To Buy Or Sell Bitcoin Cash, That Is The Question – Jeff Berwick on The Crypto Show

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Jeff is interviewed by Jonathan Mohan for The Crypto Show, topics include: the recent bitcoin fork and the emergence of bitcoin cash, a very positive result, the beauty of the free market, exchanges not returning bitcoin cash, will BTH become the bigger bitcoin, questions around the segwit technology, segwit 2x activation support and timing, will there be 3 bitcoins? is a segwit bitcoin even still bitcoin? is this an attempt to take over and destroy bitcoin? but what about Litecoin!? Anarchapulco 2018!

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55 thoughts on “To Buy Or Sell Bitcoin Cash, That Is The Question – Jeff Berwick on The Crypto Show

    1. Yeah good chance that bitcoin never goes as low as 1400 ever again. it was recently around 1600 during the huge correction… probably last chance to buy in that low. that was sonly a month ago lol

    1. Alright i really dont care just dont cry about it when it all falls apart. Not saying you cant make profit as of now but in long term i dont know. Your better of investing in a solid coin trust me or not idc

    2. exactly, so bitconnect is not worth it risk/gains wise. Those solid coins you got are worth it tho. Indeed people lose and make money everyday. Just trying to tell you bitconnect is gonna make you lose money… i understand you wont accept that as you have put your own money in it.. you will need to learn it the hard way. you said it yourself solid coins AND bitconnect lol

    3. brian schouten lol I put the ‘and’ because that is the distinction you are making. I put in as much as I can afford to lose therefore I managed my own risk. Doing that if the money is all gone one it won’t phase me.

    4. Alright i also put in as much as i can lose, which is all my money atm, but im just saying even if bcc is not a scam lots more money to be made with different coins. thats what i think. just do your research. peacee

    1. its crashed to 190 for a very specific reason…. panic. No one wanted to get stuck with the new coin… almost everyone traded it for an alternative coin or btc. It can allways go back up, it all depends on how much hash is switched. Its not dead…. yet… i wouldnt sell it “all” (since it was kinda free anywyas) If people still run it/mine it, it can eventualy get a corner of the market, miners will flock to it when they realize that the competition is very low. If anything, it is proof of the indestructibility of btc

    1. sorry to hear that, but on the flip side, hardware wallets are a great idea, but you could have run core and downloaded the entire blockchain in less time I’m sure, then you would have had actual control of your BTC rather than just palming off responsibility to coinbase or your hardware wallet…

    1. EMPEROR TRUMP, LORD OF PLANET EARTH you will be exposing your otherwise hidden keys in the process of splitting and eventually claiming your Bcash. If you make it back to your cold storage you will have still have exposed your address and how much Bitcoin is in your wallet therefore putting a target on your otherwise hidden wallet. Many conspiracy theories turn out to be conspiracy fact in the long run.

  1. 24 hours later im still waiting on BCH to confirm enough blocks just to place in selling wallet!!! all the miners abandoned BCH…. might as well start calling it Failcoin.

    1. money guy
      Difficulty is 26% of the original chain but still there is not enough HP to mine enough blocks for faster confirmations. Also it will take weeks to adjust the difficulty to a normal size, if the mining goes on like for now.

    2. +money guys I also think that Bcash is technically the better coin. It makes much more sence to increase the blocksize as editing main code with Segwit and BIP things, which is only temporarily helping and maybe harms the security and anonymity. Sooner or later you have to increase the blocksize anyway, if you want a coin which the whole world can use.
      But that´s just my rookie opinion.

    3. mc Flodder
      So, why do you need Bitcoin Cash for it? There are a lot of coins out there with more technical benefits than Bitcoin cash can offer. Nevertheless the blocksize of Bitcoin will be increased soon. Also where is the problem with segwit? And you’re talking about “BIP things”? The “BIP thing” is the development for Bitcoin or in other words: the communication for development. If you don’t like BIP, then you don’t like potential improvements for Bitcoin 😉

      Still can’t get the sense for Bitcoin Cash.

    1. Holocene
      its a manipulated market (eth), 200 is incredibly overpriced because of it, but hold, it will rise. For a product that isnt even mainstream or finished, 200 is just way overpriced, market pump n dump.

    2. +Noobish Bold Call. I doubt it. Maybe BTC $5K and BCash $1k. I could see that happening. Right now Bitcoin is daddy. It controls what happens to everything other crypto, with maybe the exception of Litecoin which is correlated but trades a bit independently.

  2. This big block cash is much more centralized than actual bitcoin is. For that reason I expect it to be more popular with people who don’t care about freedom. That should attract more corporate money. For that reason I’m going to hold onto my “bcash” I don’t expect it to ever be worth what bitcoin will be worth but I expect it to increase over the long haul, probably about as well as holding any of the other major alt coins.

    I expect great things with Segwit and the lightning network though. It’s been running well on the test net for years now since Bitmain and their cronies have forced delay after delay on this upgrade. Segwit basically tripples the block size without actually increasing beyond 1mb. And the first lightning network wallet is already on the test net. That’s the awesome thing about real bitcoin. It has a great test net so we get fewer surprises when upgrades are offered to the community.

    As for segwit 2x, that’s a joke. The big blockers have already got their big block fork. I think it’s highly unlikely that the community will support that fork. Oh sure, some people will mine segwit 2x but the community will be even less willing to support it than we are to support Bcash. Unless the core developers roll out an official 2x core node I’ll continue to run my regular 1mb core node. And if you think the selloff of Bcash was severe, you haven’t seen anything yet. By this time (4 days into the fork) on the next fork 2x coin will probably be worth less than 50 dollars. Unlike Bcash I won’t keep that coin though. I’ll be ready to split my keys and dump them the moment a market opens for them.

    1. *+money guys*
      *>I heard the development will be more open source more input from who ever wants to contribute*
      If you aren’t proficient with coding all we can do is listen to those you trust in the community. Ive clearly heard differently than you have. Only time and the free market will determine who’s right.
      Love the way Bcash if crashing though. It appears to be driving the bitcoin price up rather dramatically. That’s the cool thing about holding both sides of the fork. It’s a nice backup.

  3. 12:50 – seems like Jeff turned his connection off. He was going into territory he did not understand. I get it, and he’s a talker. Just be straight up and say you don’t know and some experts you’ve talked to (assumption here) believe there is an inherent risk to segwit. Watch his excuse when he gets back online. Jeff. You’ve been a great evangelist for bitcoin. Please don’t get you’re fomo news from twitter. Thanks for the great interview overall though, and great explanation of segwit2x and how it’ll fork again!

  4. I think as more people access their Bitcoin Cash the price will steadily drop..but once all the Sellers are exhausted it will begin to rise again due to market forces!

    1. CryptoCam Channel
      depends how much hash is sent to bcc…. if no one mines or if they barely mine…. people will stop watering the plant… and seek greener pastures. Just watch bcc hasrate, if it rises steadily, it will confirm its resurection

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