The Vigilante’s View on Entrepreneurship, Bitcoin and Trump – Jeff Berwick on Wealth Research

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Jeff is interviewed by The Wealth Research Group, topics include: time management and lifestyle choices, blockchain technologies and how it can change the world, a decentralized financial system, fiat money, Trump and the growth of populism, the youth of today, avoiding the USA, the evil war on drugs, taxation is theft, government is an unnecessary evil, being pro-freedom, the rise of cryptocurrencies, alt coins, Ethereum, Monero and Dash, Steem and Steemit, MaidSafe, an evolution in money and banking!

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33 thoughts on “The Vigilante’s View on Entrepreneurship, Bitcoin and Trump – Jeff Berwick on Wealth Research

    1. Juiceboxx TM that’d be ok as I’m in for the long run not just the profit… I think it’s an awesome technology (ty dev team) with both a great community and solid governance to back it up, and I see it as a viable solution to many of today’s problems with centrally controlled currencies that Jeff refers to in the video

  1. PIVX, POSW, ARK these are the next big upcoming coins .. PIVX will have a horse race with Dash and POSW will go to moon once available on major exchanges and once Ethereum goes over to proof of stake expect POSW to go interstellar lol

    1. PIVX is a hard fork of Dash, it is twice as fast, it is more secure, it has a strong community, it has good marketing and it has really good governance proposals, also it’s not a pre-mined/minted coin so no one was able to get lot of coins before its release to then later become a whale and sell em off, it has master nodes and already features parts of what Dash Evolution is going to offer .. ARK on the other hand might be the most decentralized coin there is, can’t explain in detail it’s quite complicated to understand if interested just research it. POSW has huge potential just by the idea of it, a proof of stake wallet featuring every pos-coin there is, … and ETH may go proof of stake, they all are good long term holds 🙂

    2. Ok thanks technically they are better but you have to sell you’re product and Dash was here way before those altcoins so it will be difficult to keep the pace, may the best win. I have not got into those altcoins because there are too many.

  2. You really dare to tell the truth . I wish you protect yourself well .
    Rothschild not only control central banks, they also control governments .
    For example , the youngest star presidential candidate in French history – Macron – worked for Rothschild and supported by Rothschild ( & of course , Jxxs) . So , no surprise , Macron strongly supports EURO and EU . And they’re doing everything they can to make Macron the next puppet president.

  3. Great and informative, Jeff! I would add that crypto currency market has low barriers to entry and anyone can participate. The banking system and mainstream equity investing like the U. S. stock market are heavily regulated and high barriers to entry. Also with many mainstream stocks the insiders hold much the currently issued and very little is free floating in the marketplace.

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