Stock market crash because of Trump!” Of course everything is Trump’s fault, eh? It’s raining outside – Thanks Trump!!! 😛
    Wish you & your family a very merry Christmas Alessio! Appreciate all your TA & insight.

  8. To say nothing of trump bringing up the national debt from 19 trill to nearly 22 trill in such a short time, Without the slightest attempt of balancing the books. He simply said that he wouldn’t be around when it all blew up… Seriously look it up.

    1. +Michiel Van Kets News flash, the government is made up of the people they represent. If he’s bad for the people, he’s bad in totality — and trust me he’s likely the worst in modern US history. I can’t even keep up with the Mueller investigation for all the indictments, confessions, and distractions. Every morning Trump only affirms his guilt like a 13 year old girl on twitter going after anyone and everyone to displace the negative publicity.

    2. +Michiel Van Kets If you feel that way stop electing corrupt politicians, especially the kind that sellout to the fucking Russians. Are you even American? Your profile pushes Libertarian ideology so hard, it’s impossible to know if you’re a troll or just stupid. Try taking a political science class before evangelizing on youtube of something you nothing about like it’s some pipe dream of the Koch’s utopia.

  9. Since you aren’t able to read the future I’ll tell you right now prepare for hard brexit, it’s what the true british people want and it’s what they are going to get, even if they vote again the outcome will be the same.

  10. Alessio , Did you read about time travel who write about bitcoin since 2013 , which all his production where completely happen, what you think about the price even Johne macfee admits the same number $100 000

    1. I think that is someone from the NSA. Because they much likely created btc. With the invention of SHA256. I think this is going to be the NWO-C to control us. Well not to control us exactly but to have 1 world currency.

    2. I heard that testimony from time traveler’s is unreliable. The problem is that when they start talking about the future, it changes the future. Check out the documentary series called “Back To The Future ” for more details. McAfee though is never wrong. I am all in.

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