Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-11) – Will Bitcoin tear itself apart?

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Bitcoin Price down almost 4%

Will Bitcoin Tear Itself Apart?

Testnet stuck on block 27070 #65

IRS Blinks in Bitcoin Probe, Exempts Coinbase Transactions Under $20,000

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33 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-11) – Will Bitcoin tear itself apart?

  1. thomas
    WHY does your mic sound fine when you do the big show
    But these little singles have a FUCKED UP mic sounding like its being bounced on the table.

  2. Great show..excellent info..upgrade your background (green screen) and maybe call the show “Right Now in Bitcoin”. “Today” is 24 hours, a long time in crypto, just a thought, you guys are awesome. Make your show so good that you can syndicate and start charging news outlets to use your content! Peace.

    1. lol.all he does is speculate. listen to his words. never a mention of probabilities. always certainties. if you want to compare what real chart analysis sounds like, check out the chartguys on youtube.

    2. Tone is the best analyst in this space. He has an amazing track record of predicting Bitcoin price moves. Check out his Market Analysis videos on his channel. This was just a summary of a summary about the chart! I’m amazed he kept it so short, usually goes way past his projected time 😉

  3. It’s not complicated. After 2+ years of stalling Core produced 6,000 lines of code only 30% of the network wanted to run. They sabotaged themselves and failed so now they’re blaming the miners? They might as well blame bitcoin itself.

  4. Whew! Glad I paid the capital gains tax when I cashed in half my bitcoins (back when Vinny Lingham was spewing fud). Now that bitcoin is looking shaky I’m almost glad I cash out those bitcoins. My house is paid off and I love having no mortgage. That said, I’m still buying bitcoins every month.

  5. This is some next level sh.. ehm, show 🙂

    I was looking at the issue and someone put a miner on the testnet which isn’t really a normal scenario. I am not sure if there was any mistake on the testnet side, it was more like an oops moment. Someone closer to bitcoin code should weight in though. Did you ask anyone from BTC core to comment?

    Now you only need a female correspondent and perhaps tone can show his muscles next time and subscribers will go to the moon 🙂

  6. No confidence in the state of BTC dev’s governance if this is their attitude towards Software Quality Assurance. Which is why I hold Decred (DCR). You’ve been warned.

    1. A bear market last months if not years, Gold is still in a Bear Market since 2011, Bitcoin was in a Bear market from Nov 2013 to July 2015. (Prior to that Bitcoin was in a bear market from June 2011 to about June 2012) One month does not make a bear market no matter how bad the month is.

  7. CONSIDER THIS: On Aug 1st, VELOCITY OF TRANSACTIONS WILL GO TO ALMOST ZERO AND WILL STAY THERE FOR AN INDEFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME. What will that do to the value? Probably crash it. This fork is a actually an ATTACK. Spread the word. We need to save Bitcoin = only real hope for humanity to have a decent future.

  8. Thanks for the show. It would be nice if Tone could say some numbers instead of just referring to his lines. On a small screen, it’s impossible to read the numbers on his charts.

  9. These new short videos are awesome. I love your discussions but can’t watch 2 hour videos every other day. A balance of both formats will be great for your growth.

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