Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-12) – Segwit2x, Bitcoin Falls and the Willy Bot is real

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Explainer: What Is SegWit2x and What Does It Mean for Bitcoin?

Mt. Gox Trial Update: Karpeles Admits ‘Willy Bot’ Existence

Bitcoin falls to near one-month low with $12 billion wiped off value since record high 30 days ago

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24 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-12) – Segwit2x, Bitcoin Falls and the Willy Bot is real

  1. Well done. Yes, nice little bounce we’re having today.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for the bip 148 rebellion to bring us segwit. If it doesn’t get us segwit right away, we can always spread the word and pile on with more and more nodes to make this happen. I’ve got my bip 148 node running on a laptop on my kitchen table.

  2. Thanks for the videos! Only suggestion is to try speaking regularly and less like a robot. It gets boring and easy to tune out. Where’s the emotion? Where’s the personality?? Thanks again for providing information!

  3. it’s cute that Tone shows up for a quicky! Just my opinion: I like the irony but I bet tons of viewers miss the jokes and think your serious so be careful with your power. Maby switch it up at the end and have a joke instead….. How many miners does it take to screw in a hard drive?…..etc

  4. I like the shorter videos, that was a good team call.  I’ve watched a few of the longer ones in the past, but it was hard between work and family (2 young boys)  I can watch the shorter ones during lunch break.

  5. So the core developers oppose the plan…. so are they the centralized governing body? It works both ways…. time to move on…. time to Segwit2x.

    1. Don’t add your onion on UASF and that will save time to add a new block (segment), plus add $10,000 in value to the show. Edit: I’m saying because I like the content and want it to continue. It’s risky to go “all-in” on a *position* and if UASF becomes the alt coin … what would that do to your career and the network?

      Great job! I love the new format with Tone’s quick analysis. It reflects professionalism.

  6. really like the short videos to get an update, but please don’t stop the full length weekend videos. There is a deeper level of granularity that you get too in the long ones that not many others provide. Thanks for the shows!!

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