The War On Cash: Australia Considering Chipping Senior’s Money To Stop Them From Saving

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52 thoughts on “The War On Cash: Australia Considering Chipping Senior’s Money To Stop Them From Saving

    1. I`m 67 yrs. old & constantly being pulled over. I think you are upset that I mention same sex marriage. You outed yourself as  another Aussie Gay Bar Loiterer.

    2. not really, I’m not even from Australia and quite frankly I think it’s stupid that your politicians have been reduced to debating over same sex marriage when there are so many other pressing issues at hand.

    1. +Sloth Logik It was also a free colony, from Day 1. And free colonies were built in all the regions that eventually became states. Having a penal settlement is no excuse for oppressing free, law-abiding people.

    1. Beau Williams
      You maybe right. I have recently stumbled upon Jeff Berwick. Trying to figure out his philosophy in-depth. Some of his ideas make sense while others are just crazy talk. But I am subscribed to learn more.

    2. Ashfaq Sheikh, yes you are because you seek to undermine liberty and what should be a basic human right. ultimately it’s every man women and child having a weapon that will keep us safe once government is gone and weapons may even be instrumental in removing said tyrannical government.

    1. Paul Saw
      It’s an “apparent failure to vote” notice.
      It’s not real.
      Don’t vote.
      If you vote (no matter what) you acquiesce to the system. You give it power.

  1. In Australia, the aged pension was the right of every individual for paying taxes all their working life. Back in the 1940s, this new tax that made this possible was touted as The National Welfare Fund. The name has since been dropped, but the tax remains. In truth, most of the tax didn’t go towards pensions at all, about 80% went to the greedy bankers who financed the war machine, both for and against the Japanese. Now days, Australia, like many other western countries, don’t just want to tax the middle class to the point of abject poverty, they don’t even want them all to just die penniless, they want them to die in intergenerational debt. ie;  debt slaves by inheritance.

  2. Here in Australia they charge you for the rain water that falls in your rainwater tank and in your dam. Now they are trying to find a way for you to be taxed for anything you sell online and at garage sales.

  3. $40.00 fine if you park and leave your car unlocked. $1000.00 for my son and 7 of his friends accidently being on water corp land when they were out 4wd’ing – no signs and the kids pulled up to work out where they were before heading off again. Complete tyranical police state. Try owing and running a business. The rules, regulations, taxes, fees and fines make it stressful and almost not worth striving to get ahead.

    1. Odin roars exactly right! they want worker bees dependant on the state. they do not encourage financial independence…….we might “cheat”! I hate what this country had become. I live in the country and truly stress every time I drive to the city. speed cameras everywhere, parking fines, red light cameras. who are the criminals again ???

    2. “Try owing and running a business. The rules, regulations, taxes, fees and fines make it stressful and almost not worth striving to get ahead.” so true. every time i come up with a business idea i run into the wall of bureaucracy and I remember why I just fucking gave up every other time.

  4. I moved to au 4 years ago it is a police state. Everyone is angry and stressed because their over taxed and in debt and I haven’t met a awake person yet. The family unit does not exist on the Gold Coast anyway

    1. Carlene Burns after the war on terror, rise of the nanny state, housing bubble and materialism arose and a lot of the laid back and friendly older generations passed away, the famous easy going australian character disappeared and now the cities are just a generic western dump as you sadly have been witness too! Try Byron Bay or Melbourne for nicer, more laid back and down to earth people, we’re still here and myself and many of my friends are awake and doing our part 🙂 good luck

  5. Australia is one the most intrusive nanny states in the world. It has layer upon layer of government, stuffed full of pointless politicians and bureaucrats kicking around looking for yet another reason to introduce yet another pointless law to justify their pointless existences. It was born as a penal colony and still has the mentality of a penal colony – with the full blessing of a good many of its inhabitants btw.

  6. Jeff, Im an Aussie, spot on, so many frikken rules here , ive lived in a few countries. Australia is the worst ! Speak up and the heard tries to devour you. yup still a slave colony….

  7. Australian here. We’re the most oppressive English speaking country but in a way that people don’t notice. It’s a soft tyranny of many small rules rather then your usual monolithic tyrant state.

    The sign you talked about with the “alcohol free street” actually applies everywhere. Just three days ago some cops stopped my friends, illegally searched them and stole a full unopened bottle of Jack Daniels claiming they were “drinking in public”. If you speak out at such random abuses they’ll arrest you and then beat you in the cell which has happened to me when I called out an arbitrary search

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