This One Chart Shows Why The Donald May Be Inheriting A Sinking Ship

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32 thoughts on “This One Chart Shows Why The Donald May Be Inheriting A Sinking Ship

    1. +Chris Snyder Yes, Just look at the eyes, Trump’s looks more genuine and
      sincere, while Hillary, Obama, Bush, do not.
      Hillary has wide eyes, which I noticed 9 years ago, which is a very serious
      concern to me. Her, Obama, Bush, etc, also have moving darting eyes, which
      is also concerning.
      Trump’s looks more real, and it just doesn’t look like he is deliberately

    1. Har H yeah hes full of bs. The whole bitcoin thing is a bunch of bs fiat
      stuff and hes just trying to bank off of people that are fearing for the
      worst. A fear mongerer.

    2. Tree Houz Yeah u r right just fear mongerer. but I’m not against bitcoin
      they are good investment, but the same information scamster aka jb gives
      can be found very easily if you do a little research, I mean very little.
      he just trying to cash on his gullible followers. his shamitah bs didn’t
      he is know to scam people with his tdv immigration website, just Google
      “Jeff Berwick exposed” .

  1. Clearly Trump’s hands shows masonic sign, just another war criminal, drones
    killing children in 6 countries will continue, creating terrorist as many
    as military complex wish

    1. Selangor Maju Trump is a Jesuit, which is a Jewish, Israeli Mossad
      operation that runs everything from Masonry, Council on Foreign Relations,
      Trilateral Commission to the US Federal Reserve which isn’t even federal.
      Watch this documentary below

    2. ANARCHY LUiS Jesuits are a form of the Mystery Babylonian religion which is
      called Catholicism today. Tue Vatican runs the world through the central
      banking system and through secret societies. Zionism is one of them. The
      Jews do not run the world. Sun worship is the worship of Lucifer and at the
      base of all world religions is sun worship. The star on the Jewish flag is
      the sun. The sun disc behind the Catholic “Mary” (which is actually
      Egyptian Isis renamed) is Lucirferian symbolism. New Age, Mormonism,
      Hinduism, Islam, etc are all forms of Mystery Babylon.

  2. Trump is a puppet idk why people think he’s a real christian! Illuminati
    bankers control every big politician put it this way did Garry Johnson get
    tv or media time? No average or real people that care will never win in a
    controlled game! Trump said our (united states) priority is Israel. Israel
    is ran by the Rothschilds! Wake up only way out is Jesus Christ! you can
    stack up to millions/billions but you will die one day and you cant bring
    that money with you! God Bless

  3. Can’t the US government issue US Notes, instead of the Federal Reserve?
    That way, when the US prints money it won’t create any debt, and can be
    used to pay off the debt, in less than 8 years. It won’t add to the money
    in circulation, because the US Notes can be swapped with the Fed Notes on a
    1 to 1 basis.

  4. zio”jews” Sell Debt, Charge Interest for Slavery.
    WE Pay and Pay and LOSE.
    “Our” Gov’s Pay ”Pisrael” with Favors for their Bogus ”Money” and
    Hostile Parasitical ”Banking.”

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