The US Surpasses $20 Trillion In Debt As Bankruptcy and Hyperinflation Loom Closer

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50 thoughts on “The US Surpasses $20 Trillion In Debt As Bankruptcy and Hyperinflation Loom Closer

    1. 20 dollars 5 years ago was actually a lot of money… now I spend close to that on a dinner for 2 at a mcdonalds. I notice my self spending close to 100 dollars a day without even trying to spend money.

  1. Steering away from crypto loss talk and letting the hair and beard grow wild while slamming other topics about how shitty government is. How much $ have you lost in the last week Jeff? You’re such a visionary…

    1. If you bought bitcoin at 4k you haven’t lost anything untill you buy something.. you could say by not buying bitcoin at 3 dollars a piece you lost a lot of money.
      But for some reason you only call it losing money when you have bitcoin and the value of bitcoin goes down compared to whatever fiat currency.
      As long as you’re not spending it the value hasn’t been determined.

    2. CNN actually is campaigning against Clinton at the moment, but hey just stay in your anarcho bubble and call everything established the evil enemy. Not defending CNN, but get your infos straight.

    3. If only the bros in these comment sections set up wallets and bought the dips instead of coming to places like this and saying “I told you so” I bet they’d be waaay less miserable irl. I can imagine there’s some sucker out there that’s literally buying all time highs and then panicking when it dips. Then they come to channels like this and find comfort in all the other suckers posting about btc goin to zero. Just start mailing me money dudes. Trust me it’s better for both of us. I won’t be so happy at other people’s misfortunes and I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror again. Help me guys.

    1. What do you mean magnus? I have the _exact_ blueprint to the sequence of financial and economic events for the near future, with timeline and all, all laid out with such clarity and precision that it is in fact an easy to use recipe to make money—multiplying your wealth “many times over.” _Therefore_ I am doing the only rational thing: using my time and energy to sell “entrance tickets” to the event in which I reveal those money-making secrets.

      Does that sound strange to you? Is anything at odds with common sense? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be so skeptic!—I’m just a poor shoemaker, and if I don’t find someone to buy my shoes, I’ll never have money to buy me some shoes, okay?!?

    1. The mafia would never murder “innocent” civilians NEVER the government on the other hand murdered 3000 civilians on 911 just goes to show that the gov is worse then the mafia

    2. +IberianRainbow Oh, haven’t you noticed, Americans don’t care about foreigners. Still, they wonder how they, a nation of bloodthirsty people, who don’t value lives not their own, came to be ruled by murderous criminals. Seems obvious enough to me though, the government is a reflection of the people it rules, especially in a free society.

    3. exactly. The Americans always refuse to take responsibility for their government action. Let’s see how proud they are about their country when it transformed into a toxic wasteland after WW3.

  2. This mister broken nose should at least tell his price, that would look a little tiny bit more credible. Of course one can forget abut any guarantees of his product, pathetic. Tell him to go and find job before it will be too late. Working is not shameful

  3. Never forget that the comptroller in charge of the Pentagon’s budget was Doc Zakheim who lost the 2.3 trillion dollars by doing poor book keeping (lost 1.55 billion dollars, per day, for five years….)

    Never forget that Dov Zakheim was also the CEO of Systems Planning Corporation in 2001 which manufactures Flight Termination Systems for commercial airliners so they can be remotely controlled by computers….

    Never forget that the day after Rumsfeld mentioned missing 2.3 trillion dollars, a plane impacted the Office of Naval Intelligence at the Pentagon where the computers were kept which stored that information….over 100 budget analysts and accountants were killed and the money trail was lost.

    1. Vito S. Rabbi Zakheim was simply siphoning off $2.3 Trillion American taxpayer dollars to give to the poor Jews in Israel while his company planes were crashing into the Trade center and Pentegon to cover it up.

  4. mmm…was wicked until Max’s “sales pitch”…mmm…am as interested as I’m not, cheers…I held on till the end in case Jeff had something else to say…Jeff never comes back – its Jeff, Max, end…mmm…

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