The Stream – Do We Really Need Cash? Jeff Berwick on Al Jazeera

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37 thoughts on “The Stream – Do We Really Need Cash? Jeff Berwick on Al Jazeera

  1. The Only non-brainwashed person of the 4 on the panel was Jeff. I feel sorry for the sheep who implant the CHIP in their Hand because they think it is TRENDY………..

    1. @CryptoGang Total bullshit, it takes thousands of years for human civilization to reach current level…xD
      If I was in Africa, I’d teach children English, build networks of religious communities & I’d work for China 1st.

    2. @Amin… I don’t have much more to say to you.  Africa had thriving powerful nations with remarkable cities before European colonization.  The British, Italians, Portuguese and Belgium’s decimated Africa during the early 1900’s.  Africa was raped and pillaged.   And it continues today.  Everyone with white and yellow skin should leave Africa.  Because Africa needs to heal from the Barbarism that was levied on her.  Especially all that religious crap.  Christianity kills everywhere it goes.  Just the opposite of civilization.

    3. CryptoGangsta. If you sell out your own people there will be no one to defend you. Africa should have defended it self instead of selling out to the Arabs and Europeans.

    4. What a bunch of absolute garbage, when certain technologies become standard you need to have them…
      If you don’t know how to manufacture them, or just can’t, you have to get it from other richer ethnic groups.
      You take the staff, you produce the crops they tell you to produce, and you send children to school. Period !

  2. what is wrong with people? can’t they even let others finish their sentence? these days it seems like they just want to overthrow others with their ignorant opinion.

  3. OMG what a bunch of irritating people. That indian guy could not understand when it was not his turn. The American lady was lagging and cut everyone else off all the time. Irritating.

    1. @jay Well, don’t buy & sell staff that’s forbidden…like heroin, crack, meth, regulated drugs, stolen goods…
      Actually I’m sad that too much garbage is indeed ALLOWED (porn, prostitution, non-medical surgery…etc).
      I would like more staff to be forbidden !!! And if it means sometimes making legislative mistakes, be it so !

    2. @Amin You are a slave. Who forbade you from buying weed?Your master? a group of men. who rule over you with your consent? why dont you go take your consent back see how that goes.try not paying any tax you dont agree with. See what happens.You know what they will do, they will do what is forbidden for everyone else to do they will kidnap you and lock you away. they give you a sense of freedom. but should you try to truly act free they will take that freedom fully away. There are house negro and field negro i dont agree with everything malcolm X send but this is true even today.

    3. @jayV I’m a hardcore Monotheist, I don’t give a damn about anything anywhere in the whole damn world…
      What I’m telling you is common sense, you accept authority as long as it makes sense even if it’s imperfect.
      After society is established, prosperous & ordained, you can then start to influence ideas through politics.
      I’m for weed but if forbidding all drugs is the only start available, I take it. After a while, you ameliorate laws.

  4. I don’t want narratives. I want results. I want facts. Show us progress that helps out our species as a whole. You can never get that with one system, one method. You get that with variety. You get that with competition. So the more ideas that work, the more CHOICE the better.

  5. Loved @31:00 when Jeff drops the bomb and the 2 top panelists skin is crawling to respond. Their body language clearly showed discomfort and anxiety listening to Jeff explain corruption and inflation in government.

  6. That idiot from Sweden that cant talk English is the former police chief, he is part of the establishment. Pure propaganda, they want control of all aspects of your life, its not about convenience and freedom, its about control enslavement and taxation.

  7. The only people who need cash are those without any survival skills, or those who don’t have anything to barter with. People who make money by doing nothing will have a hard time. Justifying why someone with food, water, shelter would give it to for nothing will be a challenge for those who don’t have anything of value.

  8. It’s difficult to fathom that there are those who support biometrics based on arguments of efficiency, whilst completely disregarding the individual privacy and freedom implications. Jeff was light years ahead of the other panelists. Well done Jeff!

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