Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-14) – Alphabay takedown – $15K for Bitcoin Sign Guy – India Taxes

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Alphabay Takedown

'Bitcoin Sign Guy' Nets Almost $15,000 After Fed Chair Appearance Goes Viral

Bitcoin To Be Taxed Like Gold In India

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29 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-14) – Alphabay takedown – $15K for Bitcoin Sign Guy – India Taxes

  1. Cover the internet neutrality issue. If faster internet speed is sold to the highest bidders by the huge providers, we can kiss crypto currencies goòd bye!

    1. Driving audio can be tough. I wish I’d tried to boost his audio, although it still is quality based. maybe a clip on mic that plugs into the phone…. 😉

  2. Tom’s sound quality much better. Just a slight sound of keyboard presses – is the laptop directly on the desk? If so, try it on something like a soft flexible silicone mat (used for baking etc..) – that should help isolate it a bit.

  3. Thomas, why are we, the users allowing 60% of the hash power to be in the hands of the Chinese miners? Bitcoin is supposed to be decentralized yet its actually centralized and it happens to be primarily centralized in a communist country. Am I the only one worried about this?

    1. checkyoursix it’s not centralized…. you will control your bitcoin. Do you have the money to mine bitcoin??? Do you have mining farms??? No…. without miners there will be no bitcoin!

    2. It’s clear that mining is required but having a majority of miners in ONE Communist country might not be best for all the actual users. If China is the only place that can mine Bitcoin as you imply, Bitcoin is flawed. I refuse to believe that. Let’s see how the next couple months unfolds.

    3. checkyoursix unfortunately America nor the western world will take in bitcoin… nonetheless… bitcoin in its core remains truth… Chinese miners can’t control that…. and if they do they would have to start all over again with their miners…. trust me they won’t.

    1. Nah…it’s for any newbs who haven’t purchased BTC &/or the Hodlers who don’t wanna part w/ their BTC only to possibly replenish @ a higher price.
      Paypal/CC payments can be given a pass in light of this.

  4. Our message (besides simply “buy bitcoin”) ought to be: Control your money! a) Control your fiat currency? Hoard cash – which can be banned and/or digitized. b) Control your gold? Hoard physical – which can be seized. c) Control your digital currency? Hoard Bitcoin – which is untouchable.

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