Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-18) – Bitcoin Price Jumps – BIP91 Segwit Activation

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20 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-18) – Bitcoin Price Jumps – BIP91 Segwit Activation

  1. hi, do u think bitcoin will have one more down trend before aug 1st? i missed out this week 🙁 but then again, just maybe it would blow down again at 1500’s (i wish 🙂

    1. Yeah, a slightly bittersweet realization. Got my fiat on the exchange with what I thought was plenty of time to buy up some more coin at a low, but instead everything is looking good and the markets head back up well north of $2000 USD. I won’t complain because I already hold more coin than I would’ve been purchasing….but damn. Every Bitcoiner wishes they had put more down, sooner. I guess it is better to be content with what you DO have :/

    2. I banked on there being much more confrontation between BIP141 & SegWit supporters… Then SegWit2x comes out of left field and runs away with it.

      Win or loose, as long as big bankers remain fools.

  2. You sure that flowchart is correct? Isn’t there also another possibility that if SegWit2x locks in, that we could just do away with the “2x” part and keep SegWit, preventing the 2mb block size increase and hard fork?

  3. How is SegWit going to help get EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the world using Bitcoin for every single transaction? I think it’s a way for devs to be able to skim satoshis, but I don’t know. All it’s done on LTC is cause me to change “M” to “3” so “L” addresses can get it. I guess at least we’ll get a “3” in front of BTC, instead of “1”, so PROGRESS!!!! 🙂
    EDIT: We’ll also get “5” on LTC … so MOOOOOOOON!!!!

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